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7/5/2011 c1 fanficreader71
Great start to your new story, I will be looking forward to reading your next update
7/5/2011 c1 6raveman2
Work in progress I guess. I don't know, it didn't have the same feel to it, like your other fics, but maybe have to see what happens later. Do hope to see your other work as well.
7/5/2011 c1 Vandenbz
Looks like a great start to this story! The circumstances leading to Naruto's abduction fit well into canon along with the connection to the Bleach world. Ironic how the hollows and later Yoruichi save him. Interesting how experiments courtesy of Soul Society are responsible for the various bloodlines, I assume that Mayuri wasn't involved since his subjects for the most part go the way of the Quincy under his care. Love how Yoruichi was unable to resist Naruto's pleas for her not to leave him, even someone as powerful as herself couldn't stand up to the look Naruto gave her. Combine that with the fact that she has no children of her own it's no surprise that her maternal instincts would awaken, wanting to give Naruto the life he deserved. The attention to detail was excellent, errors were so minor I can't remember any off the top of my head, hope this continues in future chapters. Already looking forward to the time skip and hints for Naruto's pairing, I won't ask and will enjoy the ride. Please update soon!
7/5/2011 c1 Dazza-96
Hey nice start hopefully the naruto world stays out of this world or until a certain stage where i just dont care.Any clues on the pairings or zanpakuto/s.Well hopefully you update regardless
7/5/2011 c1 nooneond
Interesting start to the story, I think first one I've read like this. If your other stories are anything to go by than this will be awesome.
7/4/2011 c1 BioHazard82
Very interesting start to your story. Look forward to more of this in the near future.
7/4/2011 c1 1ddcj1990
Wow you did a good job how you started this story I really like the idea for Yoruichi being Naruto's adopted mother I can't wait to find out how Naruto's shinigami training will turn out as well as what zanpakuto he will have also I hope you have Naruto paired with SoiFon update soon
7/4/2011 c1 Screwi321
First I got to say that Im shocked you are starting another story while you have four other amazing stories going on but hey whatever you want. I liked how you started the story of showing how Yoruichi gets involved with Naruto's life and I cant wait for the next chapter. Im excited to see which direction you plan on making this story go. I hope that since Naruto is going to be raised by Yoruichi you make it so that he becomes a speed demon thats faster than Rock Lee and a taijutsu master. I hope you dont make it so that Ichigo and Aizen and all other Bleach characters end up in Naruto's world and get involved with everything like the war. If anything I would say that you make it so that Naruto would be taken to Soul Society or Ichigo's world to train or whatever but they dont go to Naruto's world and get involved and vica versa but its whatever you decide. Good luck and hope you update soon.
7/4/2011 c1 mr. uroboros
cool fic
7/4/2011 c1 1Rixxell Stryfe
Good start here Aragon. I liked that Kumo was once again trying to kidnap someone and Hollows of all things came to Naruto's rescue. I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go and hopefully Kisuke takes Naruto under his wing for more then Shinigami training. Thanks for writing and have a nice day:)
7/4/2011 c1 Kyukon
I'm quite suprised you make a new story, oh well.

So, Naruto will learn the way of shinigami, eh? Well, there are quite a lot of similar plot on the site. I do hope you will make this something uniquely different. With Yoruichi raising Naruto, i'm sure he'll grow up to be quite interesting fellow.

Hopefully you won't make Naruto joined Konoha, because that kinda killed the point Yoruichi took him out in the first place.

Btw, since Naruto as shinigami, he will be able to cross the realm of death. Will he ever be able to meet Kushina and Minato in the future?
7/4/2011 c1 miner249er
good start!
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