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for Torn In Two

10/22/2011 c4 3reedpayne
Jayden seems pretty legit. A chapter with her would be pretty awesome.

I think aside from the obvious Hogwarts and Pigfarts, the Palm Woods would be the coolest place to live!
10/22/2011 c4 BreeZ
Yayyyy! Congrats on Medical Academy! I thinj you should like do the story now. You know like start... It? I guess? Like bring on the BTR! haha but youre doing a great job!
8/10/2011 c3 SydneySays
I like this a lot. :) please update!
8/6/2011 c3 Daisy54154
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice please update soon
8/6/2011 c3 reedpayne
And update is an update! Very short, but to the point. Leah seems pretty awesome, I'm sure she has a talent.

Love ya!

8/5/2011 c2 reedpayne
Yay, Leah gets to go to Hollywood! Did ya get five reviews yet? I'm doing this from my mobile XD

I'm really liking the story so far. Update soon, yeah? Love ya!
8/2/2011 c2 2StuckAt9.99
I like the story so far. Keep up the good work!
8/2/2011 c2 Guest
Please update!
8/1/2011 c2 JustWannaBeYours
Love it! Can't wait for another chapter :D
8/1/2011 c2 BreeZ
Good chapter! I like the whole bitters thing :P update soon!
8/1/2011 c2 3btrlover01
update soon please its really good so far
7/15/2011 c1 Guest
7/12/2011 c1 2StuckAt9.99
You may think that the first story was bad but i thought it was pretty good. But I also think the first chapter of Torn In Two is good. What makes me like this even more is that ironically, my first name is Jayden, i'm "petite" as you call it, and I'm a brunette..
7/5/2011 c1 BreeZ
Faaaaantastiiiiiiic! Please please please please please pleeeeease update soon!
7/5/2011 c1 3reedpayne
I never read the other one, but I like this one so far. Updates soon, yeah?

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