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for He Who Dreams

1/31/2013 c1 16ThestralSeeker17
How in the world is there only one review for this story? There needs to be a ton more because it was amazing! Seriously, I loved it. I liked how you kept bringing up the idea of beauty in this fic, and how it helped to shape what Jack thought of himself. And of course, Simon was sweetie, like always. I was glad that they showed affection for one another, which brought Jack out of his reverie of thinking that he was just a monster. Very well done!
7/7/2011 c1 313Canadino
Yay Jack/Simon. Although I want to point out a couple of things.

I liked your beginning. I thought it was swell. If you ended it at Simon's arrival, that would be awesome. It was your decision, but I felt like if you kept the fic shorter it would have a greater impact.

Second, Simon was part of the choir so he would know Jack's part in the choir.

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