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for Unrequited Love 2011

9/12/2011 c3 10Skylan
I love this! You should definitely continue! It's amazing and sad and bittersweet!
8/4/2011 c3 1UrgeToDance
Hey, that was really good! Good job with the characters, they seem really believable. ;-) You better add a new chapter- and soon!
7/18/2011 c3 40Kagetora no Tsume
*sniffle* Poor Riza...that's so sad...
7/17/2011 c3 51Kyraillion
It's good to see Madame Christmas, even under the circumstances... I think she is truly one of those female you could call a "broad" without being misogynistic... Love that Havoc and Fuery see it, even if Riza herself doesn't
7/17/2011 c2 Kyraillion
This chapter contains my new favorite line in all of fiction... "Most people simply weren't comfortable with sticking their fingers inside their friends.".. Very matter of fact, very Riza. Nitpicky question though, how did they know that Havoc had the same blood type?
7/17/2011 c1 Kyraillion
Excellent beginning... Set-up for the rest of the fic is well executed.
7/16/2011 c3 20TundrainAfrica
wow... i am a major royai fan and i am also a sucker for angsty stuff. great story i hope you continue it and i hope this made your day
7/16/2011 c3 4Samurai don't need angels
I love your chapters. I really do. They're always so nice, and fairly believable. Poor Riza. I hope Roy wakes up soon. I also liked your artwork.

Keep up the good work. Update soon!
7/16/2011 c3 4SherlockHomegurl
This story is really good! Please keep going! :)
7/14/2011 c2 40Kagetora no Tsume
Nooooo! Roy! Don't die on us yet!

Great story! Can't wait for next update! ^^
7/14/2011 c2 4Samurai don't need angels
I really enjoyed it, still very well written, and there was a lot of tension. Nicely done, I shall wait patiently for more. :D
7/13/2011 c1 Chaucerbury
I love the remake! Can't wait to read more! I liked your original story to begin with, but this is really good in comparison. Don't stop writing this one!
7/7/2011 c1 Samurai don't need angels
It seemed a bit rushed, but I liked it well enough. It was really good, and it drew me in quickly. I look forward to reading more.

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