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5/21/2014 c1 9TheNotSoNiceLibrarian
Lol. Great fic. I was laughing through out the whole thing.
6/9/2013 c1 2GlysMari
This is great. Action, adventure, blades, arrows, bolts, fireballs, abominations and blood magic. I loved the name of Isabela's ship. This is a wonderful happy ever after.
5/27/2012 c1 4ScarletSecrets1234
This story is so lacking in the attention it deserves! Really, it's a spectacular story and I enjoyed reading it immensely. Fenris is perfectly in character and your Hawke and he are absolutely ADORABLE together. I hope to see more stories like this from you in the future! :D
2/26/2012 c1 3AlleluiaElizabeth
Ok, this was awesome and it needs more reviews. I am so glad someone ran with this premise!

And you included so much of the group's personality in to this story! You had everyone SPOT ON. It was brilliant. EVERYTHING Isabela was just hilarious and excellent.

And, good gracious, Donnic had me in stitches when he joined in on teasing Aveline. XD It was such a great line, too!

Merill was awesome, too. Loved how hyper she was about being on a ship. lol Also, I enjoyed that scene between her and Fenris with the shackles. I mean, really, he needs to lighten up on Merill. Poor kid gets her help rejected by people for no good reason enough as it is. But at least he let her help in the end. And the blanket thing, too, gives me hope that maybe he's going to be slightly less of a jerk to her in the future. :/

Anders was interesting. I think you had him spot on, as well. Made me feel sorry for him. I liked how you had Anders supposedly not going to help. I would like to think he would do what he did here and show up to help anyway, regardless of certain sentiments made known if he's in your party for "Alone".

I liked how you worked bits in about the chosen backstory for this particular Hawke, like the smoothly in context mention of what happened to Bethany. Also, the references to the Arishock fight were cool. (I just recently completed that part of the game myself for the first time. I had read a fanfic that mentioned him stabbing Hawke through the stomach. I thought it was just the author embellishing the fight, but nope. lol)

And i actually liked this version of the Hawke/Fenris romance better than the in-game one. Or at least, the version of the Act 2 encounter. Its interesting that he ran from her, instead. And the lack of a consumated romance gave Isabela SO MUCH to talk about. lol Totally worth it.

Gotta say, my favorite lines were when they were about to board the Tevinter ship, ending with "Motion carried." lol That was great and I could just hear it in my mind. This whole story really flowed very nicely and I could picture it all. And your dialogue was great, too. It was snappy and pithy and hit all the right notes. And what was best was that it sounded exactly like them. [Clearly you've paid entirely too much attention to this game. ;)]

I am definitely putting this on my favorites list. Also, gonna go check out your profile to see what else you have. :) Great story!
9/6/2011 c1 Adhara.Elric
Hi, dear writer:

Just one word for your story: OMFG! (it's only a word, isn't it...?)

I'm really in love with your fiction. Really. Fem!Mage!Hawke & Fenris are the best couple ever for me (too much rivalry :D) but I found your story pretty awesome :D Isabela's ship was a dream, I love your Merrill and Varric impersonation, she was so sweet and he was so... small XD and hairy... love the "chest's hair" joke :D

Thinking in Fenris as the one in trouble is difficult, he's so capable of stay out of trouble... most of the time :D Sorry for my english, I'm improving it :D Just want to say, you managed to write a good story, you have two thumbs up! Keep the good work ;D
8/24/2011 c1 7Nerissora
Hi How are you?

I wonder if I could translate your fic for my idiona (Portuguese)

I will not forget the credits and if let me translate.

I'll send the links to see where I post that is their claims.

For much loved fic.
7/15/2011 c1 Fufu-The-Ninja
You, my friend just redifined epicness.That was absolutely, totally amazing and I could barely keep still while reading this I was so into it. Pirates, epic battle at sea, romance, and god words can't describe how awesome this is. Its better than awesome I need to invent a word greater than awesome to describe it. I loved it and its going strait to my favorites. I will now have to go to your author's page and find more epicness. Keep up the VERY excellent work.
7/8/2011 c1 Jem Jemz
Great story and nicely written!

Hope you write more perhaps? :D

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