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for Not Such a Bad Ass After All

5/27/2014 c5 7Dimitri's Secret Lover
these are so cute! I hope you start writing again!
2/4/2012 c5 1chimney101
Gnaw. Breakfast in bed was an epic failure but at least he got the breakfast and romance right. XD

Funny how someone who could plan a full fledged fight against a group of Strigoi and kick ass in said fight, can't cook an omelet.

Update soon.
1/8/2012 c5 DXR
Awww awesome job dude, i havent been on here in ages so sorry i didnt read it earlier...

Haha knowing you and your cooking skills (or lack thereof), i think you understood how Dimitri was feeling :)

Super cute, poor Chrissie getting woken up at such an ungodly hour!

1/4/2012 c5 7diffrentkey
great great great chapter !
1/3/2012 c5 diana dhampir
Oh my God,hilarious,you're so talented,more please!
1/2/2012 c5 Kate
This made me chuckle- such a day brighter :) update soon :)
1/2/2012 c5 1lovingbites
Dimitri is a mess he should just stuck with bread
1/2/2012 c5 Twilighternproud
Hahahah loveee itt

Dimitris sooo cuteee
1/2/2012 c5 Lucy
Haha, that was hilarious. They r sooo sweet together! Please update soon! xxx
1/1/2012 c4 Too Lazy to Login
Aw man, I'm desperate to know what happens next with the haircut story when you have time!
12/11/2011 c4 1chimney101

A hiatus aye? Well, be back ASAP! Good luck with your original work.
12/8/2011 c4 nina
well this is hilarious n plz don't let him cut his hair i know rose loves it long so she can thread her fingers thru it. but the cravings? seriously she's killing him.

ud sooooon
12/8/2011 c4 sunnylion
Youv'e got ot be fucking kidding me!
12/7/2011 c4 1lovingbites
Rose would flip at his short hair
12/7/2011 c4 Twilighternproud
Haahhahaha! Cutiee piee I love dimitrii
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