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for Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Scythe

5/6/2012 c8 G.M
Naturally, the main character is always the hardest to write about. Link is even harder to build a character from because he rarely ever talks. Now, I can see him chatting to friends he's warmed up to, but I don't think he wants to waste the precious amount of breath he has with strangers, because each one to him could be his last. I cannot wait for the next update, which should be in the next few weeks instead of 2013, right? Anyways, good luck writing this, and good luck beating Ocarina!
5/3/2012 c5 G.M
Ha ha ha! I think Link didn't run fast enough to save himself from the famous Goron hug! Oh, that was good! I like what you've done so far, too, and the humor is to die for! Nice obscure references to past items and stuff. Congrats on knowing your foes, too! Now, if there's one thing that would be icing on the cake, it'd be the super-creepy Happy Mask salesman seemingly appearing at random points on Link's adventure. Promise Link will use the regular sword too, because it's the only weapon he can use a shield with so far. Good job on capturing the Poe Collector's outfit for your OC. She should be in Link's group permanently, I hope. Link needs friends to help back him on his quest. I have a few side-quests, too. This wouldn't be a Zelda game if you didn't have the notorious Cucco herding, gliding, and of course, attacks. Cuccos are indestructible, too! Poe collecting, maybe power-ups for the OC depending on Poe's she's caught. Archery, leatherworking, Bomchu bowling, enemy guantlets, curse reversing, herb gathering, trading, investigating, thief catching, people finding, message delivering, and giving medicine/gathering potion ingredients. Hope you consider these! Ooh, a Keaton Merchandise Shop or maybe a MEGA Malo Mart would be cool additions as well. Kudos, and keep writing, Bruddah!
5/3/2012 c7 16DarkFireGeneral
Well, I honestly thought this story had been abandoned. Or you died. Glad to see otherwise. Try to update sometime before a year this time, please.
5/3/2012 c7 18SamuelWeston
You had me scared that this had gone the way of so many other really good fics.
5/3/2012 c7 4ThePredicate
Oooh, I'm liking this so far; Seems like it's hard to find legitimate fics out there with an all-new quest that's not an alternative version of an existing one. I can't wait to see Selma's reaction to Shaedna, because eventually she's gonna find out, one way or another; If something doesn't slip, she's gonna be too determined by her stubborness XD
10/26/2011 c6 18SamuelWeston
Very good. And fewer errors than I am used to finding in a story this young.
9/24/2011 c5 1CuddlyPsyche
What's up? Bet you can't guess who this is!

Ooh, suspenseful! I think you're doing a great job, especially in describing. I could picture the clown ball and Selma perfectly and everything else. Can't wait to see what this new enemy is, since it's not Ganondorf.

I have an idea about a boss. Link has to go visit the fairies to make his sword stronger, so I thought, What if one of the fairies was like a fake? She would look normal enough, but then she would transform into her real self when Link got close and attack. Maybe the real fairy was chased out and was hiding somewhere else, maybe she was even hiding in someone Link already knew. I guess then she wouldn't be the Fairy of Courage tho. Lol.

This is another idea that I thought of because I love the Wolf Link so much. What if the evil guy(or girl, whatever you make it to be) somehow brought back that sacred wolf form and turned it into a demon? It might make him seem even stronger, since the wolf was a holy thing.It would be huge and scary, and it would be kind of like a shadow of Link's past life or something(See? Shadow? I'm so creative.) And of course, he'd get a piece of the Shadow scythe for beating it. We all know how that goes. Maybe he gets memories of his past life from it? Or something.

I'm sorry, once my imagination gets started it never shuts up. It's like a crazy person running around in my head, waving his arms, and screaming ideas in my brain. (Whacky Waving Inflatable Tube Men!)

Ah well. Keep up the good work, see you on Monday.
9/16/2011 c5 16DarkFireGeneral
This is good, but are you not bringing in the Master Sword at all?

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