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9/30/2015 c4 3Tomb Raider and Walking Dead
I love this and hope you come back to it one day. Though I have no idea whats going on in this chapter.
1/16/2015 c4 2Sevvus
but this was so interesting! why you stop!?
1/13/2015 c3 19Smiling Seshat
Is this story dead?
1/7/2015 c1 Smiling Seshat
No updates? Is this fic dead? :(
6/25/2013 c4 2musme
I like it
5/8/2013 c4 Fellfire
Definitely the best N/S Time-travel fic I've had the pleasure of reading. :D
9/24/2012 c4 4whiskedaway
Oh gooood.

This is one aawesome piece of fiction, I just love the way you write.
6/1/2012 c4 LibriVermis
Great chapter! Just getting a chance to get caught up on all my reading. Now that June is here hope you can update soon. Love the descriptions of the scenes, as a reader I can really visualize what is going on with a clarity I don't normally see in stories. Hope you can come back to it soon!
2/14/2012 c4 1SarbearOkami
Omfg did sasuke die? I didnt really understand this chap but you get the feel. Like when ur listening to a song in another language and you automatically knows whether it about heartbreak or dancing or whatever
1/24/2012 c1 Sumire
Now, first off why would a reader want to read a fic that is guaranteed to be never finished? If YOU the author aren't willing to make the commitment to finish it why would I even want to start to read it? There is enough good WIP fic out there to last me a lifetime so why on earth are you even bothering to write this (based on your sentiment in the AN iin the beginning) if you don't like it? Sorry to say, but your AN made me skip this fic, I don't want another WIP bookmark on my list. I'm so sorry, but no chance of ever being finished/no passion for the fic from the author - no read from me or those who has seen the WIP hell too much.
1/20/2012 c4 Aki
Hey god damnit! You can't just stop it there it was just getting good! Mou Iii! I really lie this I hope you update soon!
1/14/2012 c4 19Smiling Seshat
It kinda makes me want to cry...
1/5/2012 c4 1Phoenix halfbreed
More! More! I love this story and your battle scenes are awesome. Please update soon!
12/22/2011 c4 Negai
I love this cliff hanger. It's so intense and I love the way you weave the young Sasuke's consciousness into the story although he is forced to leave. I'm really excited to see where you take this :)
12/22/2011 c1 solaris
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