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for A New Future 3: Future Imperfect

3/14/2017 c11 deanron
m. m ..
. m. . .m ..
3/14/2017 c11 deanron
3/23/2016 c25 deanron
When will Ranma end up as princess then as empires of Japan?
3/21/2016 c1 deanron
10/15/2014 c25 3Shinzochi
i loved this story and i look forward to reading even more works of yours
9/25/2014 c25 32Chronos the Cat
For all I know one of your new story ideas blows what you've written so far out of the water, so I won't say to focus on old stories over new ones. However, out of the stories you've written so far the New Future series is my favorite, and I was really hoping to see some of the Interplanetary Adventure stuff, so if at some point you should find yourself trying to decide between returning to this series or continuing one of the other series you currently have going, my vote would be for returning to this series.
9/17/2014 c25 Guest
A New Future started off as a great story, and it still is. But the longer it's gone on and the bigger its scope has gotten, the more it's threatened to go off the rails completely. And reading those outlines for future arcs, I'm afraid that I would end up hating this story eventually if it were to keep going. Those plots are just too much. War after war after bloodier and bloodier war, featuring just about every sci-fi trope in the book. So I'm glad that things are ending here, at least for the time being.

That said, thanks for sticking with this for so long. It's been a rough and crazy ride, but I'm still happy I read it.
9/10/2014 c24 7Atlan
I've loved this story from the very beginning, and while I'm sad that this is the end, it's been a great journey. Thanks a bunch.

Any chance we can have an epilogue or two, showing how this new future compares to the equivalent in the other two timelines they visited in this story? I think it would work very well, really showing how having Yasuko around made for a better future. We've seen the start of the change, when Hotaru survived- now I'd like to see how that snowballs.
9/9/2014 c24 1Vld
Heh. Somehow i doubt things will go as... smouthly. I don't know whether you'll actually follow on this future or not, but i know even if you do, you'll have us doubt at one time or another... make that several times. Somehow i think Ranma and Anake (and everyone else) will have to fight HARD for that future to happen.

And i can't wait.
8/20/2014 c23 altrealitylover
I love this chapter. Action can be riveting but I find characters getting to know each other and honest shared emotions between them just as appealing. My favorite parts here are Akane with her sisters and Usagi having fun/sharing secrets with Serenity. I really hope you will decide to write more in this great universe you have created after you finish the current arc. Many of my favorite fanfics I didn’t find for many years after they were written and I feel you will have a large following in the future. Thank you.
8/12/2014 c22 altrealitylover
I want to commend you on your writing style. While reading this chapter, I noticed that I felt I was there witnessing the action first hand, not just reading about it. You give so much description that I can see my surroundings so clearly. I’m looking forward to the next installment and if the Tokyo Zonemind has met it’s reboot yet. Thank you.
7/15/2014 c20 3Shinzochi
rotfl, they need to figure out a faster way to change, lol, looking forward to the next chapter
7/9/2014 c20 altrealitylover
Even though this chapter seemed a bit short, I really enjoyed the character interactions between Ranma/Akane/Haruna and Jofrithr/Haruna. I like feeling more a part of their lives with an insight into their feelings. The battle will be that much more compelling when we have “friends” we know involved. Thank you for taking time to get out another chapter.
6/16/2014 c19 Shinzochi
that was sooo cool, and if one thinks about it it does sound how it is in real life cause after all everything in the universe is made of of atoms and the only reason something moves, whether it is a part of a body, a leaf or even the breaking or erosion of something, is because the atoms themselves are moving but what causes the atoms to move in a given way so that someone can say lift their arm? It is Chi/Ki and will, the chi/ki is what moves the atoms by moving the magnetic pull of the atoms and the will is what tells the chi/ki what and where to moving something
6/16/2014 c19 Uriel7

You're making Ranma a Jedi, aren't you?

Ki is starting to sound an awful lot like the Force... It surrounds and penetrates everything... It's only safe to access by being emotionless... It can be used to sense different places and tell the future...

I approve :D

Thanks for writing!
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