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10/24/2013 c1 2Mooseling
Okay so this was so adorable 3 I loved the how you had a woman doing the kidnapping, and the reason behind it. It's just so cute!
8/12/2013 c1 12TheDeep
*Giggles and smirks* Haha, little miss many nicknames! No happy ending for you! Best intentions my butt, but whatever, I didn't come up with the weird idea and I didn't go around kidnapping two cops. She's a bit creepy...I do hope the judge told her to go see some mental doctor about that...that's just...weird...but the whole thing with Mac and Stella, and of course Don and Jess...A ! I loved that!
7/25/2013 c1 6Daisy1966
I had to laugh so hard throughout the story! LOL! You nearly made me laugh to death, Lily! :D I absolutely love Miss Moonlight. :) You created such a fantastic character and I love Flack's reaction to her. Her plot of kidnapping Mac and Stella so as to get them together was marvelous! :D Hawkes was sooo great! I love this line of his: "Why does none of this sort of stuff ever happen to me?"

The ending part was just perfect! I love Mac and Stella being together already and Don meeting Jess. That was so sweet!

You made me realize again how talented you are! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story. :) I enjoyed reading this very much. LOVE it!
4/15/2012 c1 xyzabc123098
Oh. My. God. El. Oh. El. Do you know how troublesome it was for me to stifle my laughter? XDDD;; My abdomen is aching from the very stoic expression I've got on my face (mother is literally two feet away from me). This was brilliant. I have never read a story like this (maybe that's just saying that I'm deprived... but still! lol) and it was so refreshing. I absolutely adored how saucy you were and the many nicknames Flack came up with! Oh gosh, this got me to thinking what my characters would do to me if they ever got a hold of me XD;;; (*would most likely be killed*). The touch with bringing Jess back to life was fab. Though I'll have to admit that my favorite part has to be the way Flack arrested you still to insure their happy ending XD
2/9/2012 c1 2CreggaFoeseeker
clever. very inspired. I enjoyed this.
1/15/2012 c1 24Curleyswife3
Ciao! This story is truly original, funny, and, finally, gives us a happy ending! But Miss Moonlight, English, romantic ... mmmm ... she reminds me somebody ...
11/15/2011 c1 106DNAisUnique
Oh, my! I wasn't expecting Miss Moonlight to be the suspect! This girl sure knows how to push Don's buttons! He's got excellent nicknames for her. :p

I'm curious as to what she's done. She must really be a piece of work. I know it's one of the worst days of Don's life, but it's rather humorous to read about.

Haha! That's just like Mac, even in his current state, to know the look of a criminal.

Angry Mac. :D

Haha, who knew Don could keep a secret? That's just like him to benefit financially from knowing Mac and Stella's secret.

Yes, I shall believe that Don and Jess-and Mac and Stella-will get their happy ending. Great job.
9/17/2011 c1 14Ballettmaus
Good morning! Someone just meowed next door :-P Anyway, re-reading the story I have to say that it still makes me smile and grin. I think you did a good job of choosing and connecting the ideas, and I liked how you worked in the different angles of those. Though Don should definitely have kept that notebook :-P

Good choice of arresting her in the end. Works really well as a contrast to all the happy endings all around and it's less expected than a release would have been. And, to me, it's more satisfying than a release would have been, too. :-)

Best of all though was the purpose that story served! I had a great time. :-)
9/14/2011 c1 8Strandstorken
Okay, so I'm going to do my best reviewing, without sounding like a crazy stalker.

I loved reading this. It's distubing and creepy but still hilarous.

I really like Don's interaction with the 'kidnapper'. He doesn't usually get annoyed very easily, but it's really interesting to see how he just gradually gets angrier and angrier with her.

I really like the ending too, Having Jess back and all. And how Miss god knows how many names trough the story doesn't get her happy ending despite her innocent childish behavior.
8/29/2011 c1 12Forest Angel
Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up on this and I've been out of touch. I'll catch up with you when you're back home. hope you got through the flight ok.

Loved this, it was really different and a bit of fun. Good to see they all got their happily ever after except for the woman, glad Don still slapped the cuffs on her at the end against her expectations. I could see his reasoning though.
8/24/2011 c1 42Divinara
lily moonlight -

I just finished reading a fanfic by afrozenheart412, and she highly recommended I read this piece by you. I'm thoroughly glad I did, because this was AMAZING! I think I've started to fall in love with these styled stories. In your case, it's the author actually making an appearance in the story for the purpose of a certain outcome and in afh412's case, it's the running commentary by the characters as they read their stories. I think it's great! I'll have to give it a try myself when I find some time to continue writing again.

Keep up the great work. Now I have to go off and read some of your other stories.

- Becca
8/11/2011 c1 Sarramaks
Very enjoyable & I loved the flirty fun style in this! Clever too, rather ingenious actually, and I might have to do the same with a Crim Minds fic!

See you Saturday! Xx
8/5/2011 c1 2Pecan Tweet
Haha, loved this.

It took me a minute but once Flack started interviewing, I caught that it was you. Lol, very clever, I must say.

I've read most of your work in the past but unfortunetly I hadn't reviewed :( However, in finally making an account, I promised myslef that I would go back and review most of my favorite stories. Lol, all of yours are wonderful but 'Moon Pie' sticks out in my head. I'm definitley going to go back and add all of them to my favorites list but I just wanted to let you know that you're a fanstastic writer and you've got a fan in me.

I do hope you continue writing. I would love another Mac and Stella in peril kinda story. Haha, just dont get caught this time. ;)
7/16/2011 c1 6Lost in New York
Oh, this was really good! Lovely, different story, I enjoyed reading it very much! You and Don were excellent!:D I loved the scene where you stared at Don and he felt paranoid about that! Haha:D Hawkes was also great: "Why does none of this sort of stuff ever happen to me?" Just brilliant line!

I liked the end, Mac and Stella being already together, that was nice! But what I liked the most was Don meeting Jess, that was so sweet thing to do as he seemed to think that there wasn't any happiness in his life.

Oh, the ending scene was brilliant, too!:D
7/13/2011 c1 conche
I think I should have known, but I was more than half way through before it became a reality. The humor is absolutely priceless - especially the parts where Little Ms. Happy Ending is correcting Mr. Don. What a great story. In all honestly I think they need more writers for Season 8 and you should apply.
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