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5/27 c2 Guest
Oh, hi! I was just reading this, and I'm really excited to see what comes next! Please make the next chapter!
12/19/2019 c1 LuiasyLover
Hellooooo! I'm the world's most latest person!
Why? DON'T ASK! Anyways, here is my review:

I LOOOOOOOVE the teamups, especially Lu- actually, ya might know already by my name. Anyhooooooo, please keep on updating! The first season was super cool, and the best Amazing Race: Mario Version ever (that's my opinion, so it's not that important...yes, I get depressive sometimes). So, please continue. I am LITERALLY ON ONE KNEE RIGHT NOW! (no lie)

3/26/2016 c2 Remus Orion Potter
Nice job! Can't wait for Leg 2! Anyways, here's my predictions for leg 2:
1) Don Pianta & Francesca - There could be a fast forward… if not it's just pure luck
2) Luigi & Daisy - I like them and want them to be in the top 3
3) Axem Rangers - Lookin' really strong out there
4) Azalea & Sherry - I dunno they'll just stay on top
5) Jojora & Oholina - They're definitely not getting eliminated
6) Slim & Melody - Trouble at the roadblock, they're not getting really far this leg
7) Koops & Koopie Koo - Not strong, but they can move up
8) Kolin & Kody - Those ninjas… getting sabotaged by other teams… but I do like them
9) Paraplonk & Goomp - Not too strong to make it so far
10) Bobbery & Cortez - Something's bound to go wrong with them
11) Kammy & Kamek - I need more yelling, perfect second elimination unless it's a non-elimination leg
Also, Melody's full name is Melody Pianissima!
6/13/2014 c1 Guest
I read your whole first story and I absolutely loved it! Please write more. :)
2/14/2014 c2 4XianPu922
Dude, PLEASE update! Your story is amazing(no pun intended) and I absolutely loved your first season! Don't start a second then stop...
You even inspired me to start writing my own TAR story! Please don't quit now...
9/1/2011 c2 Ice Empoleon
Well, I said they would either go very far or get eliminated very soon. I admit I thought it would be former, so I was surprised. But hey, one team had to be eliminated first!

There were two factors why Mimi and Nastasia were eliminated first. The first one was getting the later flight, although they had no idea about that. However, even if they knew about it, they were too late, so their lack of quickness could also be a factor.

The second one is letting Mimi to drive at Forever Forest and not switching places early. By the way, I find it funny how the person with the ability of becoming spider by snapping their neck (yeah, don’t think about it too much) is the one most scared of Forever Forest.

Even though they were first team to be eliminated, there was one shining spot in their short journey, Nastasia pointing out the right Boo at her first try during the road block. They also left the game in much better spirits than the ones in first Amazing Race story.

Judging from the next episode preview, Jojora and Oholina will be main villains here. I guess that means it would be waste of such potential if they were eliminated first. I find it funny how Jojora ranted that Axem Green would make his team go last when it was actually her that got their team nearly eliminated first. I think it’s safe to say there will be a big rivalry between Axem Rangers and Jojora/Oholina.

The other small conflict I could see is the one between Luigi and the Mansion Ghosts, but I don’t think it will be as big as the one between Axem Rangers and Jojora/Oholina.

There are potential for lots of character development after reading the first leg in my opinion. Like for the example Kammy taking Kamek more seriously, Slim getting out of his shell or Jojora becoming more humble plus many others as the race continues. I think it’s safe to say there will be plenty of character development.

It seems during this leg that I was correct about some things, like for instance Axem Rangers being a threat, although I could be wrong. Also Paraplonk and Goomb do are a good comedy, especially the pointing out the right boo on first try by luck at the road block.

However, it seems I’m also wrong at some aspects, as it seems Axem Rangers have a rivalry with Jojora/Oholina, not the Mansion Ghosts. Also Bobbery and Cortez got lost at Forever Forest, although getting out of it involves more spotting the tread and less navigating with the map, if I recall right.

I think Luigi/Daisy and Koopie Koo/Koops will become very good friends as they’re practically same. Somehow I think one of them will be eliminated soon though.

For the next leg, I think Axem Green & Axem Black will become first, as I think they would win at least one leg before getting eliminated or winning. As for who would be eliminated next, I think it could Koops and Koopie Koo or Luigi and Daisy. My only reason is just an intuition, nothing else.

I have feeling this is going to be quite a good fic.
8/14/2011 c1 Ice Empoleon
Warning: Majot spoilers for the first Amazing Race fiction.

Let’s see here: players from Mario mainstream, Bowser’s Inside Story, Mario Golf, Paper Mario TTYD, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. That’s a quite diverse cast. I’m off to analyse the teams.

Luigi and Daisy:

I think the best way to introduce the teams is to start with something most readers are familiar with. That way nobody would start wondering if they will know any teams at the beginning. If they had read your first Amazing Race story however, I don’t think they will stop reading, just because they don’t know some teams. Plus most readers will at least read all the teams.

Now about Luigi and Daisy, I think they will get far in this competition. Both of them are good at sports and they have a good chemistry with each other. So I don’t think they will have trouble of physical activities. Plus I think they are one of fastest teams of the race. Luigi’s fear of dark might come in trouble for them though.

Paraplonk and Goomb:

Is it wrong of me to assume they will be a major source of humour based on the interview alone? Judging from the interview, I don’t think they will get far. They are so goofy. I don’t think they will be executed first though as I think they will some conflict if they stick around for a while. If they start getting more competent though, I will not be surprised if they will get far.

Azalea and Sherry:

I think it’s good to introduce some teams readers don’t know well. It helps broaden horizons. About Azalea and Sherry, I think they are good with things requiring eye-hand coordination, as they are golfers. Sherry’s relatively young age might be problem though. She would be less experienced than other players, although she had won the golf cup once. Overall I think they will get mid-season before getting eliminated.

Don Pianta and Francesca:

Well, they’re businesspeople so I’m not sure what their skills would be. I guess their skill would be able to negotiate and manage to spend less money than other teams. Their chemistry is somewhat okay but I don’t think Don Pianta would be in the best shape. They could go anywhere in this race. However, that little thing slipping from Francesca’s mouth might suggest they are not likely getting eliminated first.

Axem Green and Axem Black:

They are biggest threat in the competition in my opinion. Something about their interview just tells me about that. Anyway, I’m sure they’re far more threat than Axem Red and Axem Pink. Their smart and speed also helps a lot. Plus they’re very competitive. However, just because current Axem Rangers team would be clearly better doesn’t mean they will not be eliminated earlier. I think they would win at least one leg though, so I don’t think they will be eliminated next.

Mimi and Nastasia:

This team has the biggest personality difference between two people in my opinion. Mimi is competitive and quick tempered while Nastasia is rational and likes to keep her cool. I think either they compliment each other and get far or their differences cause them to have problem with this race and get eliminated early. It can go either way.

Kolin and Kody:

The first thing I thought when I read their names was wondering where they came from. Then I read the interview and understood immediately. Anyway, they are my pick for being first team to be eliminated. Mainly because it would be really funny if the winning team from first story came from Paper Mario while only one Paper Mario team would be eliminated first at the second story. Ninja bros are known for their teamwork, but I’m not sure how well Kolin and Kody together. Their interview suggests they don’t work so well as with other ninja bros. However, they could also work well while bickering at the interviews. They might be also a source of humour.

Kammy and Kamek:

You know, I think you made Kammy rather likeable while keeping her in-character. I think they would be good at tasks requiring intelligence as being mages would require lots of intelligence. They are also rather good at flying tasks. However, I think them relying on magic and broom stick cause them to be not as physically fit as the other teams. I think they will go mid-season.

Bobbery and Cortez:

Yes! Cortez is in the amazing race! Anyway, I think they would be not very weak despite their age, as they have very hard occupations. Also, Bobbery would be good at map reading skills if land and sea maps are not too different while Cortez wouldn’t fear anything. I don’t think they would be very fast however. There I might be some favouring in my part though. Hopefully they stay long.

Koops and Koopie Koo:

I don’t know any of their strengths or weaknesses, so I’m curious how they fare in this competition. I would like to see their relationship but I have a feeling they won’t stay for long. Maybe it’s because they closely resemble Luigi and Daisy, and I think Luigi and Daisy have better chance getting farther than Koops and Koopie Koo.

Slim and Melody:

From that interview I judge they are very competitive but hate greatly losing. They would do well at music challenges and won’t get scared easily as they are ghosts. They seem to be pretty arrogant however, and might not take losing well.

Jojora and Oholina:

I think they would have no problem with freezing weathers as they come from a freezing place. Oholina would be one of the strongest, if not the strongest player, although her big body would make her quite slow. Jojora I think would be quite smart and quick, but pretty fragile in body. My quess is they would stay a while but not long.


I could think two conflicts happening in this competition. The One is between Paraplonk/Goomp and Kammy/Kamek plus another is Axem Green/Axem Black and Slim/Melody.

Kammy and Kamek have been loyal and served under Bowser for decades, and have great pride at the Koopa Troop. Naturally they would feel insulted if someone under Bowser’ order would act so goofy and wear strange clothes unsuitable for the dress code. Paraplonk and Goomp would be completely unaware of that.

Axem Rangers and ghosts seem to care winning and hate losing. While some teams have a competitive person, I think only those teams have both players that are very competitive. As both of them only wants to win, naturally there would be conflict between them sooner or later.

I predict that Axem Rangers are going to win their first leg. Also, I think Paraplonk/Goomp and Kolin/Kody will be last two teams to arrive the first pit stop. I was going to predict the order of teams getting eliminated, but I realised that it would be very impossible with a large cast and character development likely going in this race. Plus the Amazing Race is full of surprises.

By the way, my favourite team currently is Bobbery and Cortez. I think I’m going to pick a second favourite when reading this in case Bobbery and Cortez will be eliminated though.

Well then, I’m off to read the first leg. Oh and I’m curious to see characters develop during the race.
7/27/2011 c2 DonPianta
Good first chapter! Glad to see you haven't stopped! Rooting at first for Doncesca and Sherzalea.

One thing- at first, the teams were all pretty interchangable, like everyone was just like 'Hey we gotta go here! Let's go fast!' The only teams I think showed individual character exceptionally well were Kolin/Kody and Paraplonk/Goomp, whom I now also root for.

I wish I understood spanish :P

Not bad! Can't wait for leg 2!
7/23/2011 c2 11Champ 15
Wow. Wow. WOW! This was one of the best legs I have ever read. great job. I was also surprised with the outcome (I got no teams correct, so my streak was broken) ESPECIALLY when Slim and Melody came in FIRST. I never would have guessed that, and I'm glad that the Axem Rangers aren't as bad as Red and Pink. Luigi and Daisy are up in the air for me, because since you hand picked them, I believe they will be doing well in this race, but I could be wrong. And I always like surprises. I was also upset that Mimi and Nastasia went home, you guys need a map next time!

I loved the Roadblock, and I liked Sherry's strategy, and that did help her. Jojora messed up alot (She and Oholina are near the bottom of my list, but I know they will be here for awhile like Bowser/Jr.) I know Espanol also so it's really cool to hear Cortez habla en Espanol. They are now one of my favorite teams. i was surprised by Kolin and Kody's and Paraplonk and Goomp's proformence and I hoped they did better. I'm also glad ou didn't put in that extra challenge because it would have made the leg much longer and I didn't really like that challenge. Anyway: PREDICTION TIME!

1- Axem Rangers, they seem to be on a role and I wouldn't be surprised if they won this leg

2- Koops and Koopie Koo, they don't seem strong, but I sense luck upon them.

3- Azalea and Sherry, third place again. Go Golfers :D

4- Jojora and Oholina, sabotoging helps them get farther like Rob and Amber

5- Bobbery and Cortez, I like them a lot and I hope they get far.

6- Luigi and Daisy, they won't go home, that's for sure

7- Paraplonk and Goomp- They are SLOWLY moving up.

8- Kammy and Kamek, I exspected more yelling from them...

9- Slim and Melody- They might be having problems but they won't be eliminated.

10- Kolin and Kody- They aren't doing very well are they?

11- Don Pianta and Francessca- Taxi Problems, not strong, perfect second elimination. I'd like them to go farther though
7/21/2011 c2 9The Bowser Monster
I KNEW they would get lost in the forest! That place is hard to get through. When Green said he was smart like that, I knew he'd get that clue pretty easily. I feel sorry for Mimi and Nastasia though. Can't wait to see what happens next!
7/20/2011 c2 Miss. Tiny
Finally I get to review this! Ugh! I been so (Add a swear word) busy with my sister bugging me about lovey-dovey Titanic.

Anyways, AWESOME! Fourth place, not bad. I'm also very glad Oholina and Jojo-something (Heh heh) stayed in the race. I really hope none of the "look to the future" quotes involve Team Luaisy (2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate? Not the King, not the Queen, but Luaisy's racing team [Brain: Racing team? Ugh!])

Update, update, UPDATE!
7/19/2011 c2 Martin Forum
Hooray! You got the first leg up! Poor Mimi and Mastasia. Anyways, I'm glad that the Magikoopas are still there. I got worried when they were behind most teams. (And Kammy needs to thank Bowser. If he didn't let her repaint the castle, they might be toast.) I'm also glad that Team Pianta, the Axem Rangers, Slim and Melody, and The Golfers are still in it. If Jojora and Oholina are going to be the next Bowser and Bowser Jr., then my predictions of at least one evil team is right.

Anyways, I'm learning Spanish in high school. I might help you out a bit. I expect a great AMAZING RACE from Eric (YOU) because he's a Dry Bones, and your pen name is DryBonesKing.

P.S. - FOUR teams said "Fine by me."
7/18/2011 c2 19supercomputer276
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to review further chapters of the first season. So first off, you're welcome for the fanfic recommendation! :)

Second, for no reason whatsoever, I'm taking the position data of the racers at each of the points where you list their position (like reaching a clue box) and using it to make a graph in OpenOffice Calc (effectively Excel) tracking how the teams change position during the race! And thankfully I did, because otherwise I would've missed that you forgot to show Bobbery and Cortez finishing the Detour. By my data, their position at that point would be 5th. I suggest you fix this as soon as you can, preferably before the next episode airs.

On the leg itself, I only saw one instance of the repetitiveness that bugged me so much last season, with Bobbery and Cortez at the Forever Forest clue box. The using the same words like that just seems unnatural and nothing like how actual speech works.

On the results, Mimi and Nastasia going out first completely caught me by surprise. I would've guessed Jojora's arrogance and her trouble at the Roadblock would've floored them. I didn't have any good predictions on who would be first out, since aside from Jojora and the Koopa Bros, I couldn't find any teams that were as unpleasant as King Boo. Given the next-episode preview, however, Jojora's looking up to play as a sort of King Boo given what the royal fool pulled off in Toad Town last season with the "ghost car."

On future legs, I like the Axems here. Green and Black are infinitely more pleasant than Red and Pink so far, and their smarts and speed combination makes them an ideal racing team, with the main thing holding them back being Green's lack of physical strength. Given my works, this is a team I can get behind, and I hope they at LEAST get to the top three.

If you're interested in seeing the positioning graph so far, feel free to contact me over PM and I'll direct you to the copy. I'll try to read the legs more promptly from this point on so as to keep it as up-to-date as possible.
7/17/2011 c2 21Princess Toady
That was an awesoùme first leg, I'm so glad Jojora and Oholina made it through it, I was really glad to see them take the second to last place in the end.

Seriously, this leg was very suspenseful, I didn't review the first chapter, because I wanted to see how the teams would do in the actual race, but now that the first leg is finished, I can give my expectations. ^^

Favorite Team :

Jojora and Oholina : I think this team will go really far. They have brute strenght, with Oholina and they also have Jojora, who, I think, will cause a bit of drama. I'm really looking forward to what this team will accomplish. They make a great pair and support each other, it's a good team.

Least Favorite Team :

Thank god they were eliminated first ! Yeah, I really didn't like Mimi and Nastasia, so I'm glad they are the first one out.

- - - -

I guess it would be better to just give my classment :

1. Jojora and Oholina

2. Melody and Slim : Really good team. I think they will be great contenders. Their first leg was almost flawless, they have what it takes to makeit to the top. One of my favorite teams.

3. Paraplomk and Goomp : They are funny, but I think that they won't go really far. Maybe they'll reach leg 5, at the most. The fact that they are not focused enough makes me think that this race isn't for them.

4. Luigi & Daisy/Azalea & Sherry : Honestly, these two teams were really doing great during this leg of the race. Athletic and fit, not to mention smart, they will go far. I did notice that Luigi's and Daisy's choices were not really well thought out. I think they might be penalized later on during the race because of that.

6. The Rangers : They will possibly reach the final three. They complete each other and really work well as a team, watching out for their partner's weaknesses. I really want them to go far. ^^

7. Kolin and Kody : I don't have much to say about them yet. Middle of the pack seems good, for now.

8. Don Pianta & Francesca : I never really liked Pianta a lot, but in thyis race, I guess they are okay. Not astounding, but okay. ^^

9. Kammy & Kamek : I found Kammy annoying and Kamek submissive. They have some skills, but old people don't often last long during this kind of game. I like them a little but I think they won't go far, unfortunately.

10. Cortez & Bobbery : No your Spanish is good. I didn't see any mistake. ^^ Honestly, I don't likle them, which is why I put them here. I don't particularly think they are strong. And they don't have

11. Koops & Koopie Koo : Honestly ? I don't like them. They seem weak and incompetent. I hope they'll get the boot next, because I really, really, really think that some teams deserve to stay over them. Plus, they kind of look like Luigi and Daisy.

12. Mimi & Nastasia


This is only leg 1, so I might change some things in the future, depending on the eliminations or evolutions of the teams. ^^

Good luck for your next chapter ! ^^
7/17/2011 c2 vcj
A great first leg to start this season of the race. My only problem is that I wish we had Bow and Bootler as greeters or clue givers. Minor complaint, though. As for Cortez's Spanish, it seems perfect to me, and it would be okay if there are a few mistakes, as Cortez in the games doesn't use perfect Spanish, anyway! Looking forward to next leg!
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