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for Leiko: Tales of a Bounty Hunter

9/1/2003 c5 Acts of Tekla
Totally wicked. I love how you show Leiko's view of her life.
7/25/2002 c1 Hekima
Yeah, Leiko and Jill will meet eventually. Leiko and Toshi actually have met, but it was only briefly and Toshi was probably too young to remember very well.
7/22/2002 c4 12OMightyWifeofShinigami
Cool, I love the imaganative violence. What?, I told you I like violence. This was very well done. I would love to hear more.
7/21/2002 c4 Braveheart
Man, this is really dramatic! I like Leiko a lot; btw, is she ever going to meet up with Samurai Jill? That would DEFIANTYLY make a good story! Not that this one isn't great...heh heh...(dodges out of sight as Leiko pulls out her dagger) Keep up the great work!
7/21/2002 c4 Shadow Rune
(going into histrionic mode)At last the story continues! Excellent stuff, Leiko's definitely intriguing me more & more. Next chapter! You know the score :)
7/21/2002 c4 16Quijotesca
Whew...sorry for the long delay. Future installments won't take as long. I just had a tough time with this one because I put too much thought into it. And yes, that is possible. :p

I just hope the author notes aren't too confusing. There *is* a reason I chose to tell the story like that; it's kind of a side-story that's just as important as what Leiko says...
4/30/2002 c3 1Arreiyenne
^_^ I like this alot. Very descriptive, and its good to get on the dark side once in a while. Veddy nice.
4/18/2002 c3 12OMightyWifeofShinigami
Wow, this just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for more and neither can Rae.

Rae: What?
4/15/2002 c2 OMightyWifeofShinigami
Wow this is really cool... (note to self learn better vocab) A woman who wishes to kill Jack, interesting, can't wait for more.
4/13/2002 c1 Shadow Rune
Ahhhh what an intriguing start, she sounds very much as I imagined her, c'mon c'mon I'm drooling to hear more ^^ (pokes with semi-sharp stick)

4/12/2002 c2 Lady Clueless
write more
4/12/2002 c1 16Quijotesca
Don't worry: I'm not abandoning Jack and Jill. (Far from it, actually! You'll see what I mean later. ;) ) I just suddenly felt like writing something evil, so I started this ongoing story series. And if Leiko's slightly jumbled description of her city's destruction sound's familiar, that's because she's from the same city as Toshi Okugi, AKA Samurai Jill, and the two of them will probably meet in one of Leiko's future stories.

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