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7/26/2018 c7 Mernom
I'm surprised that delaying the birthday party until the mess blew over didn't even come up. It's not really that important to celebrate on the exact day, at lest in my opinion.
7/26/2018 c6 Mernom
No one considered developing a shock based attack? Orbs of Mana that burst when they find their target, hitting it with cincussive force. Optimally, trying to approach 100% conversion rate.
7/25/2018 c3 Mernom
I'm surprised nobody came up with the hypothesis that this 'Yuu-kun' was an illusion/imposter. After all, he DID lead Subaru directly into a trap.
1/27/2014 c12 112Cyberchao X
Yeah, I noticed the "Kuro"/"Shiro" duality a while ago. All the more reason to suspect that "Yuuki Prime" is Shiro's partner.
1/27/2014 c11 Cyberchao X
Still disappointed that Sakura and Marika don't get their own shot at Inter Mid, but ah well.
1/26/2014 c10 Cyberchao X
Heh. So Blau spoke the truth. Null Enders' love was always for Teana.
1/26/2014 c8 Cyberchao X
Sounds good. Wouldn't mind seeing Sakura and Marika in the Inter Mid.
1/26/2014 c7 Cyberchao X
Well, I may not have the years, but I, too, have the stories.
1/24/2014 c6 Cyberchao X
Congratulations. That beautiful Noodle Incident got you a freshly edited trope page.
1/23/2014 c5 Cyberchao X
Heh...everything but his speaking pattern, huh...

You truly are an epic-level troll.
1/23/2014 c4 Cyberchao X
Well, the best way to give out repeat hits (used to be universal; still true on a mobile) is to ALWAYS REVIEW! And I almost always do, though I'm more likely to review a fic I like than one I don't. And this is definitely one I like. Love the sexy bath time; fanservice is useful too.
1/23/2014 c3 Cyberchao X
If you dislike the yuri vibes, I'm surprised you dislike Force, since the main complaints most people have is too much military and not enough yuri. But seriously... "O. Lee" shit! I wanted to make that pun before, but damn...I'd forgotten all about those dogtags. You're damn good at planning ahead.
1/23/2014 c2 Cyberchao X
Yeah, I always find it weird when there's a bizarre hits-to-viewers ratio. Although, accessing from a mobile and reviewing every chapter as I often do must do a number on your hit totals...

Ah, yes, so Ix ended up being the basis for Sakura's character design? Interesting...
1/23/2014 c1 Cyberchao X
Well, yeah, Nanoha's always been a big series among the yuri fandom, and Subaru in particular has been deemed especially obviously a lesbian so having her in particular paired with a male is going to irk some people. Have faith, though, that a well-made group of OCs will carry a story pretty much on their own. Unless they're mere background characters, OCs are important because they're the ones that separate your story from everyone else's.

...speaking as a fellow author of an OC-heavy MSLN fic who likewise doubts the amount of viewership he's getting. Although the main pairing in my story is CC x CC, so maybe it's not quite the same...
11/15/2011 c12 TimTiang
oh dang!shiro got creamed!haha.is there a possibility that the guy that injured shiro could be kuro?since he's like so powerful?haha keep up the good work!hope kuro comes back soon and is reunited with Subaru!
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