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for A New Player: Year Three: Mists of Lies

1/12 c20 LOTR Lover
Hey! Told ya I'd post a review! Finished reading this too. The plot thickens! Is it Evil!Fayken or Good!Fayken? My poor brain is so confused. Anyhow, this story 'Exceeds Expectations'. Get the joke? If you excuse me, I've got to go and stock up on your books! Three down, four to go! Peace!
12/28/2020 c6 justexhausted
normally i dont review and all that but dear god the scene with the nazgul? absolutely chilled me, i physically recoiled
this is all to say that this story is incredible thus far and ive been kinda binge-reading for the past few hours this series hah
12/10/2020 c6 Ice Demon Ranger
Excellent chapter. It makes me want to read more.
11/13/2020 c14 A Guest
Here's a review, the story is great.
11/13/2020 c11 A Guest
Ok I know it's too late since there are like 5 more sequels to this but I read you appreciate comments sooo...

so far the bashing of Dumbledore was kept to a level that made him interesting and different to canon Dumbledore while keeping his canon intelligence and cunning. However, please don't make that bashing beyond a level or it' ll get to the point that if you don't have a very-well planned bashing that keeps the depth of character it will instead be detrimental for the character (I mean, if you are not careful and make Dumbledore too bashed, he may end dumbed up or contradictory, actually something between the first book you made of this saga and the 2nd and mostly what I've read so far of your third book in regards to Dumbledore's personaility doesn't seem to fully much to me, as if Dumbledore started almost Canon (af a bit immoral), then mid-second book and third book the bashing seemed to got exacerbated)
11/13/2020 c10 A Guest
A part of himself... Oh my is like a Horcrux, in terms of being a soul split? Or just a small power split to create a connection?
11/13/2020 c6 A Guest
I actually like this story, probably too late now but I think from this chapter on more people would be terrified of the Nazgul
4/25/2019 c10 Belarus Braginski
good Navi impression
4/15/2018 c10 1Eruanwa
After rereading the story I realised you did some foreshadowing in this chapter, great work!
3/3/2018 c6 2Doc Junior
Well you sure made me curious with the beginning of the third book, and why does he fear Sauron (or a nazgul), they are supposed to be defeated, so i'm still reading this ! And as i said the writting is more than okay so it is still quiteinteresting
Et sinon oui je suis français haha et parfois j'utilise Google translate pour lire si j'ai la flemme mais quand je suis motivé je lis ta fic en anglais, ça me fait travailler un peu pour m'améliorer ;-) (french)
Voilà je dis juste ça pour te faire utiliser Google traduction haha :P
12/7/2017 c14 1thesilverdagger-03
so glad that I have gotten back to read this fiction. amazing as always. cheers!
12/5/2017 c7 Guest
Looking forward to how Faykan being an animagus plays out not only in this story, but down the line. Also, I like the Nazgul being the creators of the dementors. Nice twist.
10/15/2017 c14 Guest
I love the idea of this story, I love the characters, but I can't stand this faykan being in love harry thing. Just no...
10/15/2017 c11 Guest
This story was so good until you had to ruin it with some strange magical bond love thing...
10/15/2017 c10 Guest
Please stop with this hinting at a harry/faydan relationship. I mean really two 13 or 14 year old boys sleeping together for comfort is just weird. I just want one good Harry Potter story with no slash and no female Harry!
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