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10/25/2012 c5 AutoRacer1
I freakin started to let a out a few tears. Man! I Love this story :)
11/11/2011 c5 3Makkenna
I love your story so much. I love how Bee acts and everything. I really hope you update soon becuase I really want to know what happens...
11/8/2011 c5 Horser01
Hi! I'm enjoying this story! ...Not ery descriptive, but it's true. But, I'm assuming that Bee means they will tell her when she's older? Because, I'm sure the people (And cybertrons) who will cause trouble for the Autobots and Logyn won't care that she's little or that she doesn't know, will they? So wouldn't it be better if she did know ahead of time? I'm not trying to tell you how to write the story or anything, I'm just voicing my thoughts. :) Oh, and it might just be me, but I'm not sure if the "Father I can't do it" part fit... I mean, he can't continue to be a transformer, or what...? I mean the parts after that made sense, it's just that sentence that's a bit confusing... Sorry if it's just me... I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out, either way. Thanks!

By the way, here's some typing Errors I noticed:

Sam had a place in his heart, next to where Sam's lay, for Ron and Judy;

Shouldn't it be Bee had a place in his heart?

He walked towards the mechanical doors and they slid open with a violent his.

You misspelt Hiss.
10/27/2011 c5 18LynxOnSmoothies
Honestly, i was a tad bored by this chapter. But I like the new Summary, it really catchs your attention. Update soon.
10/26/2011 c5 25Lunar Mist
Sad day :(
10/26/2011 c5 Teddy-wabbitz
Talk about grab ya hankie...

Good storyline look forward to future chapters.
10/26/2011 c5 57doctor anthony
Terrific work here my friend I liked it update soon.
10/24/2011 c4 7JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
*whimpers* So sad!
10/23/2011 c4 sofia
ooh noo sam :( so sad, and really god , thanks and pls continue this!
10/23/2011 c4 57doctor anthony
Another fantastic chapter I liked it update soon.
10/22/2011 c4 18LynxOnSmoothies
Poor Bumblebee... Hope you update soon, I want to see your take on how this plays out.
10/22/2011 c4 3Loki7744
I literally cried when i was reading all of the chapters. Maybe it was because i was listening to a sad lullaby, or maybe becuase you're just an amazing writer to have such an effect. I really hope you continue this. It makes me remember a close family member of mine who died years ago, but still has a special place in my heart. I honestly can't wait for the next chapter. :)
10/22/2011 c4 Horser01
Aw... My chest's all tight now... I don't want Sam to die... Even though I knew he would from the description... Poor Bee... and Sam, but at least Sam doesn't have to live thousands of years with the pain... There was one thing I didn't understand though. The sobbing mob... Was that Sam's parents, or the other autobots, or figurative...? Sorry, I might have just misread it, but I wasn't sure... Anyway, keep up the good work please and thank you.

P.S.- I may be way off base with this, but... Sorry for whatever gave you enough experiance with goodbyes and death to make this so realistic...
10/22/2011 c4 wowimcazy
So sad ! :(
10/21/2011 c3 7JazzNProwl's sparklingAriaFyre
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