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for My Most Precious Alice

1/3/2014 c3 S
Hey! When will u update the next chapter?!
1/6/2013 c3 5Yunari.Tea
Next chapter!- Ciao Ciao!
11/17/2012 c3 Guest
8/1/2011 c3 110th Squad 3rd Seat
Some mistakes~

So thats why Primo was killed,and who Alice was.T^T

Poor Tsuna.
7/30/2011 c2 4akiruisora
thank you so much for sharing this fanfic!

(I'm a huge fan of Hitman Reborn and Pandora Hearts)

I can't wait for more as it's so interesting! XD

I look forward to reading more of your chapters!

Please keep up the great work!
7/20/2011 c2 2AlertElaine
The story is kinda hard to follow with the way you have formatted it.

Maybe try putting a new sentence when someone begins speaking. Most of the paragraphs you have are just dialogue... which might be the reason I can;t follow along well... more discription? ;D

Eh, either way I'm curious to see how this story turns out.
7/15/2011 c2 110th Squad 3rd Seat
So Reborn nows who Alice is~

Is Tsuna having flashbacks?
7/13/2011 c1 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Ohhh~Giotto has a lover?Update soon!

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