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2/10/2012 c6 6GenesicDriver
Make the Crusaders play Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3! Have Scootaloo playing as Strider Hiryu, Sweetie Belle as Rocket Raccoon, and Applebloom as Vergil!
2/9/2012 c9 Lina
Do Amnesia next!
1/27/2012 c1 47KnightSpark
AWSOME! Plz do Brink next!
1/23/2012 c4 2PKBitchGirl1
I notice you keep on referring to Shepard as 'he'.

Uh, since most female gamers tend to play Shepard as a woman why would it be any different for the Mane 6?

Also, whatever option allows for squad members to be in the game would work best, some of the squad members are the most interesting characters in game. I wouldn't be interested in reading a fic with multiple Shepards instead of the likes of Wrex, Garrus, etc.

Hmmmm, in the first game love interests have a habit of ninjamancing you if you're not careful. Whichever pony is playing Shepard romances Kaidan or Liara without realising it and gets a surprise when Kaidan/Liara comes to Shepard's quarters before Ilos...
1/15/2012 c9 Ultra8
Never played the Darkness but I'm familiar with it or atleast the comic that spawned it. This turned out to be a fun read, pitty it'll be awhile before Pinkie can play it.
1/1/2012 c9 14Souldin
It has been quite some time since I last reviewed a fanfic, and this is in fact the first My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fanfic that I will have ever reviewed. So if my review feels either weak or stale then it is more than likely a case of me being rusty, however I will try my best to write this review of the current progress of your fanfic to a standard befitting a writer titled ‘Review King’.

The concept of the cast of Friendship is Magic playing computer games is not a new one, and it has enough popularity that there is a tumblr account devoted to it, in which comics and pictures are drawn relating to the Mane 6 playing video games. This is however the first fanfic devoted to the idea that I have come across though I assume others of the sort do exist. So in regards to originality it’s hard to say but what really matters is not the premise per say but how you have executed it, in this case stupendously. The premise feels plausible, but at the same time ridiculous enough to be hysterical, and puts a great deal of thought in how someone who has never seen a video game console or video games would react, and how, what comes almost as natural as walking to a gamer, is quite difficult to other people (such as the case of setting up a games console). The premise is solid and allows room for creative changes in the plot while still retaining the core focus but it’s not just a well worked premise that carries this fanfic. The writing is wonderful, its descriptions paint a clear picture and details of the events of the games and the ponies’ actions while playing the game flow side by side harmoniously, neither one distracting from the other. It also manages to keep its vocabulary fresh, even with its incredibly long chapters. The characters feel, for the most part, in character, and their differences in play style and how they interact with the games is both delightful and interesting to see. My final compliment is the humour, which, in order to be brief, is hilarious, and each chapter has managed to bring a smile to my face. Of said humour I definitely applaud Pinkie Pie’s moments in the Gears of War chapter and the Rock Band chapter; though I found the funniest (and overall my favourite chapter) to be the Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds; the Cutie Mark Crusaders just have a charm to them that always makes me giggle.

I am a writer, both of fanfiction and fiction, who takes the matter of critique seriously (though I do like trying to make my reviews light hearted, casual, and witty), so naturally I will now move onto critique. The first point of critique I shall make is the one that keeps coming to mind, mostly because it requires the most explaining and it’s also the most opinionated of my criticisms. You have limited the range of gaming experiences the cast can have by ignoring the gaming platforms outside of the Xbox 360 (other than the odd PC gaming and one Game Boy chapter). This causes the natural restriction of those who are unfamiliar with the 360 and it’s games (such as myself...for the most part) having a harder time relating to the gaming experiences but also creates another problem in how the 360 is not as well suited to the premise of your fanfic as the Wii or PS3. Now I can’t speak for the PC, I do not know enough about it to give proper commentary, but the 360 does not provide as fitting or as wide range of experiences as what it competitors do. The Wii was built on the concept of bringing people together, and its range of games that are both simple and suitable for people of all ages would fit in very well in the land of Equestria, and can link together very well with the morals of Friendship is Magic. The PS3 on the other hand has a wide stock of what one would consider Western games and Japanese games, whereas the 360 is weak in regards to the Japanese side of gaming (not that the console hasn’t tried). The PS3, while having a host of mature titles like the 360 that immediately allows for humour in the fanfic by point of contrast, also has a few child friendly franchises such as Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet which fit in better with world of Friendship is Magic. The 360 also appears to lack franchises that appeal to children/all ages, outside of the Kinect. Now I’m not raising these points as a criticism to the 360 as a game console, but raising the fact that the 360 does not work quite as well as a medium for gaming for the cast and world of Friendship is Magic.

Other criticism’s include a fairly standard vocabulary (though I do commend you on making it varied enough over a long space of writing in each chapter), humour that can occasionally feel repetitive (a weakness to carrying jokes throughout the fanfic is that this can happen at times), and the use of games that don’t feel as varied as they could be (while Halo and Gears of War are two very different style of shooters, I still feel it would have been better to separate them by a chapter or two; also, the only two PC games that have been played are of the same genre, though it worked out well I would have preferred the chapter Command and Conquer Generals to happen at a later time). If I were to nitpick I would go about pointing out the odd spelling error (though they are extremely rare) and how the ponies seem to pick up these games way to quick considering they had never even seen a video game console till the beginning of the events but they would be nitpicks, and in the greater scheme of things are washed over by this fanfic’s many triumphs.

My personal advice for this fanfic would be to introduce more gaming platforms as it progresses however I believe you can achieve a similar expanse of experiences for the characters by including a greater diversity of genres, either way will work out quite well if done right. Though my criticism was lengthy I assure you that I truly enjoyed this fanfic and will be continuing to enjoy it. My face lit up at the mention of Eternal Sonata (my favourite game on the 360), I could not stop smiling during the Cutie Mark Crusaders chapter, and I really do love how you implemented the premise of having the Friendship is Magic cast playing video games into the story. Fantastic job, keep up the amazing work!
12/21/2011 c9 41nightelf37
Oho…watches. RD once drew one while making an excuse for Pinkie back at "Party of One".

12/21/2011 c8 nightelf37
I had a feeling Muffin_Master was Derpy Hooves (you call her Ditzy Doo in your story)!
12/20/2011 c7 nightelf37
Check this link for that "Friendship Is Survival" thing: http:/theartrix.deviantart.com/art/Friendship-is-Survival-257447332
12/20/2011 c6 nightelf37
Hey! I know another game to put in. "Friendship Is Survival" (Left 4 Dead)! And its 'characters' as the EOH keepers, if you know what I mean.
12/20/2011 c5 nightelf37
Spectacular chapter. When I saw the lines "THIS was her jam." after shrugging off "Sweet [Foal] of Mine" and that other song, I just knew a Dragonforce song would be her jam, and what more than "Through the Fire and Flames"? The band was effectively being RUN by the drummer, who's usually just at the background.

And I loved that "Euqestria Girls" you put in.

Too bad, this was presumably made before "Weird Al"'s Polka Face *shifty eyes*.
12/18/2011 c5 leon shepard
i think you guys did a really good job with All of them but next even though i am a big Mass Effect fan i was wondering if next or at least after ME you could do call of duty equestria at war
12/12/2011 c9 2Trickymander
I hope Fluttershy plays Skyrim or one of the other mane 6 plays Amnisia the dark desent and its expantion.
12/12/2011 c1 21wildrook
Fillies and Gentlecolts, at the end...Equestria's first Let's Play.
12/11/2011 c9 wildrook
Oh HELL nah...

Any game requests? I'm half-expecting Rainbow Dash to play Sonic Generations.

Or...even weirder...four of the Mane Six to play Super Smash Ponies Brawl...or even use classic games...
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