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10/21/2002 c1 DarkEyes
OMG! I realize this was probably written a long time ago. Don't know how I missed it, but...Wow. I love all the H/G angsty stuff, guess I'm just depressive like that. If ya ever write more...lemme know. Need all the M/L I can get!
4/19/2002 c1 wendy
very good. can't wait to find out what happens next!
4/19/2002 c1 wendy
very good. can't wait to find out what happens next!
4/18/2002 c1 13Owl
I like the angsty note, but can you not have Logan kill himself? (LoL, a little late for that.) Maybe he loaded the gun wrong or something. Wouldn't that be a kick! I think it's written very well though. It occurs to me to be very Logan-type thoughts. Good job!
4/14/2002 c1 8All Mighty Terrestrial
Yikes! Well, that was depressing. Glad it didn't end this way.
4/13/2002 c1 Jenna Black
Okay, you have got to find a way to continue this! It is one of the best H/G fics I've read. You gotta finish this. You did a really great job of tying the past with the present, most people would have be choppy but with you it was great! And I take it back, this isn't one of the best H/G fics Ive read. It is the best!
4/13/2002 c1 Star24
A possibility that Logan could do this entered my mind. Somehow I think he has gotten past that though. But then again with enough alchohol in your system who knows. I liked his anger and self doubt in the last few paragraphs - very Logan.
4/13/2002 c1 10alowlypotato
Raaaah. Believe it or not, I had entertained this idea, as well. But after having had a reprogrammed Max kill Logan in one of my fics, I figured people would hunt me down and kill me after writing something like this, haha.

Anyway, believe it or not I'm probably as huge of an M/L shipper as you (I get sick to my stomach everytime I see the dreaded "this is M/A" tag at the end of the summaries of all the current fics), and I really liked this. Good stuph, yes.
4/13/2002 c1 Vanessa
That was great! Please post the next chapter soon!
4/12/2002 c1 Mochagenie
hey. You decided to post this up! Yeh! As I said, it's a wonderful wonderful fic despite that sad ending. I can't wait for the question mark after your TBC to become an exclaimation :) keep it up so that I always have stuff to read other than course notes. Have fun writing! (btw, about that friend who gave you a major ear full, you're not talking about me are you? :p )

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