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7/8 c44 Guest
If Lexi is only turning two here, then her speech pattern is WAY too advanced for her age-range. She sounds like a three to four year old here. I mean, she's cute as hell and this story is great. But the continuity is a bit confusing already, given the time-skips and flashbacks. It would actually work better if the last few chapters were when Lexi was say four or so and NOT a flashback. That would take care of the continuity issues AND give more of a solid reason as to why their relationship was so fragile as it has been the last couple of chapters. Plus, there should be more said about why the parents or their friends aren't able to/ willing to help them out a bit more or why they can't/ don't want to have the babies in daycare. Why haven't they been able to work out these issues before this? Why did the uncle wait for years to offer them jobs? What work has Beck been doing? Why did they both give up on going to college? I know Beck's been "working", but where at and what job? Why can't one or both of them do online college classes or part-time? What about work-from-home options? Why haven't the kids made up with Beck's parents? Is THAT coming with future chapters? When's the next chapters coming? I actually really like this story and am really invested in it. Please, keep writing.
5/22 c45 Guest
Pleaseee update next!
4/28/2014 c44 12Fighter for the title
I've read your fic before but I loved it
so, I want to tell congratulations
te best
is a really perfect fic
1/29/2014 c45 Guest
and, the end, no end

1/29/2014 c45 3nahyanumero1
and, the end, no end
1/11/2014 c45 Guest
7/31/2013 c21 Guest
With all the nick names the kid could get a complex of not knowing. Her real name lol but its well writen not particularly exciting but a good story none the less
7/7/2013 c45 3twenty four7bade
Cant wait! :)
7/6/2013 c45 22sshaw101
I'm do excited for the ending and can't wait to read it!
2/20/2013 c44 8xxJadelynWestxx
Really good
1/23/2013 c44 5Sunshine-Midnight123
10/23/2012 c44 Dbalanki
Can u make another chapters
8/12/2012 c44 1Hael Rallekcm
I love this story, sad that the next chapter is the last :(
8/12/2012 c44 KIMMIK100
So cute love it ! Best story !
8/11/2012 c44 3twenty four7bade
Great chapter! Love the fluff! Trying not to think about the end... :(
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