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6/3/2019 c1 99detectivejigsaw
*Cue the paroxysms of laughter*
My goodness, this is lovely. "The Mikado" is one of my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan plays, and I like the depth you've given to the characters. I'm also glad that despite the...small difficulties that were at the start of their relationship, Koko and Katisha seem to be more or less genuinely happy. And both he and Nanki-Poo seem happily resigned to being henpecked husbands; I love it.
I also love your inclusion of G&S songs (sorry, I know I'm using the word 'love' a lot).
Good job.
7/14/2015 c1 23BaconWrappedRainbows
I just realized that I never reviewed this fiction, although it is 1. a masterpiece and 2. on my favourites list.
No matter. I'll review it now. And it'll be a long review.

This was a really well-written and in-depth fanfiction, but my favourite part is how you portrayed Katisha and her relationship with Ko-Ko.
Last summer, I was in a production of the Mikado. I, being a young, 5"1, blonde, soprano/angenue decided to audition for Yum-Yum... but I ended up being Katisha because "my voice was the most powerful in the cast." Anyway, I quickly grew to love Katisha as a character and as a role, but I always kind of played her like an angry Yum-Yum rather than a cranky old woman. This, combined with the fact that the makeup department declined to make me old, fat, or ugly, and the fact that I developed a bit of a crush on the guy who played Ko-Ko made my version of Katisha quite different than the usual.

All this to say that I really enjoyed how you made Ko-Ko actually fall in love with Katisha and vice-versa, despite both still remaining in-character. It's like you took my ideas of Katisha, made her a bit closer to the original, and put her back in an amazingly written and funny story.

Good on you.
9/11/2014 c1 18GreatMountainTengu
Okay, this is amazing. I wasn't expecting the only Mikado fanfiction on this website to be this great. The Mikado is such a great musical and it needs more love here IMO.
Once again, awesome job. I love how accurate your character depictions are, and the songs with altered lyrics are great, too. CHAPTER TWO PLEASE.
3/24/2013 c1 Fantasy4me
Oh my gosh! LOVED this! Having acted in both the Mikado and H.M.S. Pinafore, I was laughing throughout. Little references set me off, on both the script and the memories of the production. For example, Koko's soliloquizing, "her left shoulder", and (my absolute favorite) "What never? Hardly ever!" You are a genius. Thank you for a great read! :)
1/18/2013 c1 12The Lady Nightingale
I have seen productions of the Mikado that run the range from 'KoKo is just trying to save his neck & it'll never work out well' through to 'There's a chance for affection there once Katisha works out Nanki-Poo was never for her'. I like the idea that KoKo would be happy to go back to tailoring, and that he and Katisha are not an unqualified disaster. I also like that it isn't all smooth sailing for Nanki-Poo and YumYum - marriage never is. I know you've listed this as complete, but if the Muses can be tempted to assist, I'd love to see how Katisha is adjusting to having to share her palace, and YumYum to courtly life...
9/18/2012 c1 Mat
Oooooh, that cracks me up!

Two sisters, and two brothers,
once you search 'neath the skin,
Twouldn't think it to look at them,
Yet after all, they are akin!

5/20/2012 c1 3HeatherQuill
This is amazing! I am a huge fan of the Mikado (I recently went through an obsession of the Simon Gallaher's version of "A Wand'ring Minstrel, I), but never considered a fanfiction of it. This has been done very very well, and I hope that you will build upon it!
5/9/2012 c1 2brindle2
Well done! You know your G&S! And bravo for putting the songs in. It's the next logical step that a lot of musical fanfic authors (including your humble servant) haven't managed to do. Keep up the clever work!
2/8/2012 c1 9Cascaper
Hey- it's net-and-tinsel from DevArt, as you probably guessed- and sure enough, I love this. It makes me listen to G&S numbers I've never heard for the pleasure of singing your rewritten lyrics (though I did know "Things are seldom what they seem"- one out of three), and the in-jokes are wonderful. The best part of it all, I think, was when Ko-Ko and Nanki got into that argument about the faults of their wives- and then were both brought up short by those very wives from offstage. Especially that little jab about Yum-Yum being sent to the finest schools and not managing to retain much of what she learned... Congratulations, this is all around delightful!
2/1/2012 c1 7Bibbibabka Ditty
OK, so after i started reading this i realized that i DID read it before. However, it didnt make it any less entertaining! As always, well done.
1/1/2012 c1 1Daisy Brambletoes
As a lifelong fan of "The Mikado", I found this story right away, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I like the way Gilbert's own wacky lines are adapted into the narrative, and the two heros are very easy to visualize. Delightfully silly, and the song lyrics are cleverly written. Am looking forward to more. Koko, by the way, is my favorite character in English Lit, and I had a lovable siamese cat named after him.
9/21/2011 c1 24Arixa23

(Remember me? Arixa from dA? I actually ran across you coincidentally on here... I didn't notice your name until after I finished the fanfic. XD) And it is awesome fanfiction, too. I love how you portrayed all the characters, and how you worked the songs in there...
7/15/2011 c1 28callensensei
Oh, the little details here are fun! The upturned eaves and scarlet shingles and little arching bridges, the pink cherries and tiny red maples...they remind me of when I lived in Japan!

This was a clever idea, pairing Nanki Poo and Koko. Nanki Poo was truly more at home in his disguise as a humble minstrel than as an aloof prince, and you bring out his breezy and kind-hearted nature. Poor Koko, meanwhile, is enmeshed even deeper in a disguise he doesn’t want. Now he’s a courtier as well as a nobleman and an executioner, when he started off as a humble tailor! No wonder the poor fellow is tripping over that improbable sword. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to commit hara-kiri with it.

Katisha and her illustrated handbook...no doubt that’s something that would be on her bedside table! I expect it’s illustrated in woodblock prints. How undiplomatic of Koko to bring up Yum Yum’s...ahem...lack of intellectual prowess. But it’s hilarious to hear that they’re both henpecked.

The wit here is quick, droll and British, perfectly suiting G & S. The hot coals, the soliloquizing, “You couldn’t kill an insect an a shoe shop.” Loved these!

Of course, the best part of all was the songs. I know the one from the Gondoliers and your lyrics fit wonderfully. I was giggling away all the way through. These rappers these days think they’re clever, but they can’t do this. Seemingly light and frothy, this kind of wordplay takes a very careful touch.

This was my favourite part:

"I'll change not the legality

But only the lethality

I'd rather lighten penalty

Than lose most all the nation.

For if Mikado does decree

Death for every crime, you see,

The obvious result will be:

Down goes the population."

Oh, please do another chapter! I want to know what’s going on with all of the newlyweds! Think you could do a song for them to, “When a Merry Maiden Marries”?

As they say in Japan, gambatte kudasai!

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