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7/23 c23 Ramos
I must have read a story with a similar title but I think it was with Ranma but I came back to the Seed crossover section after years and saw this title and thought it would be a fresh version,, but something that made me strange about its development is that there seems to have been a divergence in chapter 14 with the introduction of a character I don't even remember, this Ron.
I remember that the story I had read was more focused on the main characters of the franchise, and from the point of view of the Atlantic Federation countries, now it seems that the fate of the world now rests only on this character, which in my opinion is a bit overpowered.
At least to me, the story felt rushed and the introduction of this character just seems to finish the story faster, and as it's been 11 years since it was published, I believe the author has lost interest if the introduction of this character is any indication.
7/2 c23 The Disquieting One
been binge reading it. it was great, even with the excessive details
5/28 c3 1heavenly777protector
I love how the Atlantic Federation gives the ENTIRE earth sphere a Giant middle finger for refusing to admit collaberation like a bunch of cowards. Have Mobile Suits been deployed against the Goul'd? are MS infected by Replicators Living Dead MS?
5/17 c23 Blackholelord
Wow. Nice to see a update after so long. Basically forgot about the story.
5/16 c23 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter.
5/16 c23 4Major Simi
Well another amazing chapter
5/8 c22 James Porter
Please update!
2/3 c22 Guest
Great,Your puting down the Atlantic Federation again.
I hope you update soon.

I also hope you update your UC saga soon.
12/10/2021 c22 Axccel
I like how this is kind of a nation’s coming of age story.
12/10/2021 c1 Axccel
Access to space can’t be cut off, no one controls space. Even if their space assets are taken, they can make more. If those are interfered with or prevented, they’ll make hard counters to everything everyone else has and launch a highly justified revenge war and then rub in everyone’s faces just how richly deserved it is.

And the resources can’t have been exhausted as the US contains among the most of every resource in the world except rare earths. If anything, the rest of humanity would suffer immediate and extreme resource deprivation if they cut off the Atlantic Federation. To say nothing of the logistical and business power they had suddenly vanishing.

Also, wasn’t LOGOS in control of Blue Cosmos? And LOGOS was a coordinator organization. And was revealed to the public by the end of Destiny, wasn’t it?

Besides, do you really think Americans would accept being blamed for something that other people did an that the rest of Earth was part of? Hell no. There would be no surrender, no matter what the government said. The terms would be accepted by the federal government but rejected by the citizens and no one would obey the terms and would shoot anyone trying to enforce them. Foreign nations would try to get involved and the entire AF and its space assets would encounter the nation equivalent of the Battle of Stalingrad. Followed by hard counters to mobile suits and ships built in enormous quantities. Combined with the dramatic difference in resources and other advantages the AF had over basically everyone.

At the very least, the AF would be able and completely willing to drag everyone else down with them, all while publicly rubbing in everyone else’s faces the things everyone else is guilty of and such things as the fact Blue Cosmos was originally their enemy but the N-Jammer attack convinced them that Blue Cosmos had the right idea. And that they are only one country of Earth and so holding them responsible for everyone’s decision to go to war is ridiculous. That ZAFT is the true cause of the war.

As well as the truth of LOGOS being basically ZAFT’s leadership and the overarching organization of Blue Cosmos, making the war and even the Bloody Valentine a ZAFT false-flag project.
11/19/2021 c22 James Porter
Update already!?
9/28/2021 c22 3Sajuuk
More please
9/10/2021 c21 Hadrian.Caeser
9/2/2021 c22 Guest
big pharma shilling cultist
8/31/2021 c22 Mark1
Nine long months of waiting, and finally a new chapter has been born! Aaannnnddd its a boy!... But seriously, you did not have to delve so deeply in the Talia-Ron story, 2 to 3 paragraphs would have conveyed the message that Ron was the biological father of Talia's son and they are still lusting for each other... Why did Ron allowed Talia to overhear his conversation with the Atlantic Federation President and let her watch a recording of a highly top secret meeting with the Asgard? He is a member of SGC and I am sure he knows that what he committed was treason! And why was that so called top secret meeting stored in his tablet anyway? It is a breach of security on the internal workings of the AF and SGC! Ron did say that it would not be released in a hundred years, so why is it casually stored in his tablet? Not in an SGC mainframe?.. Ahhh the brat finally made his presence known, a pity he did not died during Ba'al's offensive, for me Shinn is an unnecessary character, a waste of space and a self imposed entitled a**hole... Anyway thank you for the chapter, and please update again soon!
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