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for Gundam Seed: A New Path

4/27 c27 Guest
It appears this story may be declared dead given the lack of update
12/27/2023 c27 Animal Kingdom
Thank you for an incredible Christmas gift; this is an excellent story. Also are excited about the release of Gundam Seed: Freedom. I am just hoping ZAFT will eventually get their hands on some older Ancient technology like a Seed ship and/or the Destiny or another ship like her. Also maybe introduce another race that has not been actually (the Ewok looking things do not count Lol) seen in the Stargate franchise the Furlings and have them side with the PLANTS. Again great job and looking forward to reading more.
11/3/2023 c26 RoyalTwinFangs
10/7/2023 c25 Guest
It seems that with each chapter the author's sanity worsens and the number of characters from other franchises increases.
8/14/2023 c25 Pridefallen
This Sakura that you mention isn't from the game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is she? because the description that you gave matches her to a tee it's also a game that I play very much
8/9/2023 c25 Eliazar Chandra
Why not have Harry Potter the descendant of Alteran and Juraian royal family
Alteran father side part of the royal family cousin of the Queen.
Juraiyan royal family mother side
risen to British crown after the assasination of the previous royal family by blue cosmos for their refusal to participate in genocide.
8/6/2023 c25 4Major Simi
Well maybe Washu should have invented a way to eliminate paperwork, maybe then dhe would have been n received in a friendlier great and funny chapter
8/6/2023 c25 10Just a Crazy-Man
It lives
2/2/2023 c23 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Sorry for the short message in chapter 24.

I hope you will write some informations about the search of dark organisations, treator, false patriot and idiot patriot on orb and the plants with some views from new channel.
Really want different point of view from the industrials, to civilians, scientist, physists, computers specialist, economist, military (men or womans) or farmers.

I hope the AF will have a lots of prople recruited to go to the SGC, star forces, area 51 but also on avalon and the alterra halo.
Hope to read about how some AF geek are being recruited, create mechwarrior, create combat armour for marines, new mobiles suit, new mobiles armour and new gundams (you can choice some from gundam wing, gundam 00, gundam age, gundam IBO, gundam unicorn, gundam zeta, gundam build fighters, gundam reconquista, gundam build divers...) or create some gadget like super heroe have or others new surprises for the gaould, the wraiths and the oris in the future.

Really write some report about some of the research, projets and productions progress that haies will read to know how is the développement of his nation R&D.
How he will protect his civils and soldier from invasions, pirates, spy, traitor, hackers...

I really want to read what tech from what series or animes is possibles to recreate and whose are utiles or not for earth.
For example i really want a geek be said ”NO” for the swarm of missiles like in macross/robotech because star forces ships are too tiny, font have the storage and AF dont have the industry to mass produce such large missiles swarm...
Also à bomb and all of those missiles exploses !
Or for exemple, some security key for Mobile Suit, so they arent stolen like the magic mecha in Knight & Magic or the gundam in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. So someone like shinn cant take over a AF mobile suit (see chapter 22).
Some knightmares like in code geass for polices or constructions...
Really want to see the AF going all out to upgraded their nations since they font need to hide anymore.
Hope some new defenses, new tech, new research, some teleportation padds like startrek ... all to make the AF a modern scifi nation.

I love your references to mechwarrior, star trek, halo, horizon dawn and other series. Keep to add them.
Really want to see if you will recreate some series starship like the enterprise or battlestar galactica.

Hope to read what SG1 do, what happen on the halo, how the colonist from the others nations react to their new land.
Also what about the luciens, the nox, the aschen, the replicators, the asgard, the gaould and the AF colony and bases ?
How is the reclamation of the lost SGC bases and shipyards, have their recovered the rest of their destroyed ship ?
Have they recovered dead soldiers on the invasion battlefield and in their lost ground ?

Please write a lot to answer all those question.
Good work and go wild !
1/29/2023 c24 Pridefallen
Awesome chapter please continue loving the fic
1/29/2023 c24 Guest
Finally caught up again on this story. While I get that the story is about the AF rising up I am finding it stupid and ridiculous that the other nations are being forced to play with the idiot ball at every turn just to make the AF look better by comparison. It isn't engaging or entertaining it is just lazy. Better story would be the AF being able to prove they are good and better by doing just that while the others also grow and prove to be capable. The latest stupid move by ZAFT also makes no sense. They just recently went through two major purges with the Coup and Ba'al wiping them out. Yet somehow the "new" leadership still tries to do the same dumb shit that got the old leaders wiped or kicked out. And the ORB situation just looks like you wanted to cribble the only other power on Earth that could have been an equal partner with the AF for no good reason. ANd you even sell it as such by making their POV being them hoping to be an equal to the AF since they have been their best relationship for years.

Plus you do just drop storylines as such for some reason. During the evac for some reason The fleet of Ha'taks that Bra'tac brought to Earth and can safely tow colonies without the integrity of said colonies being an issue is never even mentioned as an option or dismissed as a security risk too high.
1/30/2023 c24 4Major Simi
Well good chapter
1/28/2023 c24 orionastro
very good new chapter the Atlantic Federation as all the right to be pissed of well lets see the goauld beginning to negotiate withe the Federation ,and many warships built by the Atlantic federation to protect earth and future colonies that will sprung from the earth /goauld treaty , can hardly wait for the next chapters
1/28/2023 c24 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
It was some time since the last update.
I hope to rzad the next chapter soon.

See you taking ideas from startrek with warp and from Halo with the unsc.
I hope you will take véhicules, odst, armour, starfighter, starship, weapons and spartans from the unsc.
You can take some tech ideas from forerunner, covenant, the didact, the storm covenant and the parias.
I hope you developpe some of the tech from star trek like replicators, teleporters, weapons, medecine, shield...
Take some ideas from startrek discovery in the 35th century, some aliens tech and some ideas from races like cardassien
1/28/2023 c24 humo146
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