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for Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer Remastered

5/8 c11 Guest
please write more of this story
5/5 c11 1TexasNineTails
so I've read this story before, but there was more to it. the chapters including the genin exam and his teams travels into a time dilated Jurassic dungeon are gone. is the story also under another name?
5/3 c11 2Striker777
I love this story so much, looking forward to the next update!
5/3 c1 Guest
can I please ask for the original edition here again? i have been looking for it forever
5/3 c9 uchiha-rune
Sakura’s int should be 86 and wisdom should be 7 as Sakura is said to be the smartest in her class yet can’t put it to use other than in tests that are for questions
5/3 c7 uchiha-rune
Naruto is officially stronger than sasuke now since sasuke needed itachi to help him to beat that boar
5/2 c1 uchiha-rune
You mean because the teachers were sabotaging naruto
5/2 c11 Guest
Any update?
4/16 c11 panjangya
Update when?
4/14 c11 Martin-di-Arcov
I've recently started reading your stories and must admit that I find myself liking your other gamer story a bit more...
it may be just me, but (again, to me) the dungeons seem to drag on a bit, and while they are spaced up by what's happening outside of the dungeons with the other characters, I found the out of dungeon bits so interesting I found myself almost skipping through most of the dungeon bits to get to the juicy outside parts...
Anyway, really like your stories and I apologize if I dragged on or if my review was a bit too rambling. Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/11 c11 SuperReader3000
I’ve enjoyed your story greatly and hope that you continue it!
4/6 c1 PlasticDoIl
The second anko was put in the story is the second I dropped this. These authors always adding anko whenever the story is turning sexual or has sexual undertones. Worst is why start describing her body, at least this fanfic didn't. Anyway I can already see where is going and by reading more comments it seems I was right sort of. It's just not for me at all.
I wish they had tags for this like "harem" or "ecchi" or wtv so i can stay away.. hell the story just started and you already brought that anko ugh bye
4/3 c11 Guest
please write more of this grate story
3/27 c1 zarian878
the only problem I see is the large relationship numbers but that's just me awesome story though keep it up wright how u want to
3/27 c11 Wolf1806
I love the story and I have read it in FanFiction 10 times alredy,cant wait for the next chapter (chapter 12). The best naruto fanfiction there is .I also read the first version and also liked that one to . Continue to do the great job
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