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for Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer Remastered

5/18 c16 Guest
please write more
4/26 c1 4Kinroth
"Sure he hadn't gained a level yet but he was halfway there."

Next Level: 350/2800

Something ain't right, chief.
4/8 c5 papapao
as much as i would like to keep reading, i just can't. someone knowing about his ability doesn't make sense(to me anyway) even for the sake of plot. also, gamer's mind ability seems to be subpar on this fic compared to what it should have been.

not hating, judging, or anything like that though. this is just bot for me.
4/8 c10 taiwoeretan1
This fic is going really slowly. We're still at the freaking academy.
4/7 c1 taiwoeretan1
I recently got into the gamer webtoon and i found this fic so I'm really excited to see how you implement it with Naruto.
4/1 c16 Guest
please write more of this story
3/30 c2 Rice with Chest-Nuts
3/23 c16 Nikkless
please update this story
3/18 c8 mshade656
dude make him remove malnourished perk or this makes not only naruto but his trainers & u an idiot
3/17 c4 mshade656
i sometimes wonder y ther is no gamer ff with shika cause gamer naruto ff always have moronic loudmouth stupid annoying naruto
3/17 c1 mshade656
what is "?" beside strength?
3/7 c1 22TheCourageousReader
could you post orginal too
3/6 c16 dhiester666
Great story so far! If you can can you give us an idea what there are so many creatures would be? And it might be a good idea to look into mounts like something like from Star Wars a cone wars or the 3rd one I forgot what's called or they had that lizard with the feathers on its head that Obi wanted to know we was riding on. Other than that can they do dual somming for summon creatures? Please keep up the excellent work!
3/6 c16 Ariesta Setiawan Syah
i hope u keep up the ff really good and i hope u don't make the system like the neighbors ff where litteraly copy from solo leveling just make it with system, and quest just don't make naruto a necromancer really different personalities if i have to be detailed is i really I can't imagine naruto want to make dead people become his servant.
2/28 c1 Roberto Rivera
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