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12/31/2011 c8 katherinebishops
Thank you for an update! Omigod you left us with a cliff hanger! But it just raises the suspence! Please update again!
12/31/2011 c8 4TheGreekGoddessAphrodite
Woo! Update!

Great chapter, it looks to be a very promising story! I can't wait for the next chapter, happy New Year to you too!

12/8/2011 c7 katherinebishops
I am honored to be a hostage! People are rescuing my charie! So happy! Your so much better at writing about Amethyst than me!
10/18/2011 c6 TheGreekGoddessAphrodite
This was awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!

9/2/2011 c5 TheGreekGoddessAphrodite
Ahhhh! This was so good! Ohhhh myyyyy Godddddd! Can't wait for the next update!

8/9/2011 c4 1Butlikeewlawlz

okay there, I've finished my hand/mouth spasm lol. Anyways, Erin was awesome in the beginning you totally just...mastered her personality! no joke. serious chiz.

So if there are only six demigods going on the quest, but you added nine kids...doesn't that mean some that were cosen also won't go on it too?

*drops down on knees and clasps hands together*

Please let my characters stay! I'll love you forever!...omg this is getting very awkward...o.O

Anyways! Please update!Ciao!(for now)

(P.S. will rin and ian have love interest's?)

OKay seriously goodbye this time!
8/7/2011 c4 9RaynieJay
I. Loved. This. So. Freaking. Much. HURRY AND UPDATE! Pretty pretty please?(:
7/26/2011 c1 2nyteri
Awwwww...! Man, why do I always miss these?
7/25/2011 c2 3Marine69
Also, in addition to my character submission, if you choose to use New-Classic's character, I'd like my character to tease hers a lot.
7/25/2011 c1 Marine69
Name:Robert McGrew




Godly Parent:Apollo

Mortal Family (mother,father,etc.):Janice is his mother, no other family.

History (be specific):Has been attending a military boarding school in upstate New York near Fort Drum. At the age of 15, monsters began appearing and he left in order to avoid hurting his schoolmates. Heard about Camp Half-Blood from a satyr that was at the boarding school, he was however killed. He now makes it to Camp Half-Blood with the weapons he had been fighting with, the satyr also informed him about celstial bronze.

Personality (be unique):Has a tendency to lead others, criticize people who dont see eye-to-eye with him. Very patriotic and believes that anything can be accomplished through grit, determination and teamwork. Tends to beat up or embarass bullies. Very militaristic.


Hair (color,style,length):Short brown hair that is swept to the right.

Appearance:Six foot three inches and is fairly muscular from the military school.

Clothing style:Shorts and a T-shirt in the summer and Jeans and a T-shirt anytime else.

Skin color:Caucasian

Height (in inches):75 inches

Weight (in pounds):210


Tattoos, scars, piercings, highlights, etc.:none


Weapon(s):An M1911 ACP pistol with a small amount of celstial bronze bullets, also carries a stygian iron dagger.( Would like it if he could get an English Longbow later on, knows how to use one.)

Strengths:Can fight for long periods of time, is fast, and strong.

Weaknesses:Underestimates the monsters greatly and prefers to use conventional weapons rather than swords. Also challenges others orders and comments on thier fighting skills.

Friends:Any one that is willing.

Skills:Amazing marksman, archer, music player and medical specialist. Also is very tactically and strategically gifted, despite being an Apollo child, can rival Athena's children in tactics.

Likes:Guns, Military, Bow's and arrows, working as a team, skiing, and making jokes.

Dislikes:Bullies, Anti-Americans, any evil precense, and the hades children.

Romance?:Yes if it would fit your story.

What type of person for romance?: Some one from the Athena cabin that challenges his ideas constantly.

I like the idea for the story and love these OC stories, I'd love it if you could use my character and if you need help with anything you could PM. please update soon.
7/24/2011 c1 V0ided Account

Name: Destiny Munroe (she kept her mom's maiden name)

Nickname: anything really, mostly Des or Dessy.

Age: 14

Gender: female

Godly Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family (mother,father,etc.): Aime Johnson, Jerimiah Johnson (step father), Kaylee Johnson (3 year old half sister)

History (be specific): Destiny grew up feeling alone, She was the oddball. Her mom nor step-dad paid any attention to her (sometimes even abused her) and she barely had any friends. She didn't see a purpose to live until her half-sister came in the picture. Destiny swears up and down that Kaylee saved her. Kaylee gave her a reason to live. Destiny has to take care of Kaylee most of the time and during the summer, her parents ship Kaylee of to live with her grandparents. That's when Destiny comes to camp.

Personality (be unique): Destiny seems like she would be more of a Hades child than an Apollo child. She dreads mornings and is sometimes depressed. That's because she's slowly getting out of her depression. She loves music and poetry, though, which gives people the answer that she is Apollo's daughter. But when she does smile and laugh, it gets contagious to other people. She's very independent


Hair (color,style,length): blonde / long curls / waist

length / always in a pony tail.

Appearance: bright baby blue eyes, good, athletic body, slight tan, and small, barely noticeable, Angel kisses around nose (I refuse to call them freckles)

Clothing style: White t-shirt, leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves. dark blue skinny jeans(or shorts), and black or purple converse.

Skin color: slight tan

Height (in inches): 5'8"

Weight (in pounds): 125 pouunds

Makeup: dark eyeliner

Tattoos, scars, piercings, highlights, etc.: scar near right ear and another one from elbow to wrist and a small diamond stud right above lip on the right side.


Weapon(s): dagger thats always straped to her pants, a ring in the shape of a cresent moon that turns nito a sheild(a gift from her Aunt Artemis), garnet colored (her birthstone) sun necklace that turns into full battle armor when pushed, and an iPod that can detect her mood and make up a playlist out of her songs.

Strengths: when the people she cares about get hurt; it gives her strength to fight for them. Fighting with her right hand.

Weaknesses: fighting with her left hand even though she's a leftie.

Friends: anybody you choose

Skills: writeing, music, can play guitar, drums, and piano.

Likes: music, rain, poetry, being alone, her sister Kaylee, random things, jello.

Dislikes: sun, being crowded, veggies, crying, unoriginal things.

Romance?: Sure.

What type of person for romance?: Someone who understands her. (most likely a Hades child) Independent

Anything else?: uhhh... can see glimpses of the future at the randomest times.

Feel free to PM me. (:
7/20/2011 c1 14sister-of-the-devil

Name: Theron Hunter

Nickname: N/A

Age: 15

Gender: male

Godly Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family (mother, father, etc.): Vanessa Hunter

History (be specific): Theron was born in Hurghada, Egypt. (All the places I'm going to list are in Egypt until I say otherwise.) After about seven months, he moved to Al Minya. Then after five months, to Qena. Another five months later, he moved to Edfu, then Aswan, Berenice, Karnak, Dakhla, Suhaj, Mallawi, and Bani Suwayf. After that, he moved every three months. To Al-Fayyum, Giza, Rashid, Damietta, Port Said, El Arish, Suez, Dahab, and Safaga. He finally got to Camp Half-Blood when he was twelve. He lives there year-round because his mother and step-father are abusive. He does sneak out to see his best friend Aetos Gallian who's a mortal who can see through the Mist. While he was living with his mother and step-father, he was beaten daily and verbally abused every hour of the day. He got so angry, he choked his step-father, Ryan Hunter, to death. Theron was only nine at the time. He ran away before his mom came back from work and could hurt him. He's now a labeled murderer. He's constantly hunted by the police and has to be extremely careful and quiet and hidden to keep from being seen. He's mostly at Aetos' house who helps keep him safe and hidden. Aetos knows Theron's not a murderer. He knows Theron's history. The only time Theron's really in Camp Half-Blood is when Aetos isn't there. But Theron's mostly a year-rounder.

Personality (be unique): Theron is normally friendly and nice. But if he doesn't know you well (or at all) he can be really mean. Don't piss him off. If you do, he'll hunt you down and hurt you. Even if he hurts someone else in the process. He's killed someone once. He didn't mean to (well, not that time), but that just shows how violent he is. Otherwise, he's really fun and entertaining. He loves to joke around and hang out with his friends. He's caring and protective once your friends with him. He's a great friend and is loyal almost no matter what you do. ALMOST. He's kinda got a double personality.


Hair (color, style, length): Theron has black hair with white flecks (like salt and pepper. And it's natural). His hair goes just above his earlobes and waves out a bit at the ends. It's silky and straight (except for the wave at the end).

Appearance: he has bright, neon orange eyes that are almond-shaped and always hold a mysterious glint. His face is rounded and his chin is slightly pointed, but also rounded. His forehead is between high and small.

Clothing style: a black tank top. Baggy black cargo pants. Gold and black sneakers

Tattoos, scars, piercings, highlights, etc.: a scar on his right shoulder to his right hip from a sphinx attack. Left ear pierced twice, right ear pierced three times; both ears with diamond studs. Blood red streaks in his hair on the sides


Weapon(s): preferably his 3 1/2' celestial bronze sword, Ptoma (meaning lifeless). He only uses a bow and arrow if he needs it

Strengths: fighting (in general), archery, singing, acting, drawing, writing, tracking, hunting, running, poetry

Weaknesses: um... I can't think of any right now. My mind went blank, so you can make some up and I'll PM you if I think of any. I just wanted to get this review in!

Friends: Marco Hamilion (best friend), Tammy Nineyin, Lyon Everglade, any other OCs you'd like to add

Skills: drawing, writing, building, tracking, hunting

Likes: darkness, writing, running, his best friend Marco Hamilion, his friend Tammy Nineyin, hunting, tracking, fighting (whenever he can), building, drawing, writing, being around friends

Dislikes: archery, singing, acting, poetry, bright light

Romance?: yes

What type of person for romance?: someone who's smart, caring, and easy to get along with. They should be active and athletic. They would be loyal, fun, social, and protective of their friends.

Anything else?: he's strong (physically and mentally). Ptoma (his sword) turns into a pendant in the shape of a crow. His fatal flaw is his persistence to severely injure (or kill) an enemy
7/20/2011 c2 1Butlikeewlawlz

Name: Ian Tigers


Age: everyone else's age


Godly Parent: Khione

Mortal Family (mother,father,etc.):Isaac and Sukie tigers, and his younger sister Kimmy tigers hos a three year old he'd probably jump in front of a gun for

History (be specific):well he was a troublemaker at this boojey rich school, he hated everything about it. Especially all the shallow rich girls who were all "omg he's so cuute! will you marry me?" "will you be my boyfriend!" "I love you!". he felt utter revulsion towards them they were annoying and it started his hate for the girl species. his dad forced him to learn Kyusho Jitsu and had a bunch of dojos everywhere around DC. And if you ask him, his dad loved his sister more then him.

he did what he did best and irritated the principal by stealing her wallet and jumping roof to roof around the campus (it was a huge school)(and that was pretty stupid) and set the entire campus guard board running after him. and so a huge dracanae stampeded through and all the guards were trying to run up and kill the thing (were they stupid or what?) and he obviously knew that they would die so his eyesight went blurry and he felt the temperature drop and everyone within the 50 foot radius but himself froze in their positions (including the dracanae) and he felt his necklace start to freeze so bad he pulled it off, it turned into a cool sword and before collapsing, killed the thing. and yeah a satyr felt commotion and brougt him to camp

Personality (be unique):He's mischievious and devious and always up to something thats probably stupid daring and most likely resulting in an unhappy Dionysus and an Ethan Grapevine.He always has on this devious grin on his face. You could easily mistake the kid for a hermes kid I swear. He's really sneaky, likes to prank people, impulsive, and does the stupidest but funnest things ever like he once set a hoard of harpies after him and he jumped on ones back and rode it all around camp, and then he 'accidently' broke drew's comb and jumped roof to roof arounf the camp with drew coming after him. He HATES the Aphrodite cabin so much by the way and all the oter girly girls in camp. But even if he's always up to no good he stays loyal and a fun person to be around.


Hair (color,style,length):its dark (as in blackish) tousled and messy...its sadly like justin bieber's except less obnoxious, more messy, and more longer (but not like as long as mitchell mussos from before *shudders* that was gross, and they sometimes fall over his eyes


Eyes: greyish black but silvery black when he's using his godly abilities

Clothing style:Black hoodie sleeves pulled to his elbows, grey graphic teeshirt, khaki shorts, chained necklace hanging mid-chest, black and grey skater vans, and earphones he uses to get rid of annoying people at camps voices (ie.Drew)

Skin color: asian pale

Height (in inches): 5'7?

Weight (in pounds):125?

Makeup: no makeup

Tattoos, scars, piercings, highlights, etc.:none


Weapon(s):He had a chained necklace that hangs to mid chest. On it is this icy crytal in the shape of a cylinder with two points at the ends instead of flat circles. he ripit off and the crystal forms into a grey hilt. A stygian steel blade comes out from the hilt that leaves numbing menthol ice in cuts. The sword is called ice shard


1) sneaking around

2) hand-to-hand combat


1) his little sister

2) long range fighting

Friends:anyone you choose just no girly girls


1) sneaking around being all quiet and mischeivious like lol

2) kyusho jitsu

Likes:the cold, messing with adults, breathing, food, water, shelter, sports, pranking the hermes cabin, oranking in general, C.O.D (call of duty), video games, having fun, laughing, his little sister, swordbattling, Dionysus (he won't admit it but he likes the god), MMA tournaments

Dislikes: girly girls (hes NOT gay though!)(his friends think hes a-sexual though lol), school, snobby kids,homework, girls, make-up, , sitting still.

Romance?: your choice

What type of person for romance?: non girly girl, someone who, like him really has no interest in love at all and deson't care how she looks, and matches him with his mischeiviousness

Anything else?: just hope you choose him!
7/20/2011 c1 withlipstickasmywarpaint
i know this sounds like i want to be big three but the truth is i am on the swim team in fact im captin i love water so i would be a daughter of Poiesiden

name mayra barahona

nickname my or its(pronounced eats)

gender female

godly parent poiesiden

mortal parent lucy barahona

peronality sisterly but can beat up any one if they mess with her really weird and can creep any one out if she dosent want them here somtimes acts like authority when people wont behave (oddly they listen)

hair black wavy wear clip on streaks all the time

appearance strong nose large eyes thick lashes medium sized rosy lips brown eyes pretty skinny athletic body

clothing comfy yet stylish

skin color tan (mexican)

height 5 2

weight 92lbs

makeup chapstick

piercing ears

weapon knife sword bow and arrow

strength water

weaknesses (does that mean fatal flaw)always helping others

friends everyone (minus drew)

skills aiming and making people believe me(like charm speaking except im a daughter of poiesiden)

likes animals

dislikes veggies

romance nico or leo (more leo though)


age 15

put me in your fanfic im seiriously dying of cancer i just want one memory were people remember me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
7/20/2011 c1 1Some Writer Guy

Name: Colonel Jack Featherstone, CIA Special Activities Division. Callsign: Zulu-6

Nickname: The Spectre

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Ares

Mortal Family (mother,father,etc.): Mother: Shelia Featherstone Stepfather: General George "The Shredder" Featherstone

History (be specific): Jack was born to an US Army Lieutenant General and a criminal defense lawyer. From a very young age, he was interested in warfare and detirmened to do things right, and also always held a burning sense of patriotism. When he was 7 he was recruited into the CIA and asked to participate in the the Centurion program, a next generation super-soldier project that hoped to use a combination of powered armor, harsh training, and ability-enhancing drug cocktails to create an near-invincible combatant. Jack is the only survivor of this program. The... CLASSIFIED

Personality (be unique): Cold, Calculating, and Distrustful. "Puts the mission first". Also, very patriotic.


Hair (color,style,length): Slick, clean-cut blond hair.

Eye Color: Bright hazel

Clothing style: Usually in LEGION powered armor. If not, then either a brown flight jacket or black trenchcoat, a bowler hat, and sunglasses

Skin color: White

Height (in inches): 6 ft 2

Body Build: Muscular but lean

Tattoos, scars, piercings, highlights, etc.: One long scar running from above his eye to his cheek.


Weapon(s): Anything that shoots. Knives, to.

Strengths: Deadly combatant, Hyper-competent tactician. Able to manipulate people with ease. Skilled with technology.

Weaknesses: Actually quite awkward in ordinary social situations, having never experienced them due to being recruited at 7 years old.

Skills: Trained with every known weapon in the world, excellent tactician, can operate almost all military and civilian technology in existence, can easily manipulate people, capable of flying all USAF, European, Chinese, Israeli, and Russian aircraft (Past and present). Improvised weapons expert, Martial arts expert.

Anything else?: Assigned to investigate recent strange paranormal happenings throughout America. Actually not aware of his demigod heritage. IQ of 164
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