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9/4/2018 c1 jFwsW
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11/15/2013 c7 11Senile-felineS
That was beautiful. Especially all the bargaining towards the end. You really captured the interactions between those two well, and that was one of my favourite things in the manwa, how these two really didn't like one another but each had to put up with the other to keep raenef happy.
10/25/2013 c6 Senile-felineS
Good chapter. I like your version of how crystal hearts are formed, and I like how you are characterising Monika. But if I recall the original story correctly, only the people of Mano's family could grow crystal hearts.
9/11/2013 c5 Senile-felineS
I like the whole eclipse/erutis alliance dynamic, that's pretty original, which is saying something. However i don't quite get the continuity; if i recall the story correctly, once monika had the crystal heart lilith escaped and took the heart (and possibly killed him, but i read the manga a long time ago and i could be wrong about that part). But here monika has the heart and is aware of what lilith is, and yet has her in captivity. How does that word?
9/10/2013 c4 4GravekeeperBat
Holy carp, it was updated! Yay!
8/19/2013 c1 1Embrace of Destiny
I remember so many years ago when my friend bought me the first volume of Demon Diary, and ever since then I too have wanted to know about the rabbit-girl. Thanks so much for doing this and I am super excited to see where this goes!
8/2/2013 c4 11Senile-felineS
Yay! You've returned. I understand about becoming obsessed about original fiction. I am guilty of the same behaviour. I'm just thrilled to have something new to read from the demon diary fandom. Will you be posting your original stuff anywhere and if so where, i like your writing style and i'd like to read the original stuff.
7/26/2013 c4 145Dlbn
Yay, welcome back! MOKINKA! No one seems to use him or Mano in anything. I'm excited to see him. Hah, Eclipse. As rude to humans as ever XD

4/4/2013 c3 11Senile-felineS
You dropped this? Bleak! I was just getting really into it. Why is raenef angry? Cummon, spill.
7/15/2012 c3 4GravekeeperBat
Huh. I actually always thought that first bit was an older Raenef trying to find Eclipse, after some kinda apocalypse or technological something, but I'm curious as to where you're going with this.
Hee, Krayon's still pining for Erutis, I hope he eventually catches her.
And why was Rae angry with Eclipse?
9/11/2011 c2 35Shadowfax
This is an awesome concept. I have personally always been frustrated by the thought of what was supposed to happen in the story before it changed writers. Keep it up; I am eager to see where you take this! =]
7/16/2011 c1 Bob
Not so many people write demon diary fanfics anymore!

Keep it up! ^^

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