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9/28/2011 c6 Ltlconf

Okay plausible, even having Buffy arrogantly assuming, again (admittedly with a good track record), that she, and only she, can possibly handle a threat to Earth. Of course she's only ever dealt with demons who have the subtlety of a brick and no serious firepower, but hey she's BUFFY!

I imagine reading the reports will disabuse her of that notion quick.

Funny thing is the very reasons Giles put forward to Xander for going out and doing something with the Gate (freeing slaves and so on) is how the SGC got Earth into this mess: gettin' nasty with nasty aliens enslaving humans! HAH!

Frankly a bunch of Slayers with no real long-range firepower nor any real unit tactical training (that yes, even guerillas have) would be meat in the open and they'll get that: not dumb (if stubborn) is Buffy, nor Faith. They'll need O'Neill and his people.

It's Joss' dislike of guns that led to the whole"guns don't work on demons thing. But shooting a crossbow bolt that does a LOT LESS damage than bullet does work on a demon (not vamp, a DEMON!)? Over a bullet that makes a fist-sized hole and goes through a steel engine block?

Well at least on Stargate they work most times. And Buffy is gonna have ta deal. And Slayers is gonna have ta load up.

Slayers with guns? Cool, makes a John Woo movie look tame!

The "kids" thing is overplayed a bit. Buffy is pushing mid-twenties here (near 24 at the least depending on the year you're placing this) and thus older than most of the junior enlisted going through that gate every day and manning the base. Hell she's older than I was as a corporal and I commanded a fire team! Now Colonel O'Neill I can see, anyone under 30 is a youngin' to him but the rest are more mature about it. And Jaffar go into battle in their mid teens so they're not goin' ta give a rat I assume!

And Giles as is old as the Colonel, though I still wonder how he lets Buffy run all over him. Just his style I guess...wouldn't be Giles without it!

I do hope you're not hooking Oz up with Willow. I mean I love Oz (modeled a few RPG characters after him), but when Willow's under a love spell and trying to figure out how to make the guy who cast it a woman, I think that pretty much sums up her orientation for good. And yeah, I've known gays who took DECADES to work out what their orientation was. Counseled a few teens going through it too. Willow's path is the norm, not the exception.

Looking forward to reading the rest and seeing how it pans out, but no matter what, I'm sure it'll be a boatload of fun! This ain't an easy crossover to make plausible and no matter my quibbles with the characters, you've done that. Okay, lets see how Kinsey screws himself over...again!

The Cracker.
9/27/2011 c18 1Bobboky
9/12/2011 c9 EvilTheLast
Nice story. I wonder if the BTVS gang will soon get bored with the SG and sell it for a $1.00 to someone they trust so they can get back into the action on earth. Kidnapped by a little gray alien. That is just annoying.
9/10/2011 c9 autumnannette19
Whats next, whats next?
9/9/2011 c9 Bobboky
8/17/2011 c5 mcgurrin
I like it and hope more comes soon.
8/4/2011 c4 23Sufferingzombie
Excellent! I cannot wait to read about Kinsey's expression when he realizes that the gate is beyond his reach! Keep on truckin' my friend!
7/20/2011 c4 klester1987
please continue
7/18/2011 c4 KayeBell
cool please continue
7/17/2011 c4 1Bobboky
7/17/2011 c4 EvilTheLast
Interesting story. But selling the Stargate to the highest bidder? The U.S. Government would never do that! Opppps. I just realized Wolf Ram and Heart are backing this deal, so I guess anything is possible. ;D
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