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for Lenore and Ragamuffin

9/30/2014 c1 No entendi
1/11/2014 c1 11sunshineg9
How sweet! And nice!
9/1/2012 c1 Doll
i liked it] i agree with raggamuffin as her guerdian but not as her lover but still this is cute
2/26/2012 c1 Shme
Very cute! It was so simple yet so good! Loved it!
1/12/2012 c1 HyoomanBean
Very sweet little oneshottiness. You're a great writer, and I'm sad no more than 2 people including myself have reviewed. Lenore is kind of a neglected thing, so thanks for writing this!
10/11/2011 c1 11EnjoyandLive
Short but sweet, glad to be the first reviewer :) Love this pairing

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