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10/20/2019 c22 Guest
Love love it
7/22/2019 c22 trscrny
This was a very interesting and well written story. I love how you wrote each character, especially, Callen, of course! Also glad you managed to get them back on course. Touched many emotions in a very thoughtful and fulfilling way. Thank you for sharing your talent!
8/3/2018 c22 Maria
Excellent story ,every emotion going...my stomach was all in knots in parts of it...a really great story...more please...
12/24/2017 c22 Guest
This is my most favorite story ever! Such an emotional, heartbreaking, amazing story! I hope you can write some more :)
12/10/2016 c14 Guest
6/11/2016 c20 Petunia3116
I just finished reading the whole thing...I loved it! although I am a semi Ziva fan, I really didn't care for the Callen/Ziva relationship...But other than that, it is a great read...I am hoping that, if there is not a sequel to this now, that sometime in the near future there will be...it would be interesting to see how well mentally Callen recovers from this, and how is reacts to his team after he heals...
3/29/2016 c22 13Dramamama5
That was quite good, I must say. You kept the characters personalities true to form. The anger and frustration and angst was realistic to the show...and callen's response...perfection. I'm borderline on the ziva factor but hey...it wasn't a make or break for the integrity of the story...and the relationship ended appropriately per their character traits. I kinda felt the very end was a bit too quick of a turn around for Callen true character...he wouldn't get that mushy unless it was sarcasm OR he was putting up a front to keep them at bay...as always...but hey, that's just me. Good job! I truly enjoyed it. Hope you have more to read and if not...I hope you will in the future.
5/16/2013 c22 14Lauh Malfoy
Hello, there!

Finished this fanfiction a few weeks ago but didn't have enough time to properly review it, so here it is now :) Overall I really liked the fanfiction, even though it wasn't perfect for me. I must confess I wasn't too happy about Callen/Ziva but I also don't watch NCIS so I was somehow able to "ignore" who she was? Almost as if she was an original character and not the real Ziva, which made it easier for me (this, again, because I don't watch NCIS so I don't really know how Ziva is - it was portrayed as a really cool character, tho, I might add). Also, sometimes I felt Sam, Kensi and Deeks overreacted. For some reason I think they are already so used to deal with Callen the way he is I doubt they would get so angry at him. But at the same time, their explosion makes a lot of sense. The fact is, in the show sometimes I feel they don't say all they should and could, and I agree with you: the end of Tin Soldiers was too clean. Callen wasn't there when Sam needed him and forgiveness came too quickly.

So, basically, while I don't think this is perfect in every aspect, I also think it was a really good effort on filing in something that sometimes is left blank on the show. It was well written and it had a good plot, so well done, good job :)
3/30/2013 c22 sunshine319
This story was really good. Great plot idea, although I don't see the whole Callen and Ziva thing but hey that's just a matter of opinion. Other than that the team drama and awesomeness was great.
11/24/2012 c1 28knirbenrots
One of my most favorite stories!
11/11/2012 c4 knirbenrots
Feel so sorry for Hetty in these first chapters...
10/21/2012 c22 Richtsje
Had I already thanked you for this great story? Read it for the second time this night, and appreciated it even more now.
Thank you so much!
10/5/2012 c22 00-night-eyes-00
love it
7/21/2012 c22 Shaz1
loved it!
6/5/2012 c22 wotumba1
what a great story!

sorry that i didn't leave more reviews, i was kinda occupied reading...
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