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for Star Trek: Novum Aurora

7/16/2023 c6 Guest
Wayda go Q, I like how you did him, since we'll, he is right after all ;) ( the is for good job please do more please more)
hey its Great Celestial Dragon and good news to all I'm going to start on this shortly its just been so busy with work and my own projects so I've had to focus on one of my stories so i will get on with this, but could perhaps like some help and a beta for help if anyone is interested.
6/4/2016 c6 10Just a Crazy-Man
good luck
6/4/2016 c6 orionastro
another sad news
12/9/2015 c5 6charmingskyblue304
Great amalgamation between SGA and Star Trek. How come the Atlantean Republic does not have the co-ordinates of Earth? Really enjoyed the story so far.
11/4/2015 c5 10Just a Crazy-Man
Lov epic work
11/3/2015 c5 orionastro
very good new chapter , so they have just found out the damned wraith , they should allied with the United federation of planets ,and the klingons to wipe out b the damned wraith once and for all. cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
11/3/2015 c5 Astravega
Well I cant help but mock you a bit for this. 5 chapters in 4 years, wow.
K now that the mocking is over you have written an interesting begining but it all comes down to your update speed which is horrendous tbh. I would sugest focusing on one story at the time that way ppl might not lose interest in your stories.
10/12/2015 c4 orionastro
very good story so far , i hope you can update soon to see the tauri upgrading the federation with tech more advanced to destroy the damned wraith once and for all . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
2/16/2015 c4 Just a Crazy-Man
6/30/2014 c1 Lord Asmodeus
I would have read this if this was truly about the Wraith Imperium rather than the humans...
5/6/2014 c4 4jabbarulez
wait till the republic finds out the wraith still live! more please!
4/7/2013 c3 dskaar
So far this is just awesome! I like how the wraith are in the milky way! Hope for an update!
1/6/2013 c3 9Robo Reader 21
Fun chapter. Keep in mind Wraith technology has proven to be more advance than anything in Star Trek, including the Borg. That message will reach the Wraith far sooner than 200 years.

Forgot to mention the part were Plox discoveres that the Wraith are part insect/human.
1/5/2013 c3 Trife
I would strongly suggest a beta reader to help you clean up things in this and make it easier to read. Other then that decent chapter.

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