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9/12 c4 LondonxKnight
R.I.P. Hūn T~T
9/12 c2 LondonxKnight
Omg Papa!Zuko is now my favorite Zuko. He’s going to be such a good dad. What’s even better is you’ve kept him in character. My heart grew 5 sizes when I read about Zuko trying to feed Teiji around the crew and accidentally-maybe-on purpose called Teiji his son. I love it so much.
8/21 c11 Cassette89
keep writing
8/3 c9 2AsiYepYep
Hey, es un giro abrupto, pero esperado 3. La alianza es mucho menos conflictiva y también muy compleja ¡Me encanta!

Sokka, no solo las mujeres cambian pañales, necesitas otra patada en el trasero.
8/2 c8 AsiYepYep
Realmente me encanta la relación de Zuko y la tripulación ¡son increíbles y adorables! El cuidado que tienen, la protección leal. Son encantadores.

Vaya, Ozai, ya se vas dando cuenta que la petulancia y desprecio no siempre tiene el resultado que quiere, especialmente si hablamos de Zuko, que tiende a destruir dramáticamente los planes de las personas jajaja. Sin embargo, estos acontecimientos solo ocasionan una respuesta cruel por parte de Ozai.

Necesitamos más sabotajes a Zhao jajajaj.
7/26 c6 AsiYepYep
Capítulo especialmente conmovedor 33333
7/26 c5 AsiYepYep
Hay un cierto sentido de traición por la forma en que Iroh habla sobre la falta de correspondencia a Zuko, como si los resultados importaran más que el método.
7/26 c4 AsiYepYep
Ow, Hun era entrañable... y luego esto.
6/14 c11 1DelphianOracle
This is the most adorable Avatar story I've read. Thank you for writing it.
5/16 c11 Guest
Where's the next parts?
5/5 c11 14sunshineisdelicious
Love this story so much! I read it years ago, and now I’m back in the Avatar fandom and was thinking about how much I like it. And then I found it again! Great job!
3/18 c4 Cocofant
Very very cute story so far.
1/17 c1 YoskiBroski
Loved this, read it on Ao3. Kudosed, Bookmarked, Subscribed. I don't mean to nag, but any chance of this continuing or being adopted? I don't know if you just don't use youre accounts anymore or have just grown out of fanfiction. But I'd love to see more of this. Four/five years later lol
12/12/2020 c11 1TheWanderingBard15
This fic was absolutely fantastic, and it breaks my heart a little bit that you've abandoned it. I got in my head this image of Zuko finding an orphan baby and adopting it and this was almost everything I had imagined!
12/1/2020 c11 23Alyce and Indi
I want to draw the kirin, but I can barely draw humanoids (plus one dragon, a few equine attempts, and one dolphin). My kirin would be horrendous.

This chapter. All the love. Die, Zhao, dieeee! (I can be murderous, particularly towards fictional evil that tried to kill a BABY) And Aang, I hate to tellyou this, but there are times when killing is required. Unfortunately, canon- you seems to mix up the required and the not-required a little too often for my taste.
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