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for A Dozen Shots

7/18/2011 c1 rachael
nice job! good suspense, keep it up!
7/18/2011 c1 Allie

great job with this story! I am excited to read what happens next! I really hope kensi doesn't die! Again good job and pls update as soon as possible! thx
7/18/2011 c1 11Searching4sanity

3 things I liked:

1. EXREMELY well written which is a huge plus!

2. The twist at the end with Renko not only being down but that Callen has to make the decision

3. That he chose Renko over Kensi, provides more angst and opportunities for this story, way more creative and just better overall.

2 Q's

1. Is there a reason Hetty couldn't make a decision? Or was that just to fit the story? Because honestly if there is, that's a whole story right there and it would make the story more believable and better.

2. Why didn't Kensi mention the fact that she was really down over the coms? I know she told Sam, but when they thought she was still acting why didn't she repeat it? Was she just too weak? Just wondering :)

1 thing I did not like

1. Why was Hetty heading to the bank? That didn't make sense to me but maybe I'm just slow :)

You have a fantastic, solid start! Keep it up!
7/18/2011 c1 4SpringBloom
Interesing start, I'm intrigued :) Great job on the first chapter, and I'm excited to see where you take us with this story. Keep up the good work!

XO - Spring
7/18/2011 c1 Rhodanos
Some mean cliffhanger right there. But getting shot five times in the torso at point-blank range? That's a death sentence. How come you didn't stick to the original 3 bullets? That would have been bad enough. I guess it has something to do with the title being A Dozen Shots which implies Renko took 7 bullets. And how come Kensi did not tell Sam the whole thing went straight to hell and stuck with the plan? Everyone knows she's stubborn but getting shot for real when it should have been fake even she should drop all pretense.

But who am I to complain. I'm just the reader, you are the writer and it's your idea. And it's not really complaining, I just don't like to see my favourite characters suffer like this. So don't take this the wrong way ;)

Anxiously awaiting the next installment.
7/18/2011 c1 73xana4
Great story

Can't wait to see what happens next
7/18/2011 c1 reyes27kd
WOW¬° I can't wait for the next Sunday please upload soon is very very interesting¬°
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