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1/16 c1 7Schattenjagd
hehe, poor Daniel.
1/19/2018 c1 AgentKalGibbs
That last line. though... XD Love it!
6/6/2017 c1 redarien
I would like a follow up.
2/18/2014 c1 alicewiggles
but what did Danny boy need
7/20/2011 c1 Yol
Just read this cute story, and it was a nice piece. Daniel is always been so cute when it comes to Jack and Sam's relationship. Thanks for posting.
7/19/2011 c1 6Athena121
This is really a fun piece, thanks for posting!
7/19/2011 c1 majorsal

why why why why WHY couldn't *that* have been our confirmation! :p
7/19/2011 c1 55polrobin
Love. Ly.

Lovely job.
7/19/2011 c1 145Vickysg1
Awwww! That's a cute story! And poor Daniel who finally realises what's going on!
7/19/2011 c1 102I. M. Frelling-Wonko
Very nice. :)
7/19/2011 c1 8hedwiggins
What a sweet story. I bet Daniel was out the door and immediately blabbing to Walter or Siler or whoever was around the SGC at the time of the morning.
7/19/2011 c1 7MissJulia96
like it. julia :)
7/18/2011 c1 starbuck13
that was awesome. loved it!
7/18/2011 c1 106gatehead81
I luv this story :) they're so comfortable with each other and so content in their own and each other's skins that they don't need to immediately start ripping each others clothes off. Brilliant and so typical of Daniel to be calling Sam at stupid o clock! The only thing I don't understand is how Daniel was rining Sam on Jack's Colorado landline? Surely if she had openly moved into his house Daniel would have known why or recognised her new number at least? Did she get a forwarding service put on her own house phone?

Ah phooey, tis a little academic I suppose as the story is going on my fav list :) Well done and thank you!
7/18/2011 c1 93VGWrighte
Oh, super cute.
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