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12/27/2016 c9 Aaliyahnewyork
We will never know the end of this story. Saaad
11/11/2016 c8 Guest
Please please update
12/30/2012 c9 8sugarart
your story is good but you keep miss spelling Eliot's name there is only one L. Also it wouldn't hurt for you to go over it before you post because it seems as though you are leaving words or using the wrong word making it a little hard to read. Other than that you have a good story going.
12/12/2012 c9 2GuiltyBystanders
Please write more. You are good at this.
10/6/2012 c9 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Love it
9/1/2011 c8 Mony19
I am glad Parker isn't givign up but I hope she doesn't get herself in trouble.

ud soon
8/27/2011 c7 CCNinjaPants
Hmmm intriguing. Nice story. Please update soon!
8/13/2011 c6 Mony19
Nice chapter

I like that Hardison had already introduced Parker to his Nana. Poor thing, I hop they just got news on Hardison.

ud soon
8/3/2011 c5 Mony19
Aww poor everyone.

I hope Hardison is ok.

ud soon
7/29/2011 c4 3leavenotrace
Hm, this feels indeed a tiny bit rushed. Still very interesting, though. A fight scene in the beginning would maybe have rounded things a little more, but I'm looking forward to the next installment!
7/29/2011 c3 leavenotrace
Oh, wow! Talk about an unexpected cliffhanger! Can't wait to read on!
7/28/2011 c4 Mony19
can't wait to see what happens with Hardison, hopefully he is alive

ud soon
7/28/2011 c3 Mony19

Can't wait for next chapter
7/28/2011 c3 14Captain Jasmine Vanity
WHOA-! A knife? WTF is going on here? *Sighs* I should have noticed that he was a wee bit TOO upset to just be a techie... D: well, nicely done :D You should definitely update this SOON, 'cause i wanna read... xD
7/28/2011 c3 2Famous4it
Whoops, quite exciting. Can't wait for more :)
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