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7/23/2011 c1 81aestheticisms
So, hi. I loved this, I loved this, you are wonderful, beautiful, AND NOTHING HURTS.

Thank thank thank you you you you!


First, I love the Flint/Elesa ship. Actually, I love almost any ship with Elesa, or Flint, because they are both amazingly wonderful. I love Flint's character in this, and how his emotions range from arrogant, to completely dumbstruck. He's infatuated with this character, and it's wonderful, and Elesa is just all mystery and craziness of wonderful. I love the fact Grimsley/Giima's in this, as the beautiful, gorgeous, counterpart to the more down-to-earth Flint. It's wonderful, wonderful.

The bit with how Caitlin fell in love with Unova, and how Flint was willing to do the same...adlkfajldf my heart = exploded.

Then, at the end, at the Ferris Wheel. Nothing is concrete, and it's all left up to the reader, and that's what I love the most. The ambiguous nature of the fic is just so wonderful.

The diction and metaphors is also another winning point. All I have left to say is that this fic is just so wonderful, and thank you, once again. Thank you thank you~!

Amazing, really. :D

(now go write some Ghost Trick, missy. xD Joking, joking.)

7/20/2011 c1 55AlFlowerrise
I love your words, have done that for a long time. I mean, stories in general can tell you much, be interesting and intriguing but when you write, it is almost like a song and it is so pretty to read. The pairing is unusual but you pull it off well, while still keeping your style.

I like this so much!

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