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for I Adore You, Heart and Soul

12/13/2015 c8 33Pat2Trivia4Me
Thank God David is alright. It was awesome that everyone could be there (with the exception of Frasier), but he's in route.
12/9/2015 c7 Pat2Trivia4Me
So cool that they got to see their new born. I sure hope David will be alright.
12/8/2015 c6 Pat2Trivia4Me
Wow, how tragic. I hope David is going to be okay.
12/7/2015 c5 Pat2Trivia4Me
NICE! I like how Martin seems to have straightened David out. He and Ronee are good grandparents. This is so well written.
12/7/2015 c4 Pat2Trivia4Me
This is a great story. So glad that Frasier was there for Niles and Roz for Daphne. Great, great story.
12/7/2015 c3 Pat2Trivia4Me
Wowe, what a shocker! What?! Gripping story. Absolutely love the nicknames they have for each other: Pudge and Big Dave. Very well thought out.
12/7/2015 c2 Pat2Trivia4Me
Very interesting. I love this. This is so charming and full of suspense. I hope everything will be okay. Can't wait to see what Daphne's vision is all about.
9/16/2015 c25 dreamer 3097
A good story
7/10/2015 c1 Pat2Trivia4Me
Great start. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
11/3/2014 c4 6pbk
loving this so far- had to stop and have a tirade over frasier's "it's your baby, too" comment- i soooo love when men say that, like because they contributed equal genetic material that makes them equal partners in the baby's creation and development- all, sure, we're making a cake, but you brought the flour, i brought everything else, plus did all the measuring and mixing and we baked it in my oven. how can you say it's equally each of ours cake? loving the writing and the voice going on thus far- really love daphne having a crisis of conscience at this point- no matter how far we've gotten medically, having a baby at that age IS a toll- we don't bounce back at forty the way our bodies bounce back at 25!
8/25/2013 c25 65sparrowchords
Wow, such a beautiful ending. This was an excellent, unique story and I'm so glad I read it! Thank you for posting it!
8/25/2013 c24 sparrowchords
Aww! So lovely, so beautiful, I don't know what else to say!
8/25/2013 c23 sparrowchords
It is so awesome that the birth is parallel with Daphne's dream! I love this chapter so much.
8/25/2013 c22 sparrowchords
Ooh, this chapter is so thrilling! Such suspense, such excitement!
8/25/2013 c21 sparrowchords
It's so like Niles to do something like that. Daphne is so lucky to have him, in more ways than one! Sigh. :) I can't wait to see the baby born!
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