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3/12 c3 Vortz
This story is beautifully written, and it’s obvious that it’s going somewhere great.
But for the life of me I just can’t enjoy it. Every new and exciting change you make is somehow made into a dull side note of an already beautiful story.
Every time I see all this stuff you’ve added I don’t get excited, I just read meh. I think this is because of how you write it like it’s just another thing.
An example is Aangs transformation into the Avatar state, you added a decree by him that a dark Avatar would rise but what does that matter when the target of his ire isn’t there to catch it. What does that matter when his avatar state consists of spinning water and 5 pillars of fire. Like, that’s kinda cool and all but that seriously sounds really unimpressive for what sound be rage filled bellowing. You could have vortexes or tornados of wind that sweep across the temple destroying it. All the while nearby towns hear a roar of a monster that makes them per verbally wet their bed comically for the next 100 years.

And then theirs the fight with Azula and Zhao. I literally just read a carbon copy of the cartoon in that fight. All I saw in that was Zuko fighting with the same exact stakes as the cartoon instead of different fighter, different stakes. There was no difference at all between the two fights and it made it a dull sad affair to read. I loved how you wrote it don’t get me wrong, but every time I hoped for a surprising attack, I just saw the next carbon copied attack from the cartoon. It let me down so much that when Azula showed her blue flames it felt like an afterthought, and when Iroh asked where she learned to fight like that I was thinking “I think I know where she learned that!” But also “I don’t think I care at this point”.

I think this story was written on the cusp of being amazing, (to me at least, others might love it better than I) but because it wasn’t pushed hard enough to seem cool and new. And because it literally carbon copies a lot of stuff I’m going to stop reading now.
That’s my opinion of it now. I might of decided later on, due to better and more radical changes to the writing style and consistency that this story is one of the best. But don’t blame me for not reading it more. I’ve read 3 very long chapters so far to give it the best chance of hooking me in. But it’s just ‘mostly’ dull and copied to me, not intriguing. (I loved the sage and his sister’s story line though, if the story was just about that new outstanding storyline I’d never put it down, loved that old ostrich horse as well btw, nice touch)

So thanks for the read, and I hope you keep at least some of the criticism in mind for later down the line.
Best of luck to you, you incredibly well driven writer (fucking a million words dude)
- Vortozan
2/4 c61 2Dinobotrex
This story is one of if not my favorite fan fictions ever now. The immense effort put into world building was just beautiful. The concept of the Monolith was a superb invention and goes to show that even if the avatar spirt is the spirit of balance they are also human and can be corrupted through twisted ideals. The inclusion of Storm Kings was another outstanding world building choice, inclusion of militant airbender is frightening and throws in a level of grey in regards to the Fire Nation attack.

Having Korra practically being Aangs mentor was a true curve ball, and if you really did include her before the beginning of her show I am impressed. Korra’s characterization didn’t have to be so good, but yet it was. Her joining in on the final mortal battle was pure epic ness. How those Fire Lord soldiers didn’t just turn tail and run in the face of TWO avatars I’m not sure, you’re either suicidal or loyal beyond individuality.

Aang and Azula my OTP. Man it was so worth the wait. This was by far the best slow burn and enemies to lovers ever. Was a master piece in making readers wait, but not making it painful or annoying. Azula deserved her happy ending after everything she went through in not just her life, but two others as well. Aang is that raining beam of sunshine and love for Azula and it helps her be a better person.

I find my self not super interested or invested in OCs very much, but man you changes that. I was growing more and more invested in Nila and Sharif, and by extension Yoji and Kori. Sharif’s sacrifice brought a tear to my eye, after everything he did I wished him a happy ending, but getting your soul wiped from existence doesn’t much allow that. I enjoyed Sokka’s and Nila’s dynamic/relationship. I knew that they were meant for each other since they met in Senlin.

True masterpiece of a story and well worth the read.
1/17 c1 42miguel.puentedejesus
Me Encanto ¡
Aunque Me Perdí Un Par De Veces
10/28/2020 c61 xavierscott
great story.
10/25/2020 c1 Guest
Man why does this story only have 395 reviews. This is undoubtedly a top 3 Avatarfanfic. Incredibly entertaining story, with great description, dialogue and action scenes. Don't know if the writer is still on fanfic, but they left a truly incredible story behind. Amazign work
9/20/2020 c57 Guest
Reading this for the second time in past 4 weeks. What a marvelous story. Incredbily well written with interesting OC, witty writing and well written action scenes. Over 1.2 million words to creat the perfect story.
8/10/2020 c24 FieryDarkWraith
Well, this has been an absolute blast to read so far. The beginning was rough-going, and it wasn't until I took a deeper look into the nuances of what exactly was going on when I realized what an absolute gem you've created.

The 'Something is not Quite Right' feeling definitely permeates throughout the reading of Book 1, but it took me a while to understand what was even going on with Sarif, and that was with all of the hints you were dropping along in your notes.

I recognize that this is complete, but I will say it anyways: keep up the good work!
6/28/2020 c3 Guest
oh my god okay I just started reading this and so far..
I’m in love. I love your OCs and I love how you play more on the spirituality. Aang is my favorite character from this the series and I appreciate how in character you’ve written him! I can’t wait to read more of this, but now I’m worried. If the thing inside Malu is 4, how in the hell is Aang going to be able to defeat that?! My poor boy I’m so scared for him!
9/7/2019 c61 dedface
Amazing story, definitely the best Avatar fanfic in existence.
6/4/2019 c44 Shelty Lacquer
Sokka and Nila screwing like rabbits lmao
3/17/2019 c61 Srw
Won’t nit pick a thing. Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic story. I could have read one twice as long it was so entertaining. Thank you again for the opportunity to read this wonderful story.
10/25/2017 c1 coolman38
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10/25/2017 c1 wtf nigga are yo
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7/21/2017 c60 The One Who Reads Too Much
Wow...actually acknowledging Korra's existence...yeah, I'm really glad I decided to skip this.
7/21/2017 c2 The One Who Reads Too Much
Hmmm, I almost liked this story, until I realized that Sokka and Katara might be the only main characters that actually exist in this weird 30% actual AtLA 70% stuff that's added in "because I can make it better" and the rest are just Character in Name Only.

"'Supernatural' tag. Also, Crack Pairings ahoy!"

Wow, yeah, definitely giving this a pass. Knowing how these usually go, it'll probably be another Draco in Leather Pants/Ron is a Death Eater story again, like Embers.
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