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for The Player: Aftermath

2/29/2012 c1 wornebauwbgovhavw
Holy, It's been so long since I've been on, and you've already finished this story and are continuing with another. Lucky girl you are. Oh, very good grammar, might I add. I'm very pleased with this one-shot, and couldn't ask for a better one. X3 Once again, you're very good, and I wish I could do this. X)
1/10/2012 c1 43Tauria
Heh, I don't normally read Sonic fics (I usually stick to this other show I'm OBSSSESSED with but lately I've been into the whole sonic thing). Anyway, The Player and this one caught my eye. I'll look for that new fic, and will try to go and Review The Player.

Anyway, great oneshot! I loved it, although you had me going when you said you were gonna end it. I was gonna be one ANGRY reviewer! ;)
12/26/2011 c1 Resplandent
Amazing amazing amazing! I was shocked when I read "Scourge" though. I was so so so confused but I am very happy how it ended xD you certainly know how to surprice people with your amazing works =D
12/18/2011 c1 13Skelebae
I can't get enough of your stories! ESPECIALLY THE SONAMY ONES!

They're soooooo cute! Write more please! :D
12/3/2011 c1 3XxCrimsonShadowxX
Best...oneshot...I've ever read thus far I feel like crying with joy-random glare- not gonna happen lol

I did not think they would even break up again that would have been a major shock if that part was at the beginning so thanks for neutralizing that a bit now get to work finishing up the other story. .
11/28/2011 c1 6xxBrownSugarxx
I have been reading on for a while now and if it's one thing I enjoy, its a story that has been developed. I usually search for lengthy stories because those are the ones that are most realistic because of the time the author takes to build a plot. You are a great author and I loved "The Player" it's one of my favorite stories on here and you deserve so much praise. You have inspired me to get started with my own stories. Thank You for that =).
11/26/2011 c1 14everLucky18
this story i showed all my friends but i kinda hate the on and off relationship in the player but lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it anyway so keep writeing but only sonamy
11/6/2011 c1 1SodaPop-Kun
this was an awesome oneshot :D
10/18/2011 c1 unknown22
Great story! I loved it! :) first it was like he was sitting on the couch eating a chilidog so i thought it was sonic but no it was scourge it was a awesome story really! :)
9/16/2011 c1 unknown22
Your story was great! I loved it :) I wish you could contiue "The Player" story that was the best story I've ever read :)
8/25/2011 c1 6StarryScarstar
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I loved your story and was super happy when I found this oneshot :) THANK YOU!
8/12/2011 c1 jackyyy

that was beautiful !
8/8/2011 c1 Snookster
Aww...How Cute!
8/4/2011 c1 Coco
This oneshot was the most gorgeous piece of literature I've ever laid eyes on.I was near tears throughout it all...I was disapponted at Shadow and Mina's\Knuckle's and Rouge split..but other than that this was REMARKABLE!Honestly...fabulous.I love it.I love how you write...tie everything together, leaving the reader 'content' but seriously edging for more (I REALLY WANT MORE :D) .I was sad that it ends...after months and months...I remember for all the harsh waitings for one small update...remembering every other day to check..then be disappointed by no new chapter..I even clicked the story to double

~A simple 13 year old girl that believes you will achieve the greatest :)
7/28/2011 c1 23dejiko001
Okay, the minute I saw the beginning with Scourge and all, I was...shocked o_o. I mean, your "The Player" fanfic ended with SonAmy, so I assumed that the hedgehog was Sonic...until Amy said "Scourge" and I'm like: "o_o What? DID I MISS SOMETHING? o-o;;;"

In the end, though, I managed to continue reading and well, I finished reading xD.

I admit that I am a bit upset of how Knuckles and Rouge broke up (Knouge is another pairing that I absolutely love besides SonAmy), but I was also absolutely happy of how Taiream happened in the end 8D. *does a happy dance* As for the ShadMina part, I'm assuming there must have been a one-time fling or so. I don't really wanna get into detail about it, considering of how I'm not really a ShadMina fan. oAO;

Er, anyway, I'm happy of how SonAmy happened in the end x3. Yes, Amy had to break Scourge's heart (I feel sorry for the guy ;A;) and even so, I could still feel the emotions coming from this oneshot. The feelings from of when Amy left Sonic, how Amy felt around Sonic and knowing fully well that she's still in love with him, how hurt Scourge felt about Amy not wanting to marry him because she was in love with another guy... Bah, just proof that this is certainly written well ;o.

I look forward to reading more SonAmy fanfics from you 8D.

And I especially love that sneak peek that you added in at the end C:
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