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8/28/2012 c5 9Frostfire613
wouldn't it have made sense for Kaiba to have taken the keys with him to work? And wouldn't the two be grounded after a stunt like that?
8/28/2012 c3 Frostfire613
where are the quotation marks for the speeches? It's hard to read without them
2/21/2006 c5 4vie777
Love your story and I can't wait for the new chapters

Keep up the good work


ps can you a make out scene with seto? or something more?
3/5/2005 c5 1kaibasquallsgirl07
Need more of the ficcie! So awesome! I loved all 5 chapters! They were very well constructed! I loved how you would make Seto burst into the story with his own comments on how the story was going, it was funny. And very creative! Seto is the greatest person off of yugioh! In my opinion anyway! Well, hope you get chapter 6 up soon! Can't wait!


Kira R. Lockhart
9/1/2004 c5 animefan
aww,this chapter was so kawaii! seto blushing? too cute!
9/1/2004 c3 animefan
your story is pretty good. what's yyc? if i were you i wouldn't make yami like rena, he's way too old for her. it should be completely seto and rena. yeah!
8/28/2004 c5 Neomo
uhh... I don't know what to say.. umm this is an okay story yet.. strange.. (why is Rena so strond? I don't think Seto is the guy who would fall for a girl like THAT.. more like one of those weaker girls.. you know one that NOT stronger then him) but its still dood.. update soon.. i guess.. ya do please.. Oh ya and I think Mokuba is WAY off character.. he acts like this one boy I invented.. wow...
7/1/2004 c1 Youko's gurl
update soon! i like the plot and different settings of the story.
4/16/2004 c2 Ehh
Kind of obvious this was going to be a Mary Sue fic, but I decided to give it a chance. I'm not going to flame you by telling you that "ur fix sux!1" But hear me out. Kaiba was really OOC. I don't think he would be acting like a bully to her. He does it to Joey, but it sounds far-fetched how he would go randomly to girls and going, "You can't have your schedule back!" Second of all, he wouldn't be apologizing to her; I think he'd be a little ticked off especially what happened. And of COURSE, the new girl has to beat up Kaiba. We haven't seen THAT before. And of COURSE he's going to fall in love with the girl who nearly broke his ribs. Why, that's true love.. The writing is a little off too. You went from story form to script form in two seconds. Make up your mind.
3/21/2004 c5 AnimeGirl87
This is very funny! I really like how you made Seto nice, and Mokuba crazy. :) I can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/17/2004 c5 Sugaricing
*Giggles* First, Seto Kaiba, my bishie. THEN...the funnyness of rubber duckie day.
Please continue!
I'm going to read your other fics now, if ya have any...
Icing :P
3/15/2004 c2 slashstar
kaiba eating cookies with a girl thats um...kinda...SCARY DONT YA THINK GOD I WISH IT WAS ME
3/15/2004 c1 slashstar
woho she punched kaiba i...mean...uh that BITCH haha just kidding kaiba my poor baby
2/12/2004 c2 Vienna Elvenkat
YAY! *cough* It's me again. I like cookies. *looks pleadingly at D151* Cookies?
2/12/2004 c1 Vienna Elvenkat
YAY! *ahem* That's all for now. *cough* *everyone stares*
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