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for From Russia, With Love

4/2 c28 jeremiahlaurent92
As a late arrival to the fandom-as in, I watched the animated pilot-I don't have a ton of experience in the fandom, but this is excellently written and captured my imagination. An enjoyable story thus far!
7/24/2022 c28 3olivediamond
I cannot get enough of this, and I eagerly await the next chapter
6/4/2022 c27 olivediamond
Not the direction I thought this was going, but I can't wait for the next chapter
5/18/2022 c1 1Toxicthecat4836
This story is absolutely amazing! I wanted something to read at night because I had a hard time sleeping, but then I couldn't put my phone down. I've been reading this from 2 in the morning to 9! I can't wait to see what happens next and hope Mordecai and Innochka have a happy ending.
4/19/2022 c26 dolokhovian
the way i GASPED when i got this notif... thank you so much for coming back to this story ! this was a beautiful and heartrending / heartwarming addition, i missed these two so much. can't wait for what's to come.
4/18/2022 c1 7CyborgCinderella
The way i SCREECHED seeing this alert pop up in my inbox today! I have to go back and reread since it's literally been a million years but I'm happy for the trip down memory lane!
4/16/2022 c26 argjxalapa
so beautifully writen, thank you for this chapter, you made my day
10/23/2019 c25 ilsamayra282
I'm so in love with this story! But you haven't updated since 2016. It'll be extremely sad to know that you have completely abandoned this wonderful story :(
4/2/2019 c25 Random Reviewer
why must you hurt me so beautifully?
9/3/2018 c1 66ckf
Veri n1c36Mist0rieQ
6/6/2017 c25 14SpawnofAnarion
This is honestly amazing-please keep up the great work!
3/16/2017 c25 DaniiScream
this story is so well written! please update when you can :3
8/10/2016 c25 Guest
I would just like to say this: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HOW TASTEFULLY YOU WROTE THEIR LOVE SCENES. I am sick to death of how many smutty and nasty and plain stupid depictions of sex there are in most fanfictions. By focusing on Mordecai and Innochka's emotions and perceptions and reactions the story remained involved with the love scene. It kept the focus on the characters and their relationship (where it should be) rather than titillating the reader. I far and away prefer this to how so many fics just awkwardly seque into kitchy porno scenes.
8/10/2016 c25 Guest
When I saw that this story update my day went from "eh, pretty good" to "YAY!". I am so very glad for this update! Thank you again for providing this riveting story for us to enjoy.

And the truth comes out! I am very relieved that Mordecai handled this well. And like he said, all the pieces clicked into place. That single piece of critical context informed everything we knew about Innochka and felt natural and earned and...bravo. You handled that reveal with skill and excellent timing. Way to grant depth to a character without falling for the trap of grabbing low hanging fruit without earning it. Bravo.

My anxiety intensifies! I just know that Dimitri or Grandfather is gonna do something idiotic and terrible at the party. I can feeling impending tragedy hanging over this story like the spear of Damocles! Looking forward to what happens next, anxiously! ;)
1/20/2016 c24 NameUnknown
I never thought I would enjoy a fic like this (Mordecai getting into romance), but dang it, you do it so well. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
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