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1/31/2021 c2 AsashiOfSapphire
You HAD to make him a moral bitch?
4/24/2019 c7 Moshiyari
2/9/2019 c7 Guest
I find it idiotic that he focuses on Inner Moka's state of mind. For starters, Outer Moka is the one that did what she did. Then there is the fact that, for the love of all that is holy, why should he care about what *she* thinks at all? Why should the focus here be on what *she* thinks? If she repents and says "I am sorry" that will have exactly zero impact on reality. She doesn't own a time machine. She can't undo what she has done, and there is no walking back from what she did to him, what he had been there to *witness*. There has to be a minimum standard, some bottom line, some bs that he is not willing to put up with. Otherwise he might as well not have a spine and simply walk around with "doormat punching bag", waiting for people to heap scorn and abuse on his person. The question is, why should he want to have to deal with her, insulting the bonds between himself and all his loyal, caring friends by comparison, just to avoid hurting her pride because of something she actually did in the first place. It's not as if it's secret, it didn't happen.
2/9/2019 c8 Guest
While he shouldn't forgive her -there is really no walking back from what she did, it's not as if there is a way to get back in time and undo it, what's done is done... he is a cuckhold, and her is an unfaithful wife, the image of a trustworthy companion that will never betray him existed only in his head: reality proved to be otherwise, the girl he though he was in love with simply didn't exist... he was convinced he had married someone that he could trust and that would never betray him. Than person might look like Moka from the outside, but is as much her as a twin sister would: it's a construct that wears her face but lives only inside his head. It is a figment of his imagination, while the actual person quite obviously would be willing to betray and hurt him-.

That's as far as forgiveness is concerned. Then there is the issue of trust. I can see the angle where he could use her to get some of what he wants. On the other hand, if I was in his female friend's shoes I wouldn't really want to see her or to have her around him in any way. They know she has emotionally abused, hurt, betrayed and humiliated him. I don't imagine they would be happy with any kind of relationship between the two of them, and would frankly have to feel pretty insulted that he though she deserved any after what she did, particularly given their history and what they went through despite how much better they treated him. Not to mention the hint that this could "eventually" be returned to how things were -it' can't, he is a cuckold and she an unfaithful wife, she can't undo what she has done nor any way she could make it up to him and turn things back to how they were-. Thinking that adding time to the equation would change things is idiotic: if you let a thousand years pass, it doesn't change the past one bit -the past is the doesn't make you someone that had always been faithful any more than it makes your virginity grow back. Not to mention that an infinite amount of time means an infinite amount of other potential female partners, most of which would be objectively better than Moka -they wouldn't have betrayed him, for once, which already makes them more suitable, since Moka can't claim to fulfill even that basic requirement-. Bottom line, she backstabbed him once, she is not the woman he thought he was in love with, there is really no reason he should trust her in any case, even if she could help him with some plans now -frankly, it's insulting and stupid for him to trust her with something involving his other female friends, he is exposing them to risks, when the last time he had trusted Moka it has backfired-. Besides that, after what she did to him, I think it would be intolerable to be bound to her in any way, or to interact with her in any shape or form -without going back to what she did to him-. To be bound to such a person is poison in and of itself. Anyone with the slightest bit of dignity would want to sever any connection -and thankfully they don't have children, so she isn't bound to him in any way-. It's not about being her mate, it's about interacting with her on any level. I don't imagine anyone with any self respect being willing to do that. On the other hand, he doesn't owe her anything. She has made her choices, thus she has to live with the consequences. It's simply wrong for him to sacrifice himself for her. He is not her slave, nor her father (not that it would matter, since she is an adult, and she has to lie in the bed she made-. He has the right to think about want *he* want, and to try to be happy. I can't imagine his happyness including Moka in any fashion -any continued interaction between the two is an insult to himself, to his faithful friends, and to the intelligence of anyone witnessing the sorry spectacle-. He should not interact with her for the same reason he should not interact with Gin -arguably,since he trusted her and she had more of an ability to hurt him, plus she was his wife, and not merely his supposed friend, her betrayal was much worse-.
2/9/2019 c8 Guest
Not sure I can really buy tsukune accepting Moka's apology, particularly since in this one he actually has a spine. and I don't believe that anyone with a spine would put care for and put up with what he actually *saw* and *experienced*. He knows he deserves better, and he is not operating from a position of scarcity. Not that it would be hard finding someone better than Moka -anyone that didn't betray him, humiliate and emotionally abuse him for her own ends would do-. To be on speaking terms with her after that is an insult both to his dignity and to what his other female friends feel and lived through. Putting up with Moka after this is simply an insult to his other female friends. With friends like this, who needs enemies.
1/19/2018 c8 TheSkyKing
Rest in piss
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