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for I Hate Everything About You Why Do I Love You?

3/17/2012 c1 7gayassgrandpa
Fuck man... This is such a sad story... why do I keep reading it? Oh wait... It is because its you writing!

7/25/2011 c1 Ambrosia xo
Write another part to this, pleaseeeeee.
7/22/2011 c1 7TheEvilQueensMistress
oh god please write more this was fantastic!
7/22/2011 c1 11yourecomingwithme
My bottom lip is sticking out :( Was great though :)
7/22/2011 c1 4FallingOutOfTheSky
This is kinda my head-canon for angsty Faberry. It was wonderful. And I loved the way that you used this song, which I love as well. I really hope you'll consider continuing this or making a sort of sequel.
7/22/2011 c1 lea's-lamb
Like your story. Like 3 Days Grace. Perfect combination.

Love when Rachel is human(caring, kind, perfect), but don't like it when is pasive & submissive & esp. sad.

Please write a sequel. I want to see more active - the REAL, more "Maybe if you spent less time fucking...Barbie" Rachel. And happy Rachel is a winner.

Take care.
7/22/2011 c1 34lostsunsets
One of my all-time favorite bands! i enjoyed reading this! it was interesting, and I love all things Faberry, so with 3DG as well! Major awesome points! :)

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