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for Watcher from the Shadows

5/21/2014 c8 Guest
Way to throw it all down on her Reaver
4/2/2014 c8 Phifalling
I love it! Kid Logan is adorable, and I like seeing parent child roles in fan fiction. I also ship page and the princess so I love imagining Reavers reaction to that as a father
1/9/2014 c8 VODKA18
6/27/2012 c8 3K.D. Salmon
OH YAY, AN UPDATE! **Happy dance**
5/19/2012 c7 46Akajo
OMG, Reaver cares about someone? o_O

Good idea the parental thing, very interesting fiction!
4/16/2012 c4 compa16
Well done
3/3/2012 c5 2IceyVampire
The story is great! i cant wait to read more of it
1/21/2012 c4 1BellaLegosi
Love it! Well done, can't possibly fault it in any way, looking forward to the next chapter. =)
11/13/2011 c3 4MistressPuppetShow
Ohh this is cute, I have a friend name, Alexi, but I never know that was her name til I was 14. I've been calling her Tex but anyway Great STORY I can't wait for the next chapter
9/18/2011 c2 4RocKath Girl
Aw it was a nice chapter, Reaver's reaction was something I didn't expect, please continue with the story, I like it :)

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