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10/1 c17 Erin
You have decided that shiro will have a harem. For GOOD, LOGICAL reasons. Its definitely not because you are a horny dipshit like everyone else who has ever written a harem story. No, to make sure shiro doesnt get himself killed, he must constantly be having sex with the women in his life. You are right, friends definitely arent enough to keep him alive so he needs a constant stream of pussy. Have you ever spoken to another human being? Your logic might work on some of them.
10/1 c14 Guest
You thought drastically altering his destiny by turning him into a vampire was a good way for him to get his hands on a HALF-DECENT artifact? Are you going to eventually teach your children about overcoming adversity by shooting them? You should show your dog whose boss by taking one of its legs and eating it in front of him. Go jack off to Twilight a couple more times then reread the difference between that teenage girl fantasy and the horrific shit your main character is about to go through. If its written this way because you love seeing horrific shit and seeing your mc suffer than have a nice life. I read stories as an escape. Enjoy the pain and fear you obviously dont get enough of in reality.
9/23 c28 1JaconeDO

Uses guns- Check
Pre plants bombs in unlikely locations- Check
Shown to use magecraft-Check
Yep thats definitely Kiritsugu if Ive ever seen it
9/20 c38 ImHateful
Yet you're treating Sakura better, she's as generic as you make rin out to be even more so.

Honestly all of her routes end badly for Shirou and the one that is happy is still considered bad for Shirou because he ended up losing his whole body.
9/16 c71 Xealchim
What happened to the High_school_dxd fic?
9/16 c71 R4R4
Just read the chapter after re reading the whole seires again, i loved it, i genuinely laughed so much, thank you. I also completely forgot about balmag 3. This was wonderful, i hope you have an amazing life, and i cant wait for the next chapter you release of any of your series.
9/14 c71 Unca Bob
My god. That omake is perhaps the most frightening take on the 4th war I could ever imagine. Amen.

Love the conceptual clash finally coming into the open. Also what a nasty surprise. You fail to take out your opponent and then find yourself inside their reality marble. Yikes.
9/14 c46 gokur532
Gae Dearg would not do anything to Emiya's projections since it only cuts off the flow of Mana, it does not destroy things that are already complete or that do not require constant Mana to maintain themselves. Traced weapons are already complete. It could shatter a reinforcement effect on a traced np but not the np itself. On the other hand it'll most probably fk up Rho Aias lol.
9/11 c71 Dat-boi-waddup
So FFD Shirou won't ever have high stats(at least as high as Dead apostles or servants) and could only contend by using his specialized magecraft?
9/8 c71 RiseElucidator
My boi is so fucking cold!
9/7 c71 9Mark123100
It was a very thrilling fight conclusion.
9/7 c70 Mark123100
The second state of the fight and the omake were both nice.
9/7 c69 Mark123100
It was interesting to see the subtle inclusion of Rin's gem.

Also, there was a missed opportunity to use the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song against Fina given the nature of the conflict.

The setup and description for the fight were both incredible. Excellent details that invoke the tense and definitely gruesome moments of Heaven’s Feel Shirou and his particular approach to battles through a body made from blades.
9/7 c68 Mark123100
I do enjoy the story events of this setting, though you apparently have plenty to say about a certain British author...
9/7 c67 Mark123100
It's an interesting bit of philosophy, when you get past author notes to think about what the characters are saying.
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