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5/16 c61 shiranakutemokekko
Thanks for the chapter, man. Made my day as always. Good reminder of how crazy Emiya family is, especially in this story. Three Servants, DAA, homunculi, the list goes on and on. Looking forward to your next update.
5/15 c61 Guest
I can imagine if Barthomelloi got wind of someone going around with authentic seeming seals with her family crest there is going to be hell to pay from the family(s) doing such...
5/15 c61 Gwest

That car isn't the only thing she wants to ride ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

5/14 c28 webzayne717
Yeah, the grail war arc sucks, I don't think im making it through this; not quite sure what you were thinking with a lot of these choices.
5/14 c25 webzayne717
Writing a Grail War just does not transition to this format. It doesn't help that the fighting is largely between friends with shakey motivations at best. I can say with conviction that this segment is not pleasant to read, at all really.
5/14 c21 Simon334
I don't understand why Shirou wouldn't want Merem to interupt the negotiations with his arrival. I think that whould have been the best thing that could happen. The Eldelfelts would have been so terified, that they wouldn't dare to try anything.
5/13 c61 Guest
Inhaled these last two chapters like proverbial lines of cocaine.
5/13 c61 Ruest
Great story. It's rare to see a fic live to nearly a decade. Interesting to see how the quality has evolved.

The only issue I found was that earlier chapters are riddled with small grammer/spelling errors, like using too instead of to, or sempai instead of senpai. But those issues are simple things that can be fixed using "Find and Replace" someday.

Also, as anime viewer that isn't aware of the other franchises in this universe, I appreciate you including information about them within the story, as it lets me enjoy the story regardless.
5/13 c61 15TheBleachDoctor
Irisviel as a Rider. The world really is doomed.
5/13 c61 Guest
Man, there is no way this timeline isn't getting pruned
5/13 c61 frezer330
give wayfarer a fan's regards, man. my best wishes to him. over everything else i mentiom
More gaiwp? NICE
i was DEFINITELY not expecting that, ilya is an absolute UNIT
Poor emiya. which one? whichever.
thanks for the great chapter, and congrats on joining the pfizer fuckboys. I'll join after the next round of beta tests, get the 1.5 version.
5/13 c61 1unseenw0lf
it's nice to be reminded that Shirou is a badass
5/12 c61 Super98
Awesome! Pass on my sympathies to Wayfarer. Hope things work out!
5/12 c61 J-SECTION-L
Mother of Irisviel Emiya? Illya mate.
5/12 c61 1harlequin320
great chapter as always, keep up the good work
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