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20h c1 JustDusty
I have a suggestion, i've read stories where it's mentioned that some dead apostle ancestors can manifest their reality marbles inside their bodies instead of a bounded field like the standard UBW. I don't know how you're planning on making Shirou powerful enough to match dead apostle ancestors besides making him learn more about his noble phantasms, but since the secret of his nature is practically out in the open, add to that the fact the he already acknowledges himself being a sword, he could theoretically turn into the second coming of the 10th apostle Chaos, only with swords instead of 666 beasts, with all the boons and consequences that come with that(pure eyes/changes in his mentality, etc..). That should probably fill at least a couple chapters.
1/16 c28 Obico Hertz
Is this what Assassin is like when he's not 'rusty'? XD
1/14 c58 JustDusty
How am i supposed to read stories about naïve superhero Shirou after reading this? Dammit kow i have to wait years for an update
1/13 c28 4TheOrangeLord
20 minutes after Archer loses his temper with Shirou.

*Rin uses command seal and gives Archer an order before he is allowed to approach Shirou again.*
"Mista Shi-whoa, big tuff muscle myan, would it be OK if wittle ole' me mosey'd on over dere for a byit?" -Archer (EMIYA)
1/13 c14 TheOrangeLord
I wonder what would happen if Shirou ended up taking his own rib and making a sword... Would it be the PERFECT sword? Would it ALSO be a sword that creates swords? I am immensely curious!
1/13 c30 JustDusty
I really really hate how you keep stalling and delaying shit. As far as i can tell, this version of Shirou is far far weaker than canon. the only advantage he has is the Kirigitsu sword.
1/12 c20 JustDusty
i feel like i'm watching hundreds of consecutive filler episodes. I really don't care about research about Kirigitsu or Shirou's cooking in the clock tower. I want some action.
1/12 c58 dantethegodslayer2000
aGnamZer0, read his other fics he just announced his patreon membership a new chapter will appear this late jan. subscribe to the highest and get exclusive access to pre-beta chapter.
1/12 c58 aGnamZer0
By the way, Shirou said he got Hrunting from the memories of Archer. I had already thought it was a possibility he gets them (not from Archer's memories but by subconsciously structurally grasping him and thus possibly his swords) but since Shirou showed no signs of ever using any if Archer's swords but always Gilgamesh's ones I had given up that possibility.

Please tell me Shirou managed to copy ALL of Archer's swords that way. It's something I dream of since I started this fic. The advantage of Archer's swords is obvious, the swords have a history, have been used by warriors and thus Shirou can use their experience to learn to use them faster. Plus Archer definitely has swords Shirou hasn't copied from The Gate of Babylon and just that is too useful not to get them.
1/12 c58 aGnamZer0
Besides one point (Rin), that fic is absolutely awesome! Definitely in my top three.

Now I have two questions though, I hope you'll be able and willing to answer them.

The first is how long do you expect this fic to get. I mean, did we even reach the half bit or is it a project that will take another ten years? Anyway, kudos for your dedication and commitment, keeping writing for ten years is incredible!

The other is about the release rate. Since it's been a little less than ten years since it's beginning, I'd go for one chapter every two months as 12/2*1060 (number of months in a year by the intervale in months times the number of years since the beginning). Well that's obviously an approximation since there's not ten years between the first and last chapter, but it gives me an idea.

The question is thus am I correct? For all I know, you only write when you have the inspiration and you release rate varies. I'm not asking you because I want you to hurry or anything, I know you have other stories and considering the duration you wrote this one, I know you won't stop until you reach the end or die, but I'd like to know what to expect in terms of waiting between chapters.

Thank you for the chapters and for sharing them with us. I look forward to your reply and the next chapters.
1/12 c56 aGnamZer0
I don't know what he had initially prepared, but I don't like the fact Barthomelloi placed so much restrictions on Shirou that he had to take a gamble. He never takes gambles, he prepares, plans and manipulates but he never let luck be a variable. That somehow irritates me that he has to do something like that.
1/12 c55 aGnamZer0
I'm starting to despair. One of the events I was looking the most forward since the beginning was Shirou copying all of Archer's weapons, but with all his researches on the weapons he got from The Gate of Babylon, I'm starting to doubt he ever will. Plus since it doesn't seem like you intend to kill Archer any time soon, you likely don't want both Shirou to have the same weapons. At first I thought it would be Archer's legacy for Shirou, but I'm starting to think Shirou will never get inside Archer's Reality Marble. Sigh...
1/12 c54 aGnamZer0
I love when Shirou appears to be so badass. Nothing goes past his eyes. Ahahahahah!
1/12 c53 aGnamZer0
It's a pity, Zelretch made an appearance but then he was completely forgotten. I like seeing him trolling people...
1/11 c52 aGnamZer0
I love Zelretch! Everyone loves Zelretch. Now, I must admit I also fancy the idea of Shirou becoming one of the 27 and 'going dark' in his own words. Hope it will come to be soon.
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