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19h c64 2TheSlySage
as always this was a joy to read. glad to see updates. I was holding off til i had a good block of time cuz your chapters are monster in length normally! but always amazing
8/10 c64 szlekane
Wish things work out well for you in the end, thanks for the chapter though, and the contents quality is still amazing.
8/6 c28 sdarogue
It's Kiritsugu isn't it? Awesome writing by the way, you just manage to get the pacing right -not dragging scenes unnecessarily and not rushing to finish the book- and it's absolutely beautiful, just wanted to say keep up the good work I guess.
8/6 c6 Vinyard26
this great so far! And so much more to go!
8/5 c59 Danielbrito2415
The way she just “calmed” him down was weird and forced as hell. He saw his best friend die in his face and still getting bitched by Rin. At a certain point your just making him a slave to everyone around him
8/4 c64 Sarcasm Sage 626
And it’s back! Great to see you working on this story again, especially since it was the one that introduced me to your wonderfully epic, chaotic and entertaining writing style.

Despite nothing much in the way of direct action happening, you’ve done a great job building off the momentum of that last chapters cliffhanger. Reined escaping the way she did made sense, and Waver continues to be a badass in his own analytical way. Seriously, guy has nerves of adamantium for managing to keep his composure while being in the middle of THREE Apostle Ancestors, and even managed to deduce the gist of Fina’s powers with even less to go on than Shirou. No wonder he’s so highly regarded. At least by intelligent people.

Had a few odd bonding moments between the convoluted extended Emiya family. Father and daughter are alike in surprising ways, and the dear old mother tries (and fails) to talk the the brooding eldest son. Though I can’t help but feel the Grails influence might have made her press a few extra buttons subconsciously.

Meanwhile, Shirou is steadily approaching his breaking point, to the misfortune of the bastards laying those last few straws in his back… nevermind, they brought this on themselves, fuck ‘em. At least Luvia gave him a chance to vent a bit, and even made a point about the things he HAS accomplished thus far. Guy really needed that. And that lap pillow she offered him. I get the feeling that as soon as he’s a safe distance from all of this (and I use the term ’safe’ VERY loosely), he’s just going to sleep for a week. That or cook. It is Shirou after all.

Also interested in what exactly he’s trying to pull off with proto-Balmung. Seems to be creating the sword and using the True Ether it has to power up some gems on hand, similar to his preparations for Gilgamesh, so he has something easily available to cover the cost of his more Praha intensive Traced weapons later. That or something that can be instantly be absorbed by a Traced copy without the True Ether present, in order to minimise the cost and still power it up. Or I could be completely off base and you have something even crazier planned.

Marjatta continues to be a grade A bitch, and the fact that she’s apparently been in contact with Barthomelloi since waking up has me very concerned. At least it looks like Shirou has something of a plan for how to deal with her finding out about his Apostle Ancestor status, though based on Sabers reaction, it sounds quite reckless, even by his standards. One upside to this whole thing? Since pretty much every big powered asshole in the vicinity is out for him in some way, shape or form, at least one of them (if not all of them) is probably going to get just as screwed over in the process. Looking forward to how you plan to have that clusterfuck play out.
8/2 c48 MetallicWolf-FN2004
Do you know what would make a hilarious omake.

In Chaldea the witch of Betrayal would be just walking around and would be approached by either Fujimaru or Gudao. They would talk about a new team formation in which she would be apart of, the witch would boast that she would be the best in the team. Then Gudao would list of the member of said team which would be:

Shirou/ Mr White

Emiya (Archer)

Emiya (Alter)


Angra Mainyu

As Gudao is listing off the names she won’t notice the witch violently flinch at each name and tremble in existential horror and terror.

I think that would make a hilarious Omake.
8/1 c34 1Spartan of Rome
Now I really hope there’s an Omake of Saber discovering Monty Python and the Holy Grail
8/1 c5 Onion-00
the scenes with taiga actually aren't very funny and to me they just take away from the story
8/1 c6 Onion-00
i hope he doesn't refer to himself as a sword again,it was really hard to read without cringing
7/29 c64 Omkar
I'm Honestly half expecting Shirou to pull Gil on Vampire pirate despite how ruthless, and arrogant it will make him look
7/28 c64 Super98
This is amazing! You are a fantastic writer!
7/28 c64 Guest
If Shirou doesn't kick some pirate ass, I'll be extremely disappointed.
7/28 c64 Andres DMB
Incredible chapter, really, the amount of things that will go down soon is abyssmal, i am excited for the end of this story, it's really good, please keep it up.

I will wait for your next update!
7/28 c63 Phazer12
I had to come back and read the last few chapters to remind myself what had happened. Lol this fic really opened my eyes to the vast Type moon universe.
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