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7/23 c61 DanFar
Well, now that fanfic is 10 years old. I think some of us might not live to the end of it
7/22 c12 Simon334
Chapter 12: Rin: "You realy are a dog" Rin foreshadowing Shirou becoming the Quen's silver dog.
7/21 c61 lokpik122589
Lol ranked g is right.

This is a great story and I like the inclusion of tsukihime, Its getting me to branch out beyond the holy grail wars.

Im probrably dumb for suggesting this but shirou was able to create balmung or maybe gram and he revealed the ether to luvia and caster. Im actually really curious to see if rin and luvia can teach saber to infuse a jewel with her prana that wpuld then be crafted into a piece of a newly form sword or dagger. Even if it is not a lot of prana the dagger or sword would be recorded in unlimited blade works and can be traced later.
7/21 c61 Manyfetch
Given the way Fiona was described as working, I suspect that Issei is fundamentally a trap and infiltration method now.
7/20 c61 1comrade-elmo1
hahahahahaha almost all of the chaos from the grail was covered up to the public under the disguise of 'gas leaks and terrorists'. god even when not in Chaldea the Emiya family is strangely complicated and may or may not be a very murder capable one as well. ah yes Irisviel already wondering whether her son can score some women. lol most of the people spending time with the Emiya household recognize the Emiya family is 'defined by unresolved issues literally surpassing time and space'. hahahahahaha 'was there a curse on the Emiya family?' hahahahahaha oh god I think we've all wondered this for quite a damn while, merely being a small part of the Emiya family gives you garunteed suffering (excluding Taiga, at least in cannon) and good chance of becoming or being a badass. oh no Rider class Irisviel would be worse than Angra Mainyu
7/20 c60 comrade-elmo1
loldark lord Shirou' bringing in the term 'hells kitchen' across the lands". Barthomeloi essentially claiming everything in her domain 'falls under that crude title' that crude title being 'her bitch'. haha Shirou acknowledges Cu is essentially 'irish Heracles'. oh my god imagine Berserker being put to train Shirou in using the nine lives technology. lol dear god Kiritsugu has heard about Illya's interest in Shirou which she justifies by not being blood related. oh fuck angry man jew is up to something isn't he?
7/20 c59 comrade-elmo1
oh yeah...funny how Shirou has totaled the most injuries out of everyone who participated in the grail war save maybe Berserker who can literally come back from the dead 12 times. lol Shirou projects a blackboard to write on.
7/20 c58 comrade-elmo1
oh my god lol EMIYA shits his pants at the thought of First hassan. haha Saber seeing Shirou put someone into a gaes and immediately commenting 'just like your father'.
7/20 c57 comrade-elmo1
ah yes kill Merlin
7/20 c55 comrade-elmo1
lol Lancer gets reminded of Diarumund of the love spot every time he looks at Shirou due to how many girls are constantly around him. I'm just imagining Illya trying to use Balmung now lol. poor Waver needs a break
7/20 c54 comrade-elmo1
'berserker's strength Lancer's endurance and assassin's bullshit' ah yes bullshit the greatest skill. haha Shirou apparently being s bad influence on Saber. Shirou:'why am I 10nth ranked I'm not that much of a threat?' Saber:*bomb ptsd'.
7/19 c53 comrade-elmo1
god this trail is like some ace attorney game...I'm playing the OST 'cornered' while reading this and it fits perfectly in some scenes. haha Shirou fears he'll become at adrenaline junkie at this rate. HAHAHAHAHAHA Shirou is starting to feel how Waver felt with Iskandar when speaking to Saber its damn hilarious. lol I love the few quips happening in the thoughts of servants and masters every once in a while. oh fuck Jubstacheit has entered the courtroom. haha Kiritsugu doesn't know whether to be proud or angry at Shirou for being a bit paranoid with...all the bombs and stuff.
7/19 c52 comrade-elmo1
lol 'magical Skype' truly Kiritsugu has a way with words. the fact that Shirou and Rin have the same look on thier face when scheming truly just proves the fact they were childhood friends and rubbed off one another. of course Lancer keeps getting his blood drained by Merem...at least we don't have to comment 'lanca ga shinda' every chapter. Waver's trail is definitely interesting. hahahahahaha Shirou abusing Saber's B ranked charisma is amazing. 'could you not simply kill him?' one does not simply kill Zouken Matou, you have to make sure he stays fricking dead. nani!? Zeltrech was attending!?
7/19 c51 comrade-elmo1
Shirou is the ultimate damn chef he isn't even on the mortal level known as 'cooking'...he 'manifests culinary brilliance', he's even using his damn magic to speed up the process by projecting tools lol he even almost used time alter if Rin didn't stop him. lol Shirou admits every single girl he knows who is close to him regularly threatens him with bodily harm. gaaaaaahhh the banshee girls calling Shirou 'uncle Shirou' and Illya 'aunty Illya' is so damn cute. wha!? T-taiga!? who are you!? it seems Shirou quite literally made a feast. EMIYA is still scared of Rin, especially now that she is back up to 3 command seals. oh my god imagine Herc drinking. hahahahahaha 'why do women sound so damn terrifying the moment they take interest in me' Shirou Emiya will never truly recover from his women problems. the Emiya family is kinda sorta together now.
7/19 c50 comrade-elmo1
even with his fragmented memories EMIYA remembers enough to know women problems were a good portion of his life. haha Shirou's house is the only other master's house that survived completely without even a scratch and he will now host all remaining masters and servants in it. Lancer is kinda correct honestly, the Emiya family can partially be described 'crazy murder happy family'. huh I forgot none of the Emiya family (excluding Taiga) are completely human...Shirou is just...a whole concoction of stuff (pseudo-vampire that isn't dead or undead yet it's questionable whether he can count as human either, he drank blood from Saber who is part dragon, and lancer/Rider who both have divine blood, and got at the very least grazed by like hundreds of different NP's from Gilgamesh.), Kiritsugu is a heroic spirit, and Illya is a half homunculi and potential lesser grail. lancer:'there's madness in that kid's eyes' way to go lancer, you finally figured out Shirou is crazy, crazy enough to literally have a reality marble as a 5 year old child, just less 'the world shall burn' crazy and more 'I will throw away every instinct of self preservation in order to secure a future for those close to me' crazy. lol even Saber thinks the Emiya family is just full of extremely crazy murder capable individuals.
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