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5/10 c61 Guest
Can't Shiro trace the fake letter and see who sent it and made it?
5/10 c61 1Axe Master Haxorous
If my dick weren't hurting i would've came when i saw you updated this story so soon
5/10 c61 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Good chapter here I like how Iri here also I do hope she and the rest of the family plus maybe Tagia have a lovely dinner also maybe Sakura (Iri needs her grand babies)
5/10 c61 chazman89
The Omake had me dying of laughter. fucking gold.
5/10 c61 Aroe007
great chapter!
5/10 c61 2Takedo
Sorry, I'm kind of confused about the last Shirou scene here. Did Lorelei send people after Shirou?
5/10 c61 heartfanglives
Oh god. Please let Iri join the chaos! She needs to be there to be the smothering mother they all need. Ideally not connected to the vamp tho. He isn’t really part of the family and will likely vanish occasionally and I don’t want Iri to go too
5/10 c61 Helios61
5/10 c60 8red neo ranger
Loved it
5/10 c60 5Lord Xantos A. Fowl
great chapters
sorry I wasn't getting the emails about the past couple of updates for some reason
I decided to re read this story on a whim because I enjoyed it so much and was delighted by the unexpected bonus
nicely done
5/9 c35 1EzYang
Considering everything, I'm surprised that Shirou simply didn't trace a copy of "Kiritsugu" directly inside of Caster... Y'know, using coordinates and all. Well executed chapter nonetheless, loved the twist regarding Rider being taken by Caster. Can honestly say that I didn't see that coming, same with how Shirou rescued Sakura.
5/9 c60 Guest
This fic is so much fun to read.

With the threat of fina and altrouge in the near future it would cool to see shirou getting some much needed "hardware" updates, like stealing crest and making them his own(like what touko does) or using them as ingredients to make bs mystic codes with the help of mcginty or someone else.
5/6 c48 2TheSlySage
i kinda wanna see Berserker with Ig Alima lol just cuz.
5/6 c60 KosmonautKong
You know, I'm convinced that at this point, you've done many times the work of fleshing out the vampires than Nasu himself has done. Oh, and Luvia and Bazett. And if you actually finish this one day, probably also Kiritsugu and Iri by then.
5/6 c60 Guest
I bet you the Grand Assassin is Shirou himself. *shudder* anyway, I'm loving the story. Especially Lacer. Yep. Definitely my favourite. I do hope I get to see more of his ehem bromance with Shirou. Fellow men and all.
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