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6/4 c55 Gamma-X
Hahahaha! I love this chapter!
I love how Waver got politically locked into a marriage with Reines! Hahahhaha! XDDDD
I always liked the girl, not gonna lie. I'm disappointed that Gray won't be his student however, even if she does or does not exist in this fic...a real fucking shame. He could've used a mistress. XD
6/4 c27 1comrade-elmo1
>archers don't do close combat

are you saying Illya doesn't know the archer class is really made of archers? impossible!/s. also Saber actually thinking about Mordred! impossible! also Jealous Saber is cute Saber.
6/4 c27 comrade-elmo1
Rider seems to be getting ptsd man. Taiga best girl...(?). even if they are supposed to fight to the death, food brings anyone together
6/4 c26 comrade-elmo1
Bazzett is scary. hahahahahaha Lancer acknowledging his trash taste in clothing.
6/4 c25 comrade-elmo1
the archer class is really made of archers. damn, Sakura is amazing. Saber loves her bike too much to even think about giving it to Rider, and the best part is that Rider understands Saber completely.
6/4 c24 comrade-elmo1
EMIYA and Emiya Shirou just can't catch a break lmao him using Excalibur as an arrow. Saber loves her bikes.
6/4 c53 Gamma-X
Amazing...this catches my attention so much the past chapter and this one that I don't even realize two hours pass by so quickly...fucking attention grabbing as hell! XD
6/4 c52 Gamma-X
Y'know, I'm still saddened and disappointed that Gray, Waver's apprentice isn't a thing here... ;-;
But this is an amazing Trial. I love it so far.
6/3 c51 Gamma-X
.. You're making me hate Kiritsugu for sacrificing Taiga and for Shirou to bluejam her from a royal feast...
Y'know, I wanna see an omake where Shirou reacts to seeing EMIYA Alter with Archer EMIYA around.
6/3 c42 razigibran
hey how often do you update this fic?
6/3 c23 comrade-elmo1
lmao Cu hates the power of friendship. EMIYA can never get a break. jailbait saber lol. and EMIYA's relationship with Rin will definitely be an interesting one. and servants are just stands but with history seeing as they were constantly hovering over their master's in this chapter lol
6/3 c22 comrade-elmo1
oh my god Sirius and Cu's bromance is amazing. also apparently battle continuation not only makes you immortal but also able to infinitely drink.

rin:it seemed that *fate* had a disgusting sense of humor.

this pun was amazing author-san
6/3 c22 comrade-elmo1
lmao Bazzett fangirling over Cu
6/3 c11 Guest
"I take it you don't have any real offensive spells." The stated calmly as they walked brusquely to the Matou home.
Great story, typo 2, this one more confusing.
6/3 c4 Guest
“Shen he was cursed by the cursed grail, not only were most of his own magic circuits fried, but a good majority that made the small crest on his back were as well.”
Good story, typo found, here you go
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