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5/17 c39 Jack
So this chapter was a bit of a breather. The exposition between expositions as it were. Snore.
5/17 c38 Jack
Oh man! More reactionary blah blah chapters that you supposedly hate to write! Snore.
5/17 c36 Jack
Ive skipped this entire chapter. Did I miss anything but more blah blah?
5/17 c35 Jack
Not realistic or ideal but it satisfies your rule of cool so why the fuck not lose rider to caster? This story absolutely NEEDS to be 140 fucking chapters long for some reason so why not?
5/17 c34 Jack
And here we have more plot forcing to extend the story out as much as possible. Also we have the author trying to make a completely unlikable bitch more sympathetic, and failing miserably.
5/17 c33 Jack
AUTHOR: Yes I am plot forcing as hard as possible. Too bad. Making the contender a noble phantasm and plot shielding the hell out of caster. Too bad. The main rules in this fic are the rule of cool and AUTHOR SAYS SO. Too bad. Luvia blaming everything bad in her life on shirou even though she took out a contract to murder him. Too bad. ME: Whats really too bad is that this was a good fic before you started forcing all this retarded shit to happen for the sake of artificial drama and the rule of cool.
5/17 c13 regirenka
5/17 c13 regirenka
so fucking annoying.. daddy this daddy that toy this toy that im going to throw a party when this bitch dies
5/16 c63 XXX777
Waver's screwed. Hope you continue this fic.
5/15 c13 1Plasma Dragon 312
You have no idea how happy I am that Shinji is dead before the bastard had a chance to rape Sakura. She’s been through enough. Shirou and her compliment each other quite well. Hopefully they will help each other more.
5/15 c8 Plasma Dragon 312
Siruis’ speech is hard for me to translate at times. That’s my only major complaint I can think of at the time.
5/13 c17 4Lukkundantt
welp, story was good up to this point, think I'll get back herre once i have higher tolerance
5/13 c16 Lukkundantt
if its shit, no one would talk about it anymore, like ex arm
5/12 c5 Lukkundantt
"max age difference3" gaiwp?
5/12 c7 Lukkundantt
evil bastard indeed
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