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6/2 c42 Gamma-X
This..this was an *AMAZING* chapter...
One of the best ever.
With the utmost respects paid to Gilgamesh himself...
This chapter is a masterpiece.
Ofcourse, I do only mean the full fight and conclusion of it with Gilgamesh.
6/2 c18 1comrade-elmo1
Shirou, probably, even after having sex: why would they ever want to spend time with me?
6/1 c16 comrade-elmo1
most nasuverse mages:*complex magic stuff*

bazzett:I CAST (reinforced) FIST!
6/1 c15 comrade-elmo1
lmao shirou is to self sacrificing. what survivors guilt does to a man. it apparently also makes you denser than a neutron star
6/1 c14 comrade-elmo1
lmao there are rumors Arc is actually a fun person. truly, she is best Tsukihime girl. also suffering shirou is best shirou ngl, the hurt and comfort is great.

>the ultimate anti magus tool...
>is in the possession of *shirou fricking emiya*
>...I see what you did thrre
6/1 c13 comrade-elmo1
Shirou is denser than uranium
6/1 c61 razigibran
so is Shirou really going to fake his death, kinda sad cause I wanted to see Shirou interact more with the clocktower/mage's association in London. maybe if Shirou finds a way to hide his apostle side and give up his position as DAA to some other dead apostle, maybe then he could have a relatively peaceful life without having to fake his death.
6/1 c11 comrade-elmo1
lmao gay Shirou. issei route when Nasu!?
6/1 c9 comrade-elmo1
lmao yandere Sakura
6/1 c7 comrade-elmo1
"using swords as projectiles, get on my level!" a certain red (abridged) archer
6/1 c6 comrade-elmo1
Shirou using hypnosis to make Taiga finally pull her damn weight and do some chores is amazing.
6/1 c5 comrade-elmo1
lmao Shirou is just a humanoid sword
6/1 c61 8Quathis
Irisviel as a Rider would make for a terrifying Servant. Chaotic good with extra chaos.

Given the issues the vampires brought before, Iri being back is still pretty tame, just emotionally difficult. Especially with that reveal on her manipulations. Solomon offering to help to increase the likelihood of him getting back on better terms with Shirou is a decent plan. Him softballing the offer is likely due to how vindictive Shirou can be. The Seal Shirou found may be a bigger headache then Iri will turn out to be. Maybe.

Until next time.
6/1 c2 1comrade-elmo1
god, you forget how wholesome Kiritsugu can be when he's not in his 'magus killer' persona all the time.
6/1 c2 comrade-elmo1
lmao Kerry technically learning about his sons love life is amazing
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