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5/11 c1 Anon
Just a ping for an update
4/25 c37 4SilverstormXD
I think I realized the problem, the earlier chapters were nice and tight the pacing was really good then the war happened and you had to slow down to show every facet of whats happening at any given time and it killed the momentum of the story. I'm going to continue and trudge on but goddamn it its boring to read at the moment I hope it picks back up.
4/25 c35 SilverstormXD
Whats up with the recent chapters all being skippable l? its all worthless fluff
4/22 c28 alastorfenrinheil
may I just say that this is a masterpiece. the assassin, love it, especially if it's who I think it is. love the abilities too. making the weak class op while still makes sense is soooo goood
4/21 c51 1Dominatroy
The omakes in chaldea we NEED THIS
4/16 c1 1FirstStory
Hey ThirdFang, just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your story. I've probably read it from start to finish five times. I've never found the time to play through the entirety of the FSN VN, but I got a glimpse of it through FFD. I really like the way you've portrayed Shirou in FFD as a highly-functional sociopath because that's just what he is.

You've emphasized how broken as he a human being he is at different points in the story, and frankly it's aggravating to see people absolutely miss that and leave really brain-dead reviews. I haven't delved too deeply into the Tsukihime end of the Nasuverse, but I think it's incredibly awesome how you've melded its elements into FFD, especially during the Louve Arc. This was also the arc that fully solidified Sirius McGinty as one of my all time favorite OCs, and I'm grateful to you for the genuine laughs I got out of the moments of spotlight he got.

It's always interesting seeing characters in a series meeting in a timeframe earlier than their canon, and reading the interactions between Shirou, Sakura, and Rin was a joy. The setup for later events and their earlier characters were so well written. In my opinion, it really reflected their states of mind at their more immature ages. There's quite a lot I'd like to mention so this will just be the first review of multiple :).
4/16 c48 FlyingShisno
Jesus, Shirou straight up gave the witch PTSD.
4/11 c60 Guest
Not gonna lie, it’s kinda annoying that whenever he does something she doesn’t like, saber threatens shirou with bodily harm
4/11 c22 2Noreen I-shi
Hmm I am wondering what if Shirou summon Mordred instead, that will make things more interesting
4/9 c21 Noreen I-shi
Idk what is this chapter about. Skip
4/7 c1 Radioaktive9999
is this story still alive?, been a while since the last update
4/5 c13 Noreen I-shi
Thanks God. Shinji already dead and never raped Sakura. Thanks
4/4 c9 Noreen I-shi
I see in this chap. When u appreciate for Gabriel's comeback. But I more am appreciate and happiest if u comeback sir...!
4/4 c28 NibberWithAHardR
Not all the way through the chapter yet, but Assassin is Kiritsugu Emiya, isn't he. As soon as I saw Tools of the Trade I guessed it was him.
4/4 c62 SUN 2096
Update this one next...please?
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