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6/1 c2 1comrade-elmo1
lmao Kerry technically learning about his sons love life is amazing
6/1 c61 1Argus456
Right, almost forgot Iri's joyride with the car.. *shivers*
5/31 c37 Gamma-X
Honestly, I would have loved it if Arcueid popped up in this fic...
You disappoint me.
5/31 c48 Simon334
This was a great fight. The only thing I don't understand, is why Shirou didn't ask Merem for more help when he offered it. It would have saved so much trouble for him.

It is so strange to see, that this Shirou doesn't have a panic attack after half the city was destroyed before his eyes. It seems, that Archer rubed of on him more than he thinks. ( I like this version of him more than the original)
5/30 c34 Gamma-X
Why the hell didn't they tell Shirou about what fucking happened to Bazette!? WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?
5/30 c33 Gamma-X
New Fate anime?
5/30 c32 Gamma-X
I really wonder when Shirou will reach 4th base with Rin and Saber. xD
5/29 c61 Guest
Me parece curioso como es el origen de este Shirou Emiya ya que por lo que se dijo que buscaron los ancestros es que el puede estar relacionado con muramasa quien era reconocido por sus "espadas malditas" las armas que Shirou recibió de su padre están malditas por todos los males del mundo me parece curioso y me parecía un buen giro en la historia si él se volviese bueno rastreando armas malditas
5/28 c23 Gamma-X
I hope that Saber joins the harem~ x3
Also can't wait to see how EMIYA reacts to Shirou, heheheh. Especially when he finds out he's a vampire. :3
5/28 c22 Gamma-X
Y'know, I wonder what would have happened if the Edelfelt sisters had a piece of the Shroud of Martin for the catalyst...would they have summoned both Archer EMIYA and Emiya Alter? That would've been super fun~
5/28 c13 zeek17
bazettshould be in capital
5/27 c6 zeek17
'your bokken is cursedshinai. It's Tora-shinai.
Bokken is practice sword made from solid wood. Shinai is bamboo sword.
5/27 c9 Gamma-X
So, question...where is Gray? Waver's apprentice?
5/27 c7 Gamma-X
Yesssss! Bazett! Wooo!
At least SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING with her! :D
I hope they develop an Aunt-Nephew or Big Sis-Little Bro bond if not a bond between disciple and teacher. xD
Can't fucking wait! X333
5/27 c3 zeek17
Shirou doesn't have survivor's guilt.
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