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for From Fake Dreams

7/14 c64 NiuNan
Simply incredible
7/14 c30 Andres DMB
Wonderful chapter and story, each time i am really entertained for how you change the story while also giving some chaos to it, really a lot of progression in just one chapter, and a lot to see considering what could happen next.
7/14 c64 20The Mighty Gyarapie
Glad to see this one back. I'm excited to see you craft all these plot threads into a tapestry worthy of being called a finale. I personally really enjoy the slower chapters that focus on small groups of characters. It's tge interpersonal stuff that I find enjoyable, not that you don't write great fights too. Keep it up, I'll be here for the remainder.
7/14 c64 2Caenis The Stalwart
Loving the story. Probably the only one I’ve seen where Shirou is genuinely putting effort into things and the overall mystery of how Kiritsugu had the visions is always interesting and can’t wait to see where it goes.

On the other hand, that was probably the most disinterested way of saying ‘I don’t care about Roe v Wade and if you think it was right to be overturned then I’m happy for you’

I’m sure you’re gonna say that I’m projecting here but that really gives the impression that you don’t actually care about the many women's lives that this is already affecting.
7/14 c32 TenkaMeansHeaven
WOAHHH! ZOUKEN IS DED and our boy Shirou here technically is the one who planned and executed it alongside our tofu priest Kirei! This is amazingly hilarious! Ah, tho it is very late, thanks for the wonderful chap!
7/13 c36 spiderfanboi
OK, the fact that Archer has just been chilling on the roof this whole fucking time is just too hilarious for me to ignore, especially since I forgot he was even around
7/13 c17 TenkaMeansHeaven
After reading this os far, I can say why this Fate FF has so much follows and favorites. Heck, this is a old FF dating back to 2011 and for sure, some may think that this is outdated or even dropped not until it just got recently updated this July.

In my own observations, this Fic is like Shirou Miyuverse who was taught by Kiritsugu about mage craft, however, there are big differences such as Kiritsugu having dreamt of the three routes of F S/N, also added the fact that he also have dreams regarding as for how ARCHER came to be. Well, speaking more about this would be a spoiler than it already was (lol), if you guys wants to know what happens next, just read this fic. I can guarantee that this is GOLDEN
7/13 c27 Andres DMB
Great chapter, even though there was a little less action, there certainly seems to have a got quantity of plot devices for the future.
7/13 c18 11Notsae
So, Zouken is just straight up lying; Shinji didn't have Circuits and thus didn't have Od or Prana, thus that can't have been a component. Given he's pure evil on such a level Angra Mainu shares tea with him and that he's lying, all I need to guess is how he's trying to fuck over Shiro and everyone around him with this deception.
7/13 c64 Josher
Did Ghost slip into the bubblewrap?
7/13 c17 Notsae
Honestly, he probably should have accepted the title. It comes with a lot of risk and danger, but the prestige and fear that surrounds such titles could be wielded to keep his loved ones and city safe.
7/13 c17 Notsae
I didn't mention it when it first popped up, but I do not trust that shroud at all; anything that comes from Kirei has to have some sort of ulterior motive. The man is pure evil, desiring only to bring suffering and strife into people's lives, there is no way that shroud isn't doing something nefarious and the fact Shirou seems to have a growing affection for it makes me think that's a mental effect.
7/13 c16 Notsae
I hope he used Kiritsugu to take his head, both for the thematic reasons and for the sheer threat it sends to all others: fuck with Shiro, and you will face more than mere death for it.
7/13 c28 Guest
It kiritsugu isn’t it?
7/12 c5 Notsae
As soon as I heard that Kiritsugu wanted his body handed over to Sirius, I guessed that he would have his bones made into a sword or daggers (or both) to make a blade version of his bullets.
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