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7/12 c64 Gilgamesh50
Great chap
7/12 c64 3elkenn
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to hate luvia's sister ever since the HGW started.
can't wait for the next chapter!
7/11 c64 tylerbraden13
First off great as always this is my favorite fanfic. Second sorry you had to deal with a Karen of that level. Finally death to marjatta I hate her almost as much as rachel
7/11 c64 Obico Hertz
Okay man Marjatta is such a bish, I'm looking forward to what would happen in three nights. I wonder if Shirou's gonna retire soon.
Lol funny omake xD
It's gonna end soon huh, take your time thanks for the chap
7/11 c64 1W1NTERF0X
THIS BOOK IS ALIVEEEE. I swear, I'll one day reach the legendary writing phenomena you are. You've been one of the authors who's inspired me to try writing fanfiction after so many years.

Also congratulations on getting cuteoria, she's absolutely adorable and I just want to spoil the little future caster king. Maybe I should dedicate two volumes of my fanfiction for her storyline in the future. (Yes to anyone reading my fanfic this is a blatant spoiler)

Here's to many more years of the legendary author you are! I'm probably going to reread a few of your works again to improve my writing arghhhhhhh
7/11 c64 7Paxloria
That annoying little sister of Luvia's is such a problem maker. It'd be best to just forcer to sleep through this apocolypse.
~ Killing her would be better but Luvia would unreasonably not agree.
How'd Queen of the Clock Tower even arrange contact with her at all without anyone else noticing?

Looking forward to more!
Can't wait to see how Shirou is going to deal with Primate Murder, Altruge Brunstude, the pirate, AND somehow rescue Waver.
Should be quite the EXPOSIVE show!
7/11 c64 1W8W
Like always I am very happy to see update of this great story.

Beginning with Queen making theories without crucial information’s was fun.

Sparring was nice, part about legs was funny. Even funnier is how everybody react to Shirou taking drastic measures.

Touko part is also great. I really like that you connected Shiki to Fujimura. It is also very interesting to listen detail of Illya treatment. Fact that she is naturally born changing things is very interesting.

Even if she will not appear it is nice to know that Arcueid is happy with Shiki.

Shame that we don't see part where Waver learn that Shirou is tenth. I am really impressed that he figured out Fina to such degree that "He Knows Too Much". Shirou had help of his eyes but he did it only with his knowledge and deduction. I also like that everybody knew that pirate will regret antagonizing Shirou.

Talk with Rider was interesting. We don't know into what but Shirou is mutating.

Irisviel knew his husband well so she have easier time figure out Archer. His involvement in 4 war sounds interesting topic. I am not sure what is Angra Mainyu plan.

Luvia and Shirou start romance. Part where she listed his achievements and his explanation of why he see himself as failure was brilliant. Strong contender for best part of this chapter.

Marjatta have learned Shirou biggest secret and of course try to cause trouble. I am not sure if she would achieve require effect even if this information reach Queen. It would be big blow to her reputation if it become public and multiple DAA knew this so there is no way to silence everybody.

Shirou message "Don't interrupt, and enjoy." is both interesting and hilarious.

Omake is hilarious because of how much Marjatta is spoiled brat.

My condolences because of troubles.

I am happy to hear that you plan focusing on this story. I love it and your other creations did not hooked me up. 10-15 chapters may sound short but with how massive are chapters of this story it is still lot of fun. This is only 63 chapter so 15 would be almost quarter of everything that was written so far.
7/11 c64 2TheInvisibleMan33
I love this story. It’s really suspenseful and keeps you interested chapter to chapter. I can’t wait for the next one.
7/11 c64 1Adro-Sama
Am I the only one that wants to kick Marjatta in the face? Like COME ON AT THIS POINT SHE'S ASKING FOR IT WITH A NEON SIGN
7/11 c1 MooHeeRoo
I think this story is pretty good, and that guest that said something about self-Insert whatever clearly does not know anything beyond the anime. I mean fate was originally a eroge(erotic game) and all the other versions of Shirou emiya essentially bastardize the original one any ways, seriously archer is shirou emiya and he’s edgy as shit. Little every version of shirou emiya is edgy. He himself is supposed to be a semi self insert character as the main of a eroge.
7/10 c1 CoconutGoSkrrt
Good to see you back. Considering the omakes and the hints you’ve dropped, like Animusphere being the judge, would it be correct to assume you’re going to take this into an fgo crossover?

Also I do really like your Shirou. In the visual novel I believe he was a pretty decent strategist, but everyone writes him like he’s an idiot. You also gave a good reason for him being dense towards romantic feelings that is part of his character and development. His original single minded focus is still there, as are his mannerisms, and the way he views or prioritises things is unchanged as well. This is very much canon Shirou raised and taught differently as opposed to some type of original character or OOC.

Good luck on moving this forward!
7/10 c64 Guest
I'm glad to see you back in action, this project of yours has been on going for what feels like a decade if not more now. I hope you can find some closure when it eventually ends.
7/10 c64 Zero
This is like one piece.
Its hella long but when its coming into a end all of us start crying.
7/10 c64 Guest
I honestly don't know how anybody can even enjoy this trash. This Shirou stopped being Shirou after the first few chapters, now he's just the author's edgy self-insert mary sue. Honestly that's all ThirdFang seems to be capable of writing. It's the same for all of his other fics too, Naruto isn't even remotely recognizable in any of his Naruto fics.

If you need your daily dose of guilty pleasure wish-fulfillment that badly, go watch SAO and imagine you're Kirito or something. Yeah SAO is trash, but reading about this complete bastardization of Shirou is somehow even worse.
7/10 c64 Zistonian Battle Sign
What might be more satisfying is popping those packing air bags.
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