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10/1/2011 c8 Raj8
an awesome chapter as always I love it I cant wait to see the holy grail war.
10/1/2011 c8 6maximorph1
because of the ending of this chapter, I have to ask. Is Luvia going to be coming? That is what comes to mind when I read the end
10/1/2011 c8 1Opicu
"now he doubted that any future opponents he would come across would not fight bare handed other than demons, magical creatures, or other extremely talented magically enhanced martial artists"

Of course, is not like one of your teachers is a trained killer with no problems in kicking even Heroic Spirits ... oh wait ...

I liked this chapter, and I like your Rin/Shirou "fight", kids being kids indeed.

I am interested in the butterflies that will be introduced later, for example Bazett now has another "base" in Fuyuki, not only her "friend" Kotrollmine ...
10/1/2011 c8 5Orchamus
In the end, Bazett has my vote for Shirou shipping. Why, because Bazett is awesome that's why. Rather interesting to get an idea of what is training is like with Sirius and Waver, but the bit with Rin was where I laughed the hardest, because everything he said was true after all. Since she doesn't know why she wants to be around him, she's just using him for the warm fuzzy feeling. Granted it could just be her tsundere personality showing through, but still. Rather looking forward to the is upcoming bit of original work as well, ought to be interesting if nothing else. good writing^-^!
10/1/2011 c8 2Ancestor's Dragon
Wow, you really do use the whole "worship the log" thing in both stories. Never noticed, huh. Anyways, not too much to comment on here. As always, Shirou's interactions with women are amusing. Yay for ero games that failed at the ero part but turned out to be amazingly awesome in pretty much every other genre. Anyways, good job with this chapter. I look forward to reading the next.
10/1/2011 c8 2Mercy0880
Gotta say good job; if you don't feel confident of your portrayal of a character then don't portray them, I hate it when people try to use a character they know little about, but you seemed pretty close with what you showed, though in her personal reactions she was a bit more impulsive than what you showed. And from what you said you are going to introduce a dead apostle, the question is which one? The water bottle might be funny to see in action, but if your going for darker in this arc I wouldn't use her. She may be powerful but her threat lvl is low, which is why she only holds the rank 21 among them regardless of being the only one able to use marble phantasm; she inebriates herself to that degree. The Artist may be the best pick if you want one of the 27, shes not mentioned to be particularly powerful, but she seems to hold the 15th position simply because of her love of gore and number of victims. Otherwise I wouldn't use any of the 27 as the antagonist; they're simply too powerful, an unnumbered one would be better.
10/1/2011 c8 Xoroth
Another great one. Some minor grammar problems but nothing too glaring.
10/1/2011 c8 guy
fun. So is this arc over? I think we're ready for the holy grail war.
10/1/2011 c8 gwonbush
Another reason why I am so fond of Rin: when her composure is broken she is absolutely hilarious (thinks of Cu Chulainn teasing her). Still, with all of this generally one direction power-upping, I feel as if the Grail War will be almost disappointing.

Putting that aside, I would like Shirou and Archer to be Back to Back Badasses at one point. The concentration of GAR would make heads asplode.

Also, yay that Fate/Zero is now out.
10/1/2011 c8 1EVA-Saiyajin
another awesome chapter. I think you had Bazett's character down pretty well, based on what I know of her. Keep up the good work!
10/1/2011 c8 SilverIceRing
Aww, I wanted to hear more about Bazett. She seemed like a fun character in Hollow Ataraxia.

Rin's reaction was absolutely rich, and I can't wait to see how she improves to beat Shirou. Or better yet, how much Shirou will improve so that he can stand toe to toe with her anyway.

The vampire thing also sounds interesting. Can't wait!
10/1/2011 c8 chad001
While I find it WOULD be fun for Shirou to get Fragarach, I have to agree that it would be kinda OP, maybe he should get it near the end of the War, to win the war. Cause let's be serious, with his power and Fragrach, he can stop any attack (with or without power-penalties depending on the level, either way the attack is cancelled, the opponent at least gets a knife to the chest), also good idea with the Emiya Crest + tracing, that's the first thing I thought of, and it elates me to see an author who can see practical applications of powers. Maybe if he ever gets Zelretch's influence (if he trains Rin), he can get the rest of the Emiya Crest. But still, I think if would be awesome, if you at least gave Fragarach to Shirou in the Gilgamesh fight, NP-cancel on Gilgamesh's GoB, just imagine his face if that happened. Lol.

Also, if Shirou ever going to get his father's notes on the war, cause if he can persuade Archer to opt out, and get his circuits, that would be a MASSIVE boon, and then he could stop Sakura's torture, and possibly save Rider.

2 more things; if Shirou's 13 now, how old is Bazett right now? And also: lol Rin finally(?) realizes (?) the disadvantages of being a tsundere: Emiya Shirou can't tell any attentions that's not blunt and bold. Anyways, great chapter, definitely looknig forward to the next.

P.S.; At time of writing; 270 reviews, at chapter 8. Looks like 300 by chapter 10 is in sight.
10/1/2011 c8 dragon-cloud16
I approve of this chapter and how Shirou/Rin's interaction took place. Leaving Fragarch for now is okay, especially since it is only best used against the enemy when they are using their best techniques/magecraft. Besides, it is counterable by Gae Bolg and other Noble Phantasms that he will get later on. Now, who from Tsukihime could you bring in before the Grail War? Chaos got killed by Shiki along with Roa/SHIKI during the events of that storyline. Aozoki Aoko would be unlikely considering she's a freelancer like Kiritsugi right now. Satsuki was either killed off by Shiki or is in hiding from people. And unless you go for Melty Blood, I doubt that Tatari would show up with no way for it to be killed off. You really got me curious about this and I hope to see the next chapter of this out soon.
10/1/2011 c8 Zehel2010
As Bazett beats the living shit out of Shirou - at the very least make an action scene for it, otherwise precious popcorn will be wasted on reading loser-sulking-part! =)

You know, I think there were some instances of getting really attached to the weapon and since Shirou is the sword...well, maybe you`ll work something out, after all Rin IS the main candidate as a wielder.

Great chapter!
10/1/2011 c8 FateBurn
it was a fairly good chapter tough a bit of an info dump coz of you wanting to get his training with Bazett over, but his confrontation with Rin was great and I really want to see what you have planned for this short arc, and if Sakura and Rin are gonna finnaly meet trough Shirou.
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